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There was not a particular golfer that was necessarily responsible for my interest in golf but I followed Fred Couples before I started golfing. He is from the Northwest as well and I loved his easy swagger. Just made the golf swing look like syrup.
I use my phone to read as well, but there is just something cool to me about having the actual book in your golf bag. I have highlighted certain points and marked pages that I can easily flip to. I know all of this can be done electronically but it's not the same :) Also, for whatever reason I love the feel of the outside of the book. Weird I know.
   Also, the book is more of a manual and could be slipped into a golf bag very easily. The cover is a matted, almost wax finish to repel water so it would be excellent for carrying to the course as a reference. Toting around a Kindle or ipad may be a little disastrous :)
Yeah well, the launch angle looks like it's -1* on this one 😳
My city munis were offering an annual pass for unlimited play to all 4 courses for $1600. We have exceptional munis in my area so this was quite a deal. Unfortunately this only happened for one year. But I agree with Big C, a mens club is the way to go to try out the experience.
I agree. I like a cleaner, more organized format. For a minute, I thought I jumped over to Nike golf     No shortage of ads!
Working on shot shaping should be the last priority for anyone. I know that it's off topic but it needed to be said.
That's a great idea. I don't know why I didn't think about making it part of a My Swing thread. It's just such a basic and simple motion but can easily have room for improvement.
You could buy a hat or shirt for the PGA and wrap it up. Or, buy a tourist guide book for Kohler. When he asks what it's for you can tell him that you will need to know your way around when you go to the PGA.
It may be because I am really wanting to play or just my nerdy curiosity has got the best of me, but I started taping my putting stroke. Actually it's sort of fascinating to see where you strike the ball on the face, how you line up, how the putter lies, swing arc, etc. I used the Slo pro app for my iphone 5 and lines up on ground level right behind the ball. Worked really well in slow motion. Anyone done this before?
New Posts  All Forums: