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Sorry, that was my lame attempt at sarcasm. My point was that when I improved my distance off of the tee, my HC dropped big time even though my iron game remained the same.And yes, my tempo improved with my driver :)
I had a "test" of my own this year. I took a lesson for my driver and began finally hitting it (after a fair amount of practice) MUCH further and MUCH straighter. I did not gain any distance on my irons. My HC dropped significantly. I was using a hybrid or 3 wood off of the tee and hitting a decent amount of fairways. But I was still using long irons on my approach shots. Now, it's short(er) irons into the greens and far mor GIR. Weird huh? But here's the deal, we have...
I can only speak for myself, but as I have gained distance I have not lost any accuracy. If anything I have improved my accuracy. If I am striking the ball well and making great contact, the ball is going where I want it to go. It is also going further because of the better contact. There seems to be this misconception that if you gain distance you lose accuracy. Not true at all.
Well I caught a break in the weather here in the Inland Northwest and hit the range to try this out. I'm a stubborn moron. I wish I would have done this a while ago. It actually keeps my lower body "quieter" and keeps my upper body centered. It was the first swings I have made in about 3 weeks so I definitely had to shake the rust off but it felt SO good. I'm sold.
Welcome! I was a LONG time lurker. Wish I would have got involved earlier. Enjoy.
[IMG] Here is one of the courses that I frequent. Hangman Valley. The background story on the name is a bit morbid but it's a fantastic course for $28.
Thanks! Good to know. When my swing is "off" it's usually my hip turn. It feels out of sequence and I usually start getting a little crazy with my knees if that makes any sense. I'm REALLY excited to work on this.
So I just read (again) the Weight Forward thread which discusses the pressure plates. Very interesting and makes much more sense now.I'm definitely excited to start working on this new set up.
 It looks like the weight is fairly evenly distributed at the top of the backswing in the picture on the right. Am I correct? Honestly, this feels pretty comfortable to me because I feel as though I can transfer my weight to the front foot much easier. Honestly, one of the reasons I have kept my feet square is because I feel like I can transfer my weight to the back foot at the top of my back swing. But then I can "get stuck" on the back foot and make too many...
Ok, that clears it up pretty well. Thank you. Looks like I have something I can really work on this winter.
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