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I know right? Like that Buddhist Tiger Woods!
Welcome. I am also in the PNW but I live on the dry side of Washington state .
Although he seems to be a pretty good guy, Boo Weekley's choice of clothing just looks silly. Pick a sport man! Hunting? Golf? Which is it?
I know what you're talking about and I'm willing to bet that most of the guys on TST do as well. I think about golf 24/7/365. There are countless threads talking about this subject on this site, but the discussion about how to balance the obsession is an interesting one. I personally try and include my kids or wife even though they don't play (yet). And, I have had to be conscious about being intentionally in the moment. In other words, when I am hanging out with my...
Working out and mountain biking.   The working out was getting a little out of hand so it may have been for the best. I do miss being in crazy good shape, but I'll take watching my son turn and grin at me when he hits a good shot on the range over the washboard abs every day of the week. Working out was for me only. Golf is for me and my family.
It's the same person that sings "And many more!" at the end of the birthday song. It was maybe funny the first time it was said, now it's just sadly unoriginal.
First rule is, never talk about golf club...
I'm surprised Taylormade did not send out an R1 or at least an R11s umbrella to Jason Day. He's going old school (for Taylormade) with the R9 umbrella. Of course as often as TM pumps out equipment, that would be difficult.
Brandt Snedeker  -9 Tiger Woods        - 11 Lee Westwood    - 12
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