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No kidding. I doubt I'll even see her much now. The thing is, she is obviously a great instructor, but my huge results have come from the head pro. He is a local legend in the golf community. After my first lesson with him a few years ago, I was striking the ball like I never thought possible. He simplifies the swing. Hitting a long draw after 15 minutes with him. It just goes to show how important it is to find a good instructor that really clicks with you.
Kathy Jensen http://m.spokesman.com/stories/2014/aug/28/kathy-gildersleeve-jensen-wins-prestigious-pga-tea/
I couldn't be happier and she is the first female to receive the award. I will most likely not be able to afford her much longer :)
To expand, here is an example that made it clear for me: imagine you are tossing a soft ball into a basket (like the game at the fair). What would be easier? A pulling your arm back under hand a little ways and give the ball a quick little pitch? Or drawing your arm back in a smooth motion and releasing the ball toward the basket. Now the basket gets further away. Do you pull your arm back a little ways and give it a harder little under hand pitch? Or draw your arm back a...
I used to do the same thing and felt that I had good control over my line and pace as well. I was wrong. I changed my putting stroke this year and got away from the "pop" stroke and drastically reduced 3 putts. It felt like it was working until I started using my current stroke. I would encourage you to practice more of a swinging gate method. SO much easier to control.
I say no way. Fowler seems to have a better attitude and disposition. Garcia (until recently) was constantly trying place blame, pouted, whined, etc. I think that has a big affect on your game. Fowler is just getting started and knocking on the door of a major. His work with Butch Harmon is paying off and will do great things for his game. I'm slowly becoming a big Rickie Fowler fan.
Why would it matter? I play a Titleist driver and a Callaway 4 wood. As long as you're comfortable hitting them and your distance gaps are good, have as many brands as you want. Just as long as your sponsors are cool with it :)
The more I think about it, the more I feel like it probably takes some pretty serious reps to build solid habits. So maybe I should just let him have fun and swing away. It just kills me to watch him do so many things fundamentally wrong. Probably what pros feel like at Pro-Ams :)
So my 9 year old son has been pretty reluctant to golf or get involved with golf. I took him to the course to putt a few times when he was about 4-5 but he showed little interest. But last year he mentioned that he wanted to go hit balls with me so I took him a few times. This year he has gone several more times to hit, chip and putt. My concern is this, he seems to simply want to swing the club and knock balls around. When I give him a little instruction he gets a little...
I'm in the same boat. My wife has also expressed interest and has asked me to take her to the range. He'll no. I'm having her take a few lessons from a great female instructor near by. I think the frustration on both our parts would just result in a bad situation and tarnish her desire to play. Harvey Penick has a great chapter in his Little Red Book about avoiding teaching a spouse how to golf.
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