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I honestly went into a small rage when I read your opening line. Not kidding. But you brought me back down. I truly thought that I may have to see a therapist about my obsession (I use that word in the literal sense) with golf until I found this site years ago and realized that there are more just like me and I'm not alone
I think a lot of people fail to understand or realize what a proper diet, supplement program (all natural) and a ton of hard work will do. I was 185 right out of high school and weighed 235 5 years later. And, I didn't have access to world class trainers or the money for the top supplements at the time. I had to go through quite a bit of trial and error.I guess my point is not everyone that is very muscular is on steroids. Besides, Tiger really is not all that big.
Agreed. I can tell if I hit slightly behind the ball on a mat vs. when I have made ball first contact. You may not get penalized on distance as much as grass, but the feeling is quite different. The only problem I have with tight lie mats is that the club bounces a little after the strike vs. taking a little divot. The feeling can be a little jarring, especially with wedges.
It's just someone that has a prejudice for one reason or another. Like, "Black caddies" or "Democratic/Republican caddies" or "Woman caddies".It's small minded behavior for no reason.
Unlike his front tooth, I believe his eyes are original so I would say that they are the same age as the rest of him. Sorry! I couldn't resist! But to your point, I doubt he has any issues with his eyes that have not been addressed. He just has the yips.
Like the Green Bay game? Did the Hawks win that game or was it given to them? What about PED's in Seattle? Is there an asterisk for the Hawks? Look, Seattle lost to the better team. They were out played and out coached.
You're kidding right?
Carol didn't throw the ball. Wilson did. The entire world was expecting a run and that's why Carol went with the pass. Wilson forced it and lost. If it worked Carol is a genius.
Ya think so? Between the gym, hours of practice every day, media events, sponsor obligations, pro ams, traveling to and from tournaments, studying video and so on you could find enough time to help with homework, watch little league, build a model airplane, teach your own kid to swing a club, talk about the birds and the bees and so? You must own a very fast Delorean.
He needs to find balance and find it quick. I'm not talking about in his swing, I'm talking about in his life. If he becomes obsessed with returning to domination he will miss some of the best years with his kids. Then one day they will be grown and the window is closed. No amount of money or game will bring it back. He has nothing to prove to the world. At this point in his career he needs to wake up, look in the mirror and ask if he likes going to "work". If you're just...
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