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My favorite (or one of) may be Tom Watson jumping and running around the green after holing out a chip at the '82 US Open at Pebble. He looked like a little kid. I don't celebrate too much. After a good shot I usually do more a of a fist hammering motion rather than a fist pump. I wait until I'm in the parking lot to go nuts :)
Crazy. What a weird story. Odd abrasion on his head.
Thanks for all of the feedback. I did see that the San Antonio golf trail offers a year pass for around $2400. That is unlimited play at the 7 municipal courses. Pretty great deal in my opinion just because I think I would enjoy having a variety vs. playing the same course every round.
It looks like me and my family will be moving to San Antonio for a job in a few months. I wanted to move to a warmer climate (currently living in Eastern Washington state) so that I can play year round and I was lucky enough to find a good career opportunity.    I am curious about the golf. I have obviously been researching the area but I just wanted some feedback and opinions about the area courses. Any favorites? Ones to avoid? How long are the rounds typically? How...
Good call. Then I change my answer to 1 foot off the green. 😋
I have never missed a putt that was less than 1 foot. But, I have missed and made every other shot. So, the only distance for me that is a sure thing or an absolute "go to" is less than 1 foot. Or in other words, the closer the better. A vote for anything else is complete ignorance.
My feelings about clubs is this: You have to hit them to know. Now the JPX825 Pro's are technically a bit more "unforgiving" than the JPX 825 EZ, but you may hit the Pro version better and it may feel better to you. I am a single digit HC (barely) and play a GI iron (TM Burner 2.0) but I hit them well and have confidence. Could I play a more aggressive club? Maybe, but I like what I'm playing right now. I guess my point is that no, the JPX 825 Pro may not be too much club...
That's really cool! I have a vintage Ping Anser putter that I purchased on eBay for almost nothing. My 9 year old son and I polished it and got it looking fantastic. It's currently my favorite item and I hope to pass it on to him one day.
Welcome! You made a good decision in joining the site (and starting to play golf). Good to have you aboard.
There was not a particular golfer that was necessarily responsible for my interest in golf but I followed Fred Couples before I started golfing. He is from the Northwest as well and I loved his easy swagger. Just made the golf swing look like syrup.
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