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I consider a good shot to be anyone that ends up where I wanted. I can have a bad strike but a good shot at the same time.
The only way he could win in Tacoma is if this was the 90's. I LOVED watching Tiger play. Some of my best memories with my dad involved watching Tiger slay the field. But he's done. His biggest advantage was never physical, it was mental. He was in "golf boot camp" since he could walk. He said that there were times where he was so deep in the zone that he doesn't remember hitting shots. I guarantee you he remembers every stroke he took today and they are devouring his...
This kind of hope is like a bad comb over. I just want to yell "It's gone dude! Let it go!"
eBay may be your best (and cheapest) option. I have bought a few through them. And yes, each manufacturer has its own wrench. They have different torque specs.
And People magazine is a good source for current world events.
Fitness issue? Sure it is. And if she had whip cream on her chest would it be the cooking issue? When is the last time you saw a woman working out topless in the gym? I have my own feelings about the cover but let's call it for what it is, the sex sells issue. Marketing 101.
AAnd cue the red necks...
C'mon man, I just said that I wear loafers. Don't you think I know the difference between lavender and lilac? 😄
Anything is possible but I think for most people only playing in 2 tournaments a month and practicing a couple times a week seems a little tough. But I may be wrong. So my original statement should have been that it is possible but pretty tough for most.
Stay classy my friend
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