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This. I had the same problem for a long time. I had to relax. I also had trust issues :) You need to practice the techniques in the videos posted and get comfortable. Then trust that it works. It sounds weird but when you don't trust your swing (even though you know it works in the range) you make little "micro changes" in the middle of the swing.
This thread has brought my entire swing back to life. Somehow, I got into the habit of having the club face much too closed at address. This was due to having my right forearm slightly rolled to the left. I was manipulating my hands during the backswing which resulted in a very "manufactured" swing. It felt like such work to return the club to the ball.   This grip has my hands SO relaxed at address and in a great preset position which allows me to simply make my turn....
I've started drinking this on occasion. It's called a bullet proof coffee. It's actually pretty good. But, my father in law roasts his own beans and makes incredible espresso with an industrial machine.
If you don't have a dirty old towel hanging off your bag. If you don't feel like a kid on Christmas morning every time you arrive at the course. If you don't practice your swing in the middle of your work day. If you mis hit the ball, still land the green and are excited about it.
Correct. I am definitely not playing championship courses. 5900 - 6200 yards.
I have made a huge amount of progress this year. My handicap has dropped about 4+ strokes. The big difference was a lesson that I took at the beginning of the year. The first 15 minutes was dialing in my irons. I have always hit my irons fairly long and have had a decent short game. But my big struggle was off the tee. I got to the point last year where I was teeing of with a hybrid. But, by the end of my lesson I was crushing my driver consistently for the first time...
No kidding. I doubt I'll even see her much now. The thing is, she is obviously a great instructor, but my huge results have come from the head pro. He is a local legend in the golf community. After my first lesson with him a few years ago, I was striking the ball like I never thought possible. He simplifies the swing. Hitting a long draw after 15 minutes with him. It just goes to show how important it is to find a good instructor that really clicks with you.
Kathy Jensen http://m.spokesman.com/stories/2014/aug/28/kathy-gildersleeve-jensen-wins-prestigious-pga-tea/
I couldn't be happier and she is the first female to receive the award. I will most likely not be able to afford her much longer :)
To expand, here is an example that made it clear for me: imagine you are tossing a soft ball into a basket (like the game at the fair). What would be easier? A pulling your arm back under hand a little ways and give the ball a quick little pitch? Or drawing your arm back in a smooth motion and releasing the ball toward the basket. Now the basket gets further away. Do you pull your arm back a little ways and give it a harder little under hand pitch? Or draw your arm back a...
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