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AAnd cue the red necks...
C'mon man, I just said that I wear loafers. Don't you think I know the difference between lavender and lilac? 😄
Anything is possible but I think for most people only playing in 2 tournaments a month and practicing a couple times a week seems a little tough. But I may be wrong. So my original statement should have been that it is possible but pretty tough for most.
Stay classy my friend
Do more of everything. I'm not sure single digits is possible playing once in a while and practicing only twice a week.
I wear LAVENDER and loafers into a warehouse full of Teamsters. Do you honestly think I have a problem retaining my "man card"? I'm not so sure being specific negates ones masculinity. But at 6'2 and 225 pounds I've never questioned my own :)
It can go both ways. The guys need a little love too.
I have the same feeling as men in skinny jeans. Please don't!
Honestly I could care less about the comments. I have worked with those guys since I was a kid (19 years old). And after 20 years they know I wear whatever I want. It's pretty fun to show up in a lavender polo and see them smile and shake their heads. They're used to it by now. I joke with them that their idea of "dressing up" is a clean camo t shirt. And I was a Teamster for 7 years as well.
Not necessarily :) I have several pink shirts and wore one to work one day. The fellas had a good time with the choice. Of course i manage Teamsters which makes for an interesting environment. But the girls in the office liked it!
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