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My persimmon 2 wood is the straightest club i've ever hit. (if you classify it as a driver)     I don't think you'll find a huge difference in forgiviness between the older drivers but the newer ones are lighter, more aerodynamic and a lot of them are adjustable. If your going to invest in a newer driver I'd buy a new one.   This is kinda like laptops, is there much a difference between a laptop a couple of years ago to the newest version? They all can use the...
I don't agree with all this hype about shafts. If your striking the ball well you'll get a good shot. A shaft won't magically make you hit it better. I know with the pro's they fine-tune their shafts for ideal height and spin, but I don't think most of us hit it long enough for the shafts to make a difference. I hate how people go on about different brands of shafts. If you get the flex and kick roughly the same there shouldn't be a huge difference.   Correct me if...
I don't know too many golfers from Antarctica, or South America. South Africa is a former British colony so golf is pretty big their but not in the rest of Africa. Europe, Asia and Australia all fall under the umbrella of the European tour so they're Europeans. The American's will probably win the U.S Open, a European will probably win the Open. It's a toss-up between the other two. I'm calling 3-1 to Europe.
Your in Australia, it's actually dry there.Irish (and British) weather is rain, rain, rain and more rain. No point ruining your trainers when you can wear waterproof golf shoes.
+1 Gmac -2 Stricker. Tiger Woods(11) Graeme McDowell(7) Dustin Johnson(5)
+1 Gmac -2 Stricker (a bit too boring for me) Tiger Woods(8) Steve Stricker(8) Jim Furyk(9) Luke Donald(2) Graeme McDowell(11) Dustin Johnson(9)
a 1 wood is another name for a driver.I've heard of a 2 1/2 wood but haven't seen one.A friend of mine had a 9 wood, I guess these were the old hybrids to replace long irons?you could probably make a full set out of old woods, would be interesting!another friend of mine had a cobra 6/7 iron, don't see the point in it though
I hit my driver off the tee on most holes at my course. There is one hole that is drive-able but you have to play a blind shot over some trees, so I normally take the safe option and my 2 wood off the tee. Also if it's windy I'll just hit a low stinger off the tee with the 2W. I'm not a massive hitter at my club but still longer than most at around 230 yards off the tee, which is pretty short on this forum.
here's the 3rd option. Is it you? The greens will be slower but you should know to hit your putts a little firmer after 10 minutes of coming up short. It's the Indian not the arrow!
Haven't seen tiger have a meltdown on a sunday like that in ages apart from the 2009 PGA championship. Nice one Gmac.
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