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Maybe you should go to a pro/phisio to get your swing checked out? I don't know how you'd damage your intercostal muscles from a golf swing.
ask your home club. (if your not a member of a club I think you need to join) It's 10 euro over here for a GUI membership
seniors might be the same.Ladies clubs have a lighter clubhead though
I had ladies clubs when I was younger. They're shorter than mens clubs and the shafts are more flexy. No point spending a load of money on clubs if he's just going to grow out of them
Not sure if it'd go with my hair.......but for 3mil I could always dye it.the first john daly pic is terrrible
120mph SS? and a -5 degree attack angle. you must get a load of backspin. I'd be going the other route if I were you. Decreasing the loft instead of increasing it.
3 dollars a golf ball, is a slight improvement worth it?If your just playing for fun there's no point wasting your money. If you have good ballstriking any ball will stop up on approach shots
that was an old thread, plus I never said it'd make me shoot higher scores did I?but if you want to gravedig here's a 16 page thread on why I think cheaper golf balls are better than a pro v1 for high handicappers.http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...aying-a-Pro-V?
that's on dead center hits.he said off-center hitsthe blade won't be that much off-line but you won't get as much distance as the GI club
your welcome.Compare a cheap wilson ultra to a pro V1 and see how you shoot.you might shoot lower with the ultra since it spins less and won't go as far left/right.During the summer you probably need the extra spin in your area but now that it's winter the ball will stop up pretty quickly so just save your money and play with cheaper golf balls
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