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they're golf balls. seriously, your not going to shoot lower with one than with another.
did you mean to quote SM?? exactly, something is going wrong when you start the down-swing when you whip the club back.post a swing video if you really want some answers..and about the pga pro thing, Jim Furyk is on the Pga Tour. Not sure you want to emulate his swing though
why didn't you ask him? he's the guy teaching you. your not trying to hit the ball on the backswing, going back too quickly can make it harder to get into a consistent position at the top.
it's a sticker. kinds like saying that if you put a stamp on one of a helicopters blades that it's unbalance it and you'd crash (it doesn't do anything)
Looks nice. I still play with a Wooden 2 wood. It doesn't have a hickory shaft though! why did they give you hell for using it? were they jealous?
There's not much that is guaranteed to happen or guaranteed not to happen.but there are odds.and if I was a bookmaker I would put the odds of Mcllroy getting 10 majors pretty high.He hasn't even won a major yet, once he starts racking up a few wins then people can make assumptions.
How can people say that he's going to win 10 majors?How do you know he won't get injured/burned out in the next couple of years.He's only won 2 tournaments in the past 4 years (including 2010) as a pro.other golfers have done better
are you serious?How many golfers have won 10 majors?He's good but he's nowhere near that level.
your just making that up. It'd add loft because it wouldn't have kicked back in time, they say a flexy shaft will launch higher than a stiffer one. De-lofting should add power, too much will take it away but if you take a sand wedge and take two shots, one with an open face and one with a closed face. Which one will go farther?
Rory dominated European amateur golf since he was a teenager. It's not as if he just appeared on tour, there's a reason there's so much hype about him. He's not Tiger but he's a great golfer.
New Posts  All Forums: