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what's wrong with the r9? I'm thinking about getting one.you might want to consider the Taylormade Superfast 3 wood, it's got a deep face and is meant to be great off the tee.I've heard a few people talking about the Cleveland Launcher too.here's a thread I made a week ago if it helpshttp://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...t-fairway-wood
from the reviews I've read it's meant to be a great club for high SS players but lacks a lot of forgiveness. Are you a good ball striker for a 5 handicap? Not sure how much you'd want to be able to shape the ball with a 3 wood.
who said they'd do it every time?on a good hit some people can bomb a few drives.they'll probably slice a few into the trees as well during the round but long drives aren't out of the question
Wad the penta that much of an innovation?Yes it had 5 layers but did people find that much of a difference?also YES had C grooves on their putters for years, nothing new.It's hard to name clubs that are amazing.The g10 was great.cobra baffler started the hybrid trendirons are all down to preference Vokey wedges took the PGA tour by stormand the Pro v1 is the Pro v1
I don't do yoga but I do flexibility body circuits for rowing. I'm getting more distance on my shots but also a lot more consistency.
What length are par 5's in the states? These are really short par 5's compared to the rest of the courses I've played.
handicaps 14 and below can play in mens competitions.I'll just drop my handicap quickly next year and play in the mens.
Nothing yet really. My friend had a stiff 4 wood that he cut down an inch which made it play stiffer, I didn't like it that much.What do you have available? There's a big golf store nearby, will have all big brands.How far are you hitting those Tour Mode long irons? I use the 4i from 160-170m (176-184 yards) don't hit the 3i anymore.How far do you hit your driver? 220m+ (240+ yards)What distance is that shorter par 5 (the one you can almost reach now) only 425m!(470...
westwood is a great golfer. He's come second in a load of majors, but hasn't been able to finish the job. Yet. he's won 20 european tour events. he won the european order of merit in 2000 and 2009(race to dubai). Phil had his chances and blew them.
people gave you a load of answers.what else do you need to know?
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