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it's a training aid.www.taly.com
not gonna happen.Nothing can cut through wind like that club. a few people have suggested that club.Any ideas on forgiveness? It's a titleist club so it's probably not going to be too forgiving. I'll have a look at the G15/G10, seem to be nice clubs + they're good for distance.I'd say it's between a Superfast (unless the face is really deep), R9 (unless it's 160+ euro) or a ping wood.
There was a guy looking for a 2i before.None of the new sets have 2i's is what I've heard.Checked the website and they don't offer 2i's
mizuno don't make 2i's you can get a titleist CB 2i. Have you actually tried hybrids though? mizuno make some really nice players hybrids. I've heard that modern 2's are tough to hit since irons have been de-lofted over the years. Titleist stay pretty traditional with their lofts so you might be in luck, forgiveness won't be too good. Is a 2i worth a spot in your bag? you won't be able to hit it in the rough, only off the tee or perfect lies on the fairway. A hybrid can...
180 dollars for a MAT! a few of my friends got mats for free. The driving was bringing in new ones and didn't want to drag away the old ones so just gave them away. Nothing wrong with them either.
yes.They learned to hit the ball straight, not super long. Sure there were some long players but you could still compete if you didn't hit it a mile.Now you have 6' 4 monsters like Dustin Johnson and Alvaro Quiros who just crush the ball.
I joined in july off of 28.Played in a few competitions and dropped 10 shots.Didn't play in enough to keep going though and then school at the end of august and the competitions stopped so my handicap hasn't changed. I have the TP hybrid, I liked the heavier shaft.I'll probably go for the TP one as well, I have 40 euro's in vouchers and 170 euro. I'm not planning to spend 210 euro on a wood though!I like the idea of the R9, if I can get a good deal I'll get it.
how did they get your name and bosses work number if you've never dealt with them before? how will it affect your credit if your not associated with them?
I'll try them if I can find them I doubt I will though.I'm not sure about the superfast woods, I'd still want accuracy too and I heard the faces on them are pretty deep.I like my current burner rescue, I might look into getting a wood of that make.I just hope the guy in the shop doesn't point me straight to all the expensive new stuff first...
do they really need to nowadays?They can just laser the ball at the pin and stop it dead.
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