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The par 5's are pretty short at my course and since a new rule that states all juniors have to play off junior tees the par 5's are really short. I can get within 30m of one of par 5's in two with a driver hybrid, and the other I'm left will 100m. I'm thinking about adding a nice 5 wood or a stronger hybrid. Any suggestions? and btw 19 isn't my real handicap. I'm more around a 12 maybe less, ball striking is good enough to smack my 2 wood down the middle.
I thought with stack and tilt you still put weight on your right side on the backswing?If you didn't it'd be hard to get any distance...
Well where do you need the most help? Do you find yourself needing a gap wedge/ 17* hybrid? do you hit the 3i that often?
last competition of the year is on today. there's near gale force winds and it's pouring with rain. Course is still open though. Wish me luck!
there isn't an alignment aid on it though (well I don't think there is) I have a putter which is basically the same except for the name, I tried it one day and couldn't sink anything. I don't know how people can putt without alignment aids
you don't have any control with a full LW, your at the winds mercy most of the time. I don't hit my 60* that much anymore, I chip with my 54* and I'm playing a lot better
yeah this system makes it really hard for low handicappers.the American version is a lot better.
I liked this course because it was laid back.the other two are nicer courses but the members are a lot more upper class.I'll have a talk with the captain about it, if not I'll play off the yellows until my handicap goes down to 14 (I'm playing off around 12 anyway but winter rules are in so I can't get my handicap cut) and play in the mens competitions. I don't like the idea of paying 10 euro per game though
he's talking about toe hits though.blades have less mass towards the toe and are also more prone to twisting
They don't look to bad. My friend has the MP 52's (which are a little more forgiving), and I didn't notice that much of a decrease in distance. if your going to find a decrease in distance it should only be a few yards. I have old blades where the clubhead is only a little bit bigger than the ball. if you hit them off-centre you'll loose a good bit of distance.
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