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That list is pretty standard for all big box offers. These companies just don't like is saving money :/ lol good find on the discount. 
I AGREE this is one of the best apps to capture your swing and able to compare it to the swing of pros side by side right within the application.  
Just purchased my 710's 2 months ago... GO ME!!! AWESOME!!!! I knew I should of waited :/
I was fitted by Titleist for an entire set and played with both d2 and d3. d3 is more if you look to draw or fade off the tee. (if i try that I slice and hook the hell out of the ball) its a little smaller but bombs! the d3 is a little bigger but more for the people looking to get it straight. I smashed both really well. the feel is great with both d2 and d3. I think the standard shaft options are amazing and are going to make a hell of a difference. If you want a killer...
YES i use Groupon and it works. no questions asked and you can save a ton. just make sure you read all details to make sure that the restrictions you are Ok with.
I play with S300 Shafts and play regular Wedge shafts with my wedges. Like you said you are not swinging as hard with your wedges. So Stiffer shafts are not required.
lol  Touche'   I am sure WBL is mad about a lot of things in life not just a golf bag.      
Yes that model is several years old and drivers should be replace at least every 4 years. hank haney suggests that drivers be purchased every 2 years. you will get many different opinions just look at your game and look how you hit it off the tee and ask yourself how you feel about it? then maybe go to a fitting day and try some of the new drivers if you feel a difference for the better then you have your answer.
Love great threads like this! (in for the updates) also great point there funkyfred about the points.   I had a driver issue where it was my fault (broke the Shaft) and I called Nike told them what happened. they were the nicest people to deal with I sent it in for review in hopes that maybe they would ever be so nice and fix it cause I was just not excited for buying a new shaft. I even sent them a FedEx prepaid label cause I head a feeling they would say no so I...
ask phil mickelson..
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