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I thought Brad Pitts' brother was Stu?  Badabing, I know, old joke.
Oldest one in the book and hardest to do is change clubs in-between each shot.  On the course you can have 2 - 8 min between shots.  Talking to your friends, looking for balls etc.  To hit one ball after another on the range is exercise, to change clubs and approach each shot like you would on the course is practicing golf. 
just to expand on the Buckeye dude, I agree the mind takes it all in and "if" I hit the putt on the sweet spot I'm amazed that the putt is usually in or damn close to perfect.  That leads me to think that the biggest 'secret" to putting is getting your technique to the point where you hit or come close to the sweet spot.  If you hit it solid, the mind and natural hand eye coordination does the rest.
I guess it's a major source of income for a glorified bag, beer and cel phone carrier.   Sure would rather give $20 to a high school kid and get some exercise.   Caddies have gone the way of the fax machine.
Don't reallly have any advice other than an opinion that only better players shank.  Beginners tend to stand up, pull away and toe the ball.  Shankers are holding the angle OK and coming at the ball from the inside, you just get a little wide with your hands.  The difference between a solid strike and a shank is less than an inch.  Guess that don't make ya feel much better but that's all I got.
Useless tidbit of information.  Medinah in arabic translates as "city".
agree with Rustyred.  I cringe when I watch an 18 hndcp trying that shot.  Most play with GI irons and woods that lets them sweep the ball & hit it anywhere on the clubface.  Works fine from 150 off a fluffy lie but from 50 yds in, precise contact while holding the angle is not easy if you've never practiced.  Try 5000 balls on the practice green from 30 feet with a 60 degree.  Once you get the "feel" for that shot you'll start to get it. 
yeah I go along with this comment. a 90' bunker shot is just a long explosion.  50 yds is another shot altogether and on the 10 or so courses I play on a regular basis, I just don't see many of them.  But like someone else said its a course mgmt issue.  If I see one up ahead I will avoid it at ALL costs 'cause most hdcp players (myself included) will screw it up 90% of the time. 
The connection between my brain and my body ain't on the Tony Romo level...   I am keeping my bag 10 feet away on the range and forcing myself to change clubs every swing.  The mental exercise to go thru my "check down" list on every swing is quite difficult, it makes me organize my brain and improve the connection between mind and body. 
All true, but it's 8 min from my office,
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