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haha keep that on the down low buddy.  Best kept secret in town.
yeah the Beach is OK.  the condition is excellent.  Not as cool as Crandon but the condition of MB is way better.  Re Doral, the only thing about the blue is to play the course you see on TV.  But if you are on the beach its not really worth the drive.  I prefer the Silver (now called the McLean course).    FYI if you are planning 5 or 6 rounds in SE FL you may want to look at buying a Premier Card.  U play all these courses for $35 with the card.  I think it drop...
played the Caddyshack course yesterday, (aka Grand Oaks in Ft Lauderdale)...81...really fun.  Can still see where a lot of the movie was filmed. 
yup I hear ya.  I think that is a very difficult move for the weekend player to get.  If you hold the angle thru transition and keep the clubhead outside your hands you are set up for a very steep down ward swing UNLESS you some how "flatten" it out. (think Boo Weekly or Graeme McDowel)  When I'm playing well I can hold the angle and I feel my trailing elbow as if it's pushing away from my body towards the ball while I try to hold my wrists and hands locked.  To me...
yeah but I got 2 kids at FSU in Tally and it can get chilly from Orlando on up in Feb...I wouldn't forget a sweater & a long sleeve golf shirt
best practice tip I've gotten (and saw it repeated a few months ago in GD) is to change clubs after each hit.  It is really hard to force yourself but the idea is that you are practicing golf not just exercising.  The most difficult thing is taking your range swing to the course..  This forces you to re create the disruptive nature of golf as you frequently can have 5 -10 min inbetween shots & multiple distractions.   
I live in S. Florida and there's a shooting range at a local park that points out into the Everglades.  There is a freeway that runs nearby and there was a hotel/office complex proposed to build on the Everglade side of the freeway...Needless to say a big dust up with the enviromental folks until someone realized that the hotel would have been in a direct line with the target range.  Thus no hotel. 
I'll be on the range at Miami Springs beatin balls @ 3 today.  I concur with with Nole, can't beat the deal, location and range package.  GO NOLES! 
yeah you're right, "no see ums"...couldn't remember what they called them.
actually I think the Crandon bugs are love bugs not mosquitos....kinda like little nats...driving in the cart doesn't blow them off...they just stick with you and bite the crap out of any exposed skin.  but as amen corner says, some bug spray cures all.  we're cutting out early on Friday to play the Beach...they quoted $110 but they got attitude there also (if ya gotta ask the fee you shouldn't be here)  haha...anyway, maybe the Premier Card (which suxs now) will get a...
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