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I read something (I think here) that was a good tip.    When u practice, switch clubs after every shot.  It forces your brain and body to re-calibrate after each shot.  You're practicing golf, not ball beating.  Keep your bag about 5 yards away so you have to walk back to it, the more variety the better.  Putting practice, use only one ball, (same idea) and chipping alternate between multiple hole locations.    
yeah having a flat or bowed lead wrist at impact is important, at what point that happens in the downswing is up to the individual, keep in mind it's not as easy as it sounds.  The grip involves two hands and without some strength and flexibility in the trailing wrist and forearm a bowed lead wrist at top will cause the trailing hand to go in the opposite direction and actually knock you off plane.  (the old waiter with a tray concept)
What I noticed on my grip was not weak or strong but as I go back my right hand (stronger hand) tends to rotate counterclockwise due to my lack or flexibility (or lack of talent) and that puts the shaft across the line at top which leads to a pull draw rather than a push draw.    I try to focus on keeping the palms facing each other at top, seems to work, if only one day (WOOD).
  So true,,,,the same concepts apply from putting thru to the driver.  The skill levels usually track each other. 
I can practice every day for 30 min but I can only get out once a week to play, best advice I ever got was never hit the same club twice on the range.  It makes my brain re-calculate everything after each swing,  It connects the brain to the muscles (ie the old slows down the game concept).  It makes for some ugly practice sessions but it absolutly transfers on to the course.  (one more,,,only practice putting with 1 ball...same idea)
  I'm 3rd on the Christina Kim page....I think she'ld be a blast.
    Why?  You dont think if you gain weight on the follow thru that extra weight puts stress on your ACL?
I kinda dont look at those any more...(cause the never change haha)..but if you hit 2 greens shoot a 90 you may have 25 putts.  If you hit 10 greens and shoot an 82, with 32 putts doesn't mean your putting got worse.  It just shows that if you hit a green but you are 40 feet away you most likely two or three putted.  As opposed to being 20 feet off the green and chipping for a 1 putt or at worst a 2 putt.    Now I prefer just to review the "quality" of each stike...
Anybody talk about his getto booty?  (not that I was looking at his ass! haha) but he seems a lot heavier.  I dropped some poundage a few years ago and my knees don't hurt half as much.  30 extra pounds made a huge difference for me.
To me nothing is prettier than a well struck push draw...but that's just me.    Nothing is sillier than seeing some big dude on a saturday morning smack a 460cc driver down the left rough line, slice it back 40 yards to the far right side of the fairway, walk off the tee saying "man did I power fade that sucka!" 
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