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yeah I hear ya..just my opinion.  Kinda like art...ya like some ya hate some.  I just don't like the look.  The sad thing its 11 on a saturday morning and I'm sitting in an airport lounge drinking a beer reading a golf website while my buddies are playing golf.  Haha...
Sorry I'm the party pooper...hate the look of a fade off an amatures club...a touring pro maybe OK..most guys 8 hdcp or above dont hit fades they have modified slices with horrible swing paths...and take it to bizare extremes...(ie 20 or 30 yards).  However, I'm sure you are the exception.
it absolutly makes sense.  A modern 460cc driver has a ginormous sweetspot and and it's tee'd up 2" in the air...a monkey with a crayon can hit that sucker.  A properly struck iron takes a golf swing and some knowlege.
i try to hit a small bucket everyday at lunch time.  Takes bout 30 min. then 10 min putting.  On Sunday I work on chipping and pitching.  I do it more for exercise and to keep stretched out.  I'm 54 and see a bunch of my friends much younger that are hurting puppies after 18 holes.  (backs, wrists, knees, elbows).  Course in the summer going back to the office can be kinda sweaty and nasty.
Of course you can tell the difference between a well struck ball on a mat or not.  The problem is after the shot.  If you are suppose to bottom out your swing a few inches in front of the ball, grass is softer...so the feedback you get from a properly struck iron is horrible.  That sticks in your mind after "thousands" of balls and makes you a picker or flipper.  All the worse if the mats are bone thin...driving a 7i into a rock hard mat is hard to make yourself...
Ever consider how Tony Romo can get the crap kicked out of him for 6 months then a month later try to qualify for the US open?  Good athletes (pros more so) have a connection between their brain and their motor reflex's vastly better than some dude sitting behind a desk all week.   The effectiveness of a swing thought is merely how quickly and efficiently the mind transmits the information.  To say that Tony Romo knows more about the golf swing than any of us is not...
just to mention the obvious...do u practice on mats?  You can pick the ball off a mat or drop kick it and it goes pretty good.  Some one who knows how to compress the ball and not "flip" can practice effectively on mats however, if you are trying to learn how to compress the ball and not flip hitting off grass makes the feed back much more effective. 
yeah it's fun.  Follow the latino players if you want to see some nice babes..(Villegas or Vegas).  Miller Ale House 1/2 mile s. on Galloway has outside bar u can smoke a cigar.  Within walking distance from the resort and the prices are MUCH better. 
Like the guy above says I wouldnt mess with the setup unless you see a video or have a pro look at you.  Most high handicappers don't shank the ball, they hit on the toe or chunk it.  Better players tend to shank ocasionally.  A shank indicates you are basically swinging on an inside out path (good) but your hands thru impact rode up a little high or outside (bad).  Look at Jim Furyk, his hands almost hit his thighs on the way thru.  Golf is a game of opposites. ...
sorry didnt see this last week...a nice course is Miami Springs off 36th St and Curtis Parkway. (north side of MIA).  If u are over 55 its $25.  I think $35 for others.  It's not Doral but its got a great range and decent bar. The course was the site of the old Miami Open back in the day..so there is a bit of history if that stuff is of interest.   
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