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slam a putt 6 feet by the hole, "touch of a f...in rapist"
isn't this an oxymoron?
played it a couple of summers ago and it was being re-worked so played 9 twice..the next summer it was the opposite and the fixed up side was in pretty good shape. If ya got a hook up at Ocean Reef keep me in mind!!!
I grew up in NYC area..unless you're a member somewhere (big bucks) golf totally sucks. I left at 18 and never went back.
To me these are the most difficult shots in golf...so don't beat yourself up too much. Anyone can sweep a 460cc driver off a tee or a GI 7iron off a fluffy lie...but the precision needed to cleanly strike a 60 yd lob wedge to a precise target requires a tremendous knowledge of the golf swing. If mid handicappers pull it off 2 or 3 times a round that's just luck. To watch a low handicapper or a pro do it with consistancy to me is really fun to watch. I try to force...
try moving south...kids down here play year round. A HS junior, a girl in district qualifiying shot a 67 on monday @ Bonaventure E a decent course....ha ha & then she was bitchin she couldn't make a putt on the back 9.
I was always told growing up caddying that plastic tees mess up the mower blades and should never be used. Now it seems thats all they make...
Great! thanks for the update...you brought back some awesome memories. Thanks.
just a tip for the wives and GF's..my wife got her purse stolen in a Starbuck's lot. The cop said they look for women going into a store without their purses and DUH they know it's in the car. The guy popped out the door lock, set off the alarm and he was gone by the time my wife ran out. Tell them to always take their purse with them....they ARE being watched.
Old Nirvana,,,strong 4/4 beat is excellent...
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