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eh Farmington...my first job out of school was in southfield I lived in the early 80's at Independance Green. Then bought a historic home on Grand River accross from the Warner Mansion. Sold it in '92 and moved south. Is Independance Green still there? Lot of good memories! Don't mean to hijack the tread..but seriously I lived in Memphis on a course for 8 years...incredibly stupid purchase...but in all the 8 years and broken windows (man you don't want to be in the...
Wow, don't see many "befuddling's" anymore. I don't sweat the strong or weak grip, my main concern is that the hands don't conflict with each other ie strong left hand with the right hand weak..or worse yet is half way into the backswing as my left hand rotates clockwise onto plane the tension in my arms and shoulders forces my right hand to rotate in the same direction rather than relax and rotate counterclockwise underneath the shaft, besides forcing the club across...
Hitting a 56 or 60deg to me is one of the harder shots. It requires holding the lag and setting the angle absolutely perfectly or the results can be horrific. Most anyone can sweep at a 460cc driver and hit it decently simply because it doesn't take a very advanced understanding of the golf swing. On the plus side if we all take some extra time and learn how to properly hit the 70-100 yard pitch you will get a better understanding of the golf swing.
never, I go to the same ranges all the time..just put them in the trunk til next time. Am out of town now but I got a half a bucket sitting in my trunk...will pound it out on the way home from the airport on Friday. Just got to remember one uses floaters the other uses real balls...don't want to mix em up.
I think of lag as two angles...1) the angle formed by hinging your wrists upward and 2) the hinge formed on the back of your right wrist. Both angles need to me maintained as long as possible. How far they hinge is a function of flexibility in your hands. (IE Sergio). In that drill the rubber band thingy for sure is working the up/down angle however it appears to have the opposite effect on the back of your right hand. It is forcing the back of your rt wrist to...
is spf 50 the best you can get? I don't know..maybe a dermatologist out there somewhere...I'm in S. FLA so skin cancer is a major concern for golfers. I would guess golf pros have it figured out.
I had horrible balance back in the '70's...took a few years of karate and fixed me..any martial arts training is excellent for body awareness.
Not to hi jack your thread but talking about sun protection I was wondering the last few weeks what kind of sun block those guys wear. Watching Bubba and Kucher their forearms are about 3 shades darker than their faces..and Bubba's face looks almost pasty. As much as they are in the sun it must be excellent stuff. I remember seeing Sabatini at Doral spray something all over his face and it wasn't bug spray.
anyone think that Laird's girlfriend hanging around wringing her hands looked kinda creepy? Like if he got the $1.3M she was running onto the green like Happy Gilmore grab that big check and run away.
I was in Belgium a few years ago and a customer bought me a beer said it was made using the same formula the monks used like 800 years ago...it was pretty nasty stuff but I can't remember the name...You got any idea what it was?
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