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i'm 54 asked my kid (18) he said "douche" I kinda agreed...sorry
Guinness Draught...but if I did it every day I'ld be 300#...so Miller Lite is my girlie man response...
the 60º pissed me off or years...I took the summer to study it, to practice with it, to make love to it....ya know what I learned...it's the basis of the full swing. If you can hit a 60º 20, 30, 40 yds with a good strike and a crisp sound it WILL translate to your full swing. The journey is worth it. (just don't kill anyone on the practice green)
depends...are you an IRS agent, a cop or a douche bag?
good swing I can see that carrying 270 (at sea level with no wind) and if you are in the mid west with a 20 MPH breeze and burned out fairways a bit down hill...for sure thats goin' 300... OK bro you're my daddy!
shout out to MJP, I was looking for this thread...couldn't find it....thanks!
39 / 39 78...man africa hot out there today even on the Beach with a little breeze.
yeh that's good,,I'll be at the Doral Ale House by 4 if you want to hear the gory details.
I was a member at Ridgeway in Germantown for a few years...great golfing town.
I go to Lampkin full cord..this year I got GP NDMC's and here in FLA with the humidity I think they are slippery. My son on the other hand agrees with u, he hates the Lampkins as they tear up his hands.
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