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Sunderland of Scotland makes a nice set if you are not a standard inseam. They offer three inseam lengths for there waterproof line in two different weights of material. A bit on the pricey side.
For me a 2 degree lie adjustment changed my handicap by 8 strokes. I would definately spend the $40 and have the clubs adjusted to the correct lie angle.
I been lucky to play alot of really nice courses on the east coast but was recently in San Francisco and went south for the best I have ever played: Cypress Point Golf Club just blew my mind!
A friend who worked on the tour van tells me Taylormade does not tip shafts installed for retail sale. As a result, most of the shafts are going to play a flex less than a tipped shaft would.
Joined the group a couple of weeks ago and wanted to say hello and thank everyone for some excellent posts. Always looking for some way to improve my game and have gotten some good info already. Thanks
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