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What does it say about my putting if I find it easier to putt on slower greens?
People on an empty course who will not let faster players through.
Uhuh,  I agree with you Lihu.  I was thinking similar, in regards to MS256's driving distance. On topic, the rough at my home course is rarely very penal.  Depending on the area, it does not make much difference at all.
0.  I don't even know what a bag tag is.
 Agreed.   How far you are missing fairways plays a part as well.  If I miss 10 fairways, but 8 of them are only by 10' or so, this is not such a hindrance to hitting GIR.
 I hit our ceiling fan in my living room when my wife was on vacation.  I broke one of the glass pieces that surrounds a bulb.  I picked one up from the local electrical store.  It did not match exactly, but it has been close to 5 years, and she has not noticed yet.     So did he?  Spieth that is.  I did not see it the second time.
 I agree as well.... Although, when I was into a game we called "ragball" (baseball played with a softer ball), I built a "mound" and threw against the wall in my basement one winter.  That is pretty dorky as well.
 Or IMO, more fun.
Really? If I did whatever I wanted at work, I would not have a job for long. Doesn't have anything to do with "fearing the wrath".
@LukasM check out the my swing (XXX) threads. Quite a few experts on here help out our members with their swings.
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