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The path of daggers Robert Jordan
Yeah I suppose I was more speaking for myself. I don't think I really have a chance to get even close to that far.
You won't regret it.
I'd love to see it. I played one time with a guy who could consistently put it out there 300, it was very enjoyable to watch. Hmmm... Just realized @saevel25 might be getting creeped out by all of us drooling all over his swing thread.... :)
Doubt it.. Remember @Lihu builds robots for a living.... :)
Keep hitting 1/4 and 1/2 swing shots then. At least while you practice. Get a net and hit/video every day. It may take awhile, but you will see progress.
I think I would trade my 225 yard drivers (with a much smaller zone) for the ability to hit it that far..
Welcome back..
 Thats the nice thing about video.  For me anyway.  I can see progress and that makes it enjoyable.  Even if I am only hitting into a net.
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