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 Sexist... Maybe Shorty is female....  
Well here I am posting in this thread again. Bought another boat. This one is about 3' longer and a bit wider. It should fish much larger though. The layout is wide open.
Me to... :)
 I would like to hear/see more as well. I live less than an hour away, but have never played there.
I would be interested in watching the build.
Big fish in Hayward. I have not played it yet but Apostle Highlands in Bayfield has amazing views of the Apostle islands.
 Awww...  and I thought you cared about me...   
 Agreed.  This is how I play.  When playing by myself (with a cart) on an open course, I can play 18 in less than 2 hours.  
 @ev780 , I am thinking about selling all I own and buying lottery tickets.  Do you think this is a good idea?  If you cared about me, would you advise me otherwise?
My clubs are nothing special.  I would rent them.   Only to someone I know though.
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