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The offer is certainly open. If you are able, just give me a little advance notice.
Where do you rank yourself on the tight/loose assedness scale??
Happy Memorial Day to all. And a big thanks to all who have served.
Well if you decide to try it, and are looking for someone to fish with, let me know. I don't claim to be a muskie guide, but then I don't charge $400 a day either.
Hope all goes well. If you wind up not playing at all, maybe try something else this summer. Like that muskie fishing trip up north that you have always wanted to do..... :)
5 minutes in the yard today. Working on finding a downswing feel for the right elbow.
Worked on right elbow again. Still searching for a feel for the downswing.
5 minutes in the office again.   Still working on right elbow position.   I took some video last night.  While I can do a decent job of keeping it in front of the seam on the backswing, on the downswing, it seems like it gets left behind as the hips start to turn.   Really struggling with this one.
 As long as it is not virtually certain...... 
5 minutes in the office today working on backswing.   Right elbow location once again..
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