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Nicely done!!
 Yes. Do a search for the posture thread. Edit:  Here it is. http://thesandtrap.com/t/56069/good-golf-posture-how-to-address-the-golf-ball
Welcome to TST!!
 Of course you will shave strokes by getting up and down. You can save more strokes by making sure your are getting up and down for par instead of triple bogey.....
I actually think your posture looks pretty good.
 Good to see you back @Lihu !!!
 I am not sure of this either, but I would think this is probably right. Would be interesting to see some facts on this.
 I don't see anything in Erik's post where he advocates swinging "like a monkey".... Stupid monkey..... maybe.....
I would rather be further ahead and in the rough (not US Open rough).   130 from the rough is a way easier shot for me than 160 from the fairway.
 "criss cross apple sauce" has been standard procedure in many schools for quite a few years now..... I don't really like it either.
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