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I play from 6000 yard tees. Lately I have been thinking about moving back to 6250 though. With summer conditions, I am getting a bit more distance on my drives.
@Abu3baid, regarding the soccer players..didn't Erik say something about pygmies??... :)
I voted yes.   There are times when I have complete satisfaction.  Even if it is only after a range or video session.  Sometimes I may hit 3 or 4 greens in a row and par those holes.  I am satisfied for a bit anyway.
 Ernie, I tried it.  Didn't work.  I think I am just going to try the MGS swing....          Seriously though, the feel did not actually work for me.  I have had limited success with the "feel" of stopping the hands at waist height.
 Actually makes me feel a little better to read this.  It definitely does not seem to help me increase lag.
 Opposite for me.  The harder (notice I did not say faster) I swing, the more I flip.  Instead of pulling on the butt, I must push "out?" with the hands more.
  Ahh..  Thanks.  That makes it easier.
 I thought we had to order during the supporter? time period?  If not, I would like a LSW badge...
 Rats.... We have a thread for that sort of stuff..... http://thesandtrap.com/t/59498/the-best-worst-spelling-and-grammar-errors-thread
I do not have any technical advice, but it appears you are practicing the right way.  Gotta change the picture....
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