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Not fair... :)
I would putt and chip left handed.
I got the answer here. Keys 4 and 5.
Pretty interesting stuff.I would like to hear these answers as well.
I would say that portions of the game are intellectually solvable. The game management portion. I think it is spelled out fairly clearly in LSW.
 Agree with this. When I first posted my swing (it took me quite a few years) here, I was ready to "get at it".  First suggestions were on stance/posture.  I was thinking "man, thats kind of boring". I had enough confidence in the people who were helping that I stuck with it.  Those things were (relatively) easy to change, and then I was told to move on to other things. Gotta stay the course...
 Yeah... good to keep in mind.  I did feel that Barney would know I was joking. BTW, I can't even remember the original face punching post.  I don't even know where to find it.
I voted significantly better.  It has got to be harder for both sides.
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