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 That looks excellent EJ.  Did you make it?
Ouch....     Had to hurt...  Still funny though.
Either way, I think we have now shown our true colors.... :)
Boy....I don't know. Remember the book where Caramon sees the future where Raistlin kills Takhisis (a GOD!!)... Seems like he pretty much wrecked the world there as well. Master of "past and present" is some pretty heavy magic in my book.... "The doors of this tower shall remain closed and the halls empty until the master of both past and present returns with power"......
My nizzle........................Wait... Am I allowed to say that?
Awesome!!   Are you going to be able to use it?   
  The Wheel of Time is better than "Dragonlance" in some ways.  To me, it is way, way deeper.  Much more going on.  It is sometimes just hard for me to get past Jordan's ramblings.   Raistlin at his peak or Rand Al' Thor?  Who you putting your money on?.........  I agree the Dark Tower lacked direction.  It was more just a bunch of smaller stories.  For some reason, I just can't put down King's books.  If you have not read King's "11/22/63"  you should give it a try.  I...
 My job does not require suits.  If I wore one, it would be out of place. That being said, my typical work attire is a pair of nice jeans or khakis and a polo.  I often wear my True Linkswear shoes.  Kind of neat/casual look.  At times though, I will wear a dressier pair of pants, a button shirt, and dress shoes.  I would wear this when going to to a pre-con meeting with a new general for a larger commercial job and want to make a good first impression.  It definitely does...
 I can definitely see it being a series that you could read again and pick up new stuff.  I will give you my brief review on the series (I think I have read enough now). The story is VAST...  A lot of stuff going on, keeps things interesting and makes me keep reading.  Good character building (I feel like I actually know some of the main characters).On the negative side (somewhat), I feel that he tends to ramble on sometimes.  To me the story could be condensed a little...
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