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Back when there was first talk of them fighting, I wanted Mayweather to win. Now, I think I would like to see Pacquiao win. I don't think he can pull it off though.Mods, could someone add a poll? 1) who are you rooting for? 2) Who do you think will win?
Welcome to TST!!
Not bad....
Welcome to TST!!
Wow!! Jason Bourne..... Pretty neat. Even at that speed, I learned something. Lot of work into the lower/trigger assembly.
  See if I ever play golf with you again..............   
Welcome to TST!
Thanks Lihu, I can't claim that though... :)
Well.... My assertion is "its nice to be nice"...
You also have to be careful of how you respond to people. If you would have left out the "come on", it probably would have went quite a bit differently.
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