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But what if Gilberg recommended it? JK, I'm just happy he's back.Seriously though, I do not like when customers ask for my proffesional opinion and then argue with it. I agree with going with what the doctor says.
I think you are SOL. Maybe if you watch reruns of ten year old LPGA or Nationwide tourneys, I could then see you getting it back.
I think you are not a golf fan if you dont watch every LPGA event possible.
 How do you know this does not mean spiritual death?  See below (no man can fulfill the law).  I feel the same.  I feel that gay people are born with those tendencies.  Where I differ from some is, I feel those tendencies are wrong.   You have probably broke them all.  If you thought it, you committed it.  No man can fulfill the law.  That is why God gave us a savior.
I love it!!!  Gilberg is back with a BANG!!   Solid answer to the challenge I threw down on the other thread.
 I think I may actually be ok with this.  As long as others are fine with this:   "the person promoting does not bother me, the homosexual lifestyle bothers me."
      This pretty much sums up my feelings on this.  Seems to be a double standard many times.
Not bad @Gilberg, but not quite up to your normal standards.
Me too. They definitely feel solid and are probably some of the longer shots I hit.
Bottom line for me, and also sadly, I don't think I ever had the flat left wrist....
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