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You are correct.  Ball above feet is a hook lie, below feet is a slice lie.   It was explained to me at some point, and it made sense.  Someone else will have to here though.  I can't remember....
I would. I have no delusions about my golf game. I play solely for fun. I have noticed the game is a lot more enjoyable in the summer when I am hitting the ball further.
Neither. Can't vote on this one.
I am sure that's part of it. Still think I hit my shorter irons better than my handicap and my longer clubs worse.
Doesn't work well for me. I hit a PW 120-130. Only carry my driver 210-220. Must have swing issues that get more penal with the Driver.
 Sexist... Maybe Shorty is female....  
Well here I am posting in this thread again. Bought another boat. This one is about 3' longer and a bit wider. It should fish much larger though. The layout is wide open.
Me to... :)
 I would like to hear/see more as well. I live less than an hour away, but have never played there.
I would be interested in watching the build.
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