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Myself as well.   Withdrawal (winter) only seems to make the addiction worse for me.
Only 300? Are you sure he didn't get a few strikes with one throw?
Same here. I always follow rule number 7 though. :)
Can't play here in the winter anyway. To much snow.
 No doubt.  @trickyputt , please don't discard them.  Send them to me...  
No separate lines??  What about when they line the little "boys and girls" up to go down for a bathroom break?
 I applaud you for this line of thinking.  
Nice job!!
@David in FL ,  nice shooting!!  It looks like she would kick my butt.     I hunt and fish with my kids.  My oldest daughter does not seem to like either, but the boys, and the second oldest girl are interested.
Over 100 for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: