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Welcome here....  Tervetuloa...(I think I got that right)   My father is 100% Finish.
 I kid... I kid.....
 ooohhh... not sure this is such a good idea....    
Very nice looking swing..
 I will give it a try.
Still working on the two backswing pieces (centered hip turn, not letting the arms slide around).  I can do ok with this when taking only backswings.  As soon as I try for a full swing though, back go the arms..   Anyway, I tried to just take a backswing while thinking backswing only.  Then a slight pump, and downswing.  To me this looks much better.  Any thoughts?  And how to ingrain this so it works when I am thinking full swing?  More reps??   Sorry about the...
 I have read that one.  Maybe I should re-read it. I can do ok with it just taking backswings with no downswing.  As soon as I am thinking full swing though, back go the arms... I am going to post a video in my-swing thread illustrating this somewhat.
 Not bad.... You forgot this in there somewhere...   
Good stuff.  Something I am working on right now.   @mvmac , should I be taking some posterior view video to track my progress on this?
I really like your backswing stopping point in the face on.  That is what I am trying to get to.
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