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I hit it pretty much every time I play it...........on Tiger Woods golf.
Wife just sent me this pic!! She just picked it up for me. EJ is the one who got me started on this series, and I am only 3 books in, but I would already highly recommend these to anyone.
How about topping the three wood 30 yards for "creating your own danger". I have done that numerous times on par 5's, and that is the primary reason I grab my hybrid or iron for my second.
Jetfan and Cipher, This show is getting old. Hope you don't mind if I take off. I can leave the rest if my popcorn if you would like.
I'm fine with it. Better ask jet fan I think its his couch.
IMO he showed his support by stating his love. He could have said he never wants to speak to his son again.I did not say I agreed with the way the father went about it. I cannot respect him for that. I do believe, however, that he (the father) has a right to have a differing view.Either way I'm out of this thread. My intent is certainly not to piss anyone off, and if I did, I apologize. My only intent was to show that you can still love someone, but not agree with...
He said he loves his son. You used the word "hate".I guess it does not surprise me that the father would/could have a different belief than his son. I do think he could have stated his point differently (or not at all to the media).If people (not pointing this at anyone specifically) are villifying the father for his differing beliefs, I feel that is not right and certainly not very accepting. If they do not agree with the way he came about it, I can understand.
You are with Lblack. I'm with jet fan, popcorn....
It floors you that he would have a different belief than his son? Or the way he came about it?He said he still loves him, just doesnt agree with the lifestyle.
Did anyone read what Sam's fathers thoughts were? He mentioned that he was struggling with it. He still loved his son, yet stated he did not want his grandkids growing up in that type of environment.
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