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I was kind of hoping the Brewers would make a move....
 That would be pretty cool because you would be able to tell exactly where your swing started to go bad...
I agree with @iacas .  That driver face looks interesting.  Definitely different than anything else I have seen.
 This is hard..  for me anyway. I know from reading on here, one way to make changes is to exaggerate the proper move.  Trying to exaggerate hands forward at impact is not easy, probably because it is from doing things poorly before you get to that point. It can be done though..  I feel (thanks to all the help on here) that I have made significant improvement in this area.
 Or aim the driver a bit more left???
I suppose it happens to the best of us...   My hairline has been slowly receding in the front for awhile.  
After struggling a bit lately, I decided to focus differently last night.  I had been trying to work on two backswing items at the same time (centered hip, not letting arms slide back).  This was causing me some issues.  To much to think about while trying to swing.  Last night I decided to just focus on not letting the arms slide around.  I could see some loss of progress on the centered hip turn, but the arm issue appears much better to me.   Here is a video of some...
Makes sense why they hired @logman now doesn't it?? :)
With your pitching, have you ever tried focusing in front of the ball? I use it for a temporary fix sometimes.
  Hmmmm.......  Sounds kinda "snarky"...........
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