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^^^^^^^   That is pretty cool!!
Ya got me there....
I still have a land line as well.  The kids use it mostly.   The wife also wants it for when we (both of us) are gone, so the kids would still be able to call someone.
Awesome!!!   Good for you.
For me it has nothing to do with handicaps, cheating, scores, etc..   For me, it is simply fun to hit the ball far.     My drives carry 210, 220 on a good day.  If I could play a driver that boosted my carry distance up to 275, I would play it in a heartbeat.  It would be even more fun (for me) if I had irons that raised my carry distances as well.   At my home course I have looked at how the course lays out from the tips.  Some of the holes now have doglegs.  It...
You are correct.  Ball above feet is a hook lie, below feet is a slice lie.   It was explained to me at some point, and it made sense.  Someone else will have to here though.  I can't remember....
I would. I have no delusions about my golf game. I play solely for fun. I have noticed the game is a lot more enjoyable in the summer when I am hitting the ball further.
Neither. Can't vote on this one.
I am sure that's part of it. Still think I hit my shorter irons better than my handicap and my longer clubs worse.
Doesn't work well for me. I hit a PW 120-130. Only carry my driver 210-220. Must have swing issues that get more penal with the Driver.
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