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 By your own reasoning, you should go with Hogan or Bobby Jones????   
 Ahhh, yes.  The Long Walk was excellent.  One of my favorites as well.  A Another good one I just read was 11/22/63.       Wizard and Glass was my favorite book of the series, and possibly the best fiction book I have ever read. I did not read The Wind Through the Keyhole.  I will have to.
Yea. I didn't know miggy qualified.
Are you working on a drill in those videos? Or do you have a bit of a Charles Barkley mental block?
Farther than I can hit it....     Seriously though, it depends on the course.  He may be able to beat a longer (but wilder) player on a short course.  If you get to a longer course with forced carries, long par 3's, etc...  I would put my money on the long guy.   From my own standpoint, I drive around 225.  I can score ok (mid 80's) on a 6,000 yard course.  If I had to play from the tips at my home course (6600) I think I would score much worse.  I would not be able...
Welcome to TST.  You have come to the right place for golf talk...
My best ever resulted in my only eagle ever.  I hit driver and 3w to reach front bunker on a down hill, 470 yard par 5.  Lip was high (probably 4' or so), and I was just trying to get it on the green.  Hit the perfect bunker shot, ball came out nicely, and dropped..
 Certainly.   In the spring, I routinely hit 210 - 220 yard drives.  Like you said, I can see the ball mark in the fairway.   In summer conditions, those drives can become 250 yarders.
 I really like Stephen King as well.  Have you read the Dark Tower series?  I think it is possibly the best fantasy series out there.
 Just my thoughts. I post my swing more often than some others.  Even if nobody comments on it, I still have it there for an information log.  It can be helpful to look back on. I also like to see others swings and hear what they are working on.  Even if I don't comment, it does not mean I am not following what they are doing.
New Posts  All Forums: