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I actually think your posture looks pretty good.
 Good to see you back @Lihu !!!
 I am not sure of this either, but I would think this is probably right. Would be interesting to see some facts on this.
 I don't see anything in Erik's post where he advocates swinging "like a monkey".... Stupid monkey..... maybe.....
I would rather be further ahead and in the rough (not US Open rough).   130 from the rough is a way easier shot for me than 160 from the fairway.
 "criss cross apple sauce" has been standard procedure in many schools for quite a few years now..... I don't really like it either.
 First time I heard that one. I love it....
Still annoys me.... :)
As a father with sons, I like it.
I keep mine in my bag.  Typically on silent.   I try to clear all obligations when I golf.  It helps me clear my mind, and I can enjoy it more.
New Posts  All Forums: