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 How could you tell he slowed it down?
Even when you turn centered, your weight will shift back some.   Look up the thread that talks about the pressure plates and weight shift.  I can't remember what its called.
 Did you pick him in the prediction contest?
 I have had to reload many times.  It keeps working though.
I used to frequent a road bike forum, but have not in awhile.                       I also am a member of a maple syrup making forum (typically only active there in the spring though)......
 You are right about the clearance.  I think he did just cut it to sharp.  Not sure how else he could have done it. Either way, it must have happened minutes before I came by.  Nobody was even there yet.
That is a good price.  I am tempted to pick up a pair.  I really like the current ones I have.
Took this pic recently. Talk about a bad day...
Uh oh.   Tiger is going to get into a fairway bunker....
I think you should talk to him and explain your side.  Maybe he will give you a free bucket?
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