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 That would be pretty cool. Maybe I am biased, but I think they could help him...
What would Tiger shoot if a PGA tour pro drove for him????? Seriously, I hope he gets that straightened out tomorrow. So much more interesting when he is in the mix.
Good stuff....lol..
I hope you talk his dad into having him join the forum....  
 You blew up the grip?  Surely not the air compressor?
  100% agree with this. "What is legal is not always right, what is right, is not always legal"
 That is a pretty cool view.  Do you get to look at that all day?
 ???  Really  ????  Anybody else???
 How could you tell he slowed it down?
Even when you turn centered, your weight will shift back some.   Look up the thread that talks about the pressure plates and weight shift.  I can't remember what its called.
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