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 Is Springdale Golf Course in Colorado????
I have been thinking about doing this for awhile as well.  Just have not pulled the trigger yet.
It would depend on the course.  My home course is relatively short and open.  I think I could shoot in the mid 70's there, especially if they "drove" the ball for me on the par 3's.
I am in the 33-34 putts per range typically.  I also have been averaging around 5-6 GIR.  I don't really know how that stacks up, but it does not feel like (to me) that I am throwing to many strokes away due to putting.
 Don't think you can change your selection (I picked Tiger).   The "strategy" to picking is also pretty clearly stated in the OP.
Congrats..     Can we get a second place member of the month award?  Something for everyone else to compete for?  
Well that's good... :)Like I said, it took me quite awhile to get that. I kept thinking I needed to try something else. I had enough faith and confidence in Mike though, so I stuck with the things he had me work on. "Magically" the swing looks better.
I think its hard because it is due (in large part) to things that come before. In order to fix it, you can't focus on the "flip", rather what came before that caused it. It took me quite awhile to wrap my head around this. I was wondering why @mvmac was having me do the things he said. To me, they seemed unrelated. As I improved them though, the flip (or in my case I let the lag go early but then appeared to hold on) got better. I think you need to just focus on what...
 Agreed.  I have been playing Precept Laddies for a few years now.  Not an expensive ball, but I don't mind it.
 Post some pics and maybe a vlog.  
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