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 Thats easy..... The range was on the way.  
Lookin good to me....
I always have hit my shorter clubs (PW, 9, 8) longer than the corresponding numbers for the longer clubs.   Probably just a function of my poor swing.
Did you read the whole thread?What you stated here is basically what has been said.
 Give him a break. I would venture to guess he was posting with a smart phone, and was in a hurry.
We use anything sweet and smelly. We can actually buy barrels of sweets that are outdated.
Little Debbie's..... :)Seriously.....
 I agree with Tyler on this. Just not worth responding to for myself.
I think that's ok.When you don't smell it anymore, then it should make you nervous...
 Not sure if you are trying to "poke the bear" with this one.......... Either way, I think I will it go...  BTW, I will definitely eat the bear if I am fortunate enough to get one.
New Posts  All Forums: