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I do not think it should only be amateurs.   Whether it is right or not, I always visualize Olympic gold as "the best in the world".
 Am I the only guy that thinks this is pretty cool???
  Can you specifically describe how you were working on this? To me, the bolded statement is fairly generic.  "What" were you working on to make sure your impact position was correct?
 I don't think this is what he was saying.  I think he was saying that it would be more beneficial if your purpose was more specific. We all practice with the "purpose" of getting better.
Welcome to TST!!!
Awesome gift...
 Nice.  The ole "baffle'em with BS..."
Badgers are getting there tails handed to them.... :(
I opened it.. Just a little showin off.. :)
Both???I usually get 2 slices and a piece of chicken.... How many times/plates depends on how hungry I am.
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