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The massage therapist said that even mental stress can cause back problems. She said reaching for the board (how the spasm occurred) was probably just the straw that broke the camels back.
Feeling like crap and pissed off right now. I had planned on going muskie fishing this afternoon. Perfect day for it to. This morning I was doing some work in my garage when my lower back spasmed. It hurt so bad, I was scared to move. Fortunately my wife is good friends with a massage therapist. She came over and gave me some relief. Said I have to take it easy for awhile. Not to happy about this. :(
 I agree with @GolfLug . BTW, you can make that 5 wise elders, and 2 others now....
I am just amazed that the "lucky" winner has not posted to claim his "prize".....
 I think you can buy replacement sections and change it yourself.  I do not think you would have to change the whole window.  That would involve trim, siding, etc...
 Yeah, I did miss that.  I just know (from personal experience) that "practice" swings can look a lot different from "real" swings.
Nice.  Now do it while hitting a ball.....
 Because his opinion differs from yours, he is close minded and ignorant???  Seems a bit out of line to me.
Second.... Oh well. It was fun playing!! Congrats to the winner!!
Welcome to TST!!
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