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 I may have to try the squeezing elbows feel some more.  Maybe I should just duct tape them together.....
  Sorry about not mentioning the rating...................................not.........  Mike did link that vid in this thread before.  I am just struggling with a "feel" that works to keep the elbow from coming around.  In the latest vid I posted (posterior view), it does not appear as good as Eriks position in this vid.  It also does not appear as bad as the "bad" position in this vid either.  Just wondering if it should still be a priority for me right now, or have I...
Here it is.  The much anticipated "posterior" view.     Hopefully someone with knowledge can comment on if my right elbow location is ok.  If so, I will work on the centered hip turn some more.  
Thanks to all for the pics..   Looks like it was a very fun day.
What would make somebody even try something like that?
I would actually say the real swing looks closer to what you would want.  The practice swing looks like you would have to much forward shaft lean.
 Certainly. I have pulled this off a few times and scored in the lower 80's (81-82).  It shows me that you do not have to be a particularly good ball-striker to shoot scores like that. On a side note, when I started to hit more nGIR, that is when golf became really fun for me.  It felt like I was playing the game the way it was meant to be played.
I just bought a new boat.  Didn't really have the money for it right now, but the price was to good to pass up.  And it is more along the lines of what I would like.         Now I need to sell my old boat.  Anybody looking for something like this??      
Nice round.  Those nGir really help the score out.
 I hear ya.  I am not to hot with a bow either.  I still enjoy it more than rifle season up here though.  Less people in the woods, and we see more nice bucks.
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