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 Pull draw starts left and curves more left.  Straight draw starts straight and draws left of target.  Push draw starts right and draws back to target. I agree with the 3 to 4 yards curvature, just think you had the terminology mixed up.  You know how most TST members feel about using the proper terminology. 
 Me too.   The whole post was very well stated.
 I realize we are kind of taking over Ernies thread here (I hope he doesn't mind), but what exactly do you mean by a "controlled draw"?  IMO a push draw is the only good one.  All other draws do not end up on target.
 I would like to try this.  It appears to be faster than walking, and probably would be cheaper than riding.
Can't you just rotate the club a little to the left at address?  Maybe it would start a little less right, and draw back a little more?
 I also disagree with the "control first, speed will come" idea.  I think this is true to a certain extent, but I would also think (no facts here) that control would be easier for an instructor to teach than swing speed.  I have heard pitching in baseball is similar.  Scouts are looking for high numbers on the radar guns because they feel they can teach control and movement easier than speed.   Even if we are talking driver only, the longer hitter has the option to hit a 3...
 I did not mean hitting the ball farther on a specific hole could not be a detriment.  Me, a short hitter, can hit it over the green and into the water from time to time. I meant the ability to hit it long.  There is no way I would turn down an extra 10-15 (or the 30-40 you mentioned ) yards on all of my clubs.  As I stated before, you could always hit a shorter club.  A short hitter does not have that option.
How did it go?
@cipher, I read what you said about my grip being weak. I had always thought I had a strong grip, so I thought maybe the video wasn't good enough. I took another look later and realized only the right hand was clearly visible. Turns out I had always focused on my left hand being a bit strong, but the right hand was actually really weak. I hit a few balls down my driveway when I got home focusing on right hand grip being a bit stronger. I did not video, so I can't say...
 I believe this statement to be true, though I do not have any facts to back it up. I also do not see how the ability to hit it long could ever be a detriment.  If you can hit long, you always have the option to grab a shorter club.  I hit it short with the driver and can't afford to hit a shorter club off of the tee.
New Posts  All Forums: