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I didn't say anything about who actually uses them, and what they work well for... :)
Can't say nobody's asked me that one before.... :)
No doubt. I hope he realizes how much it is appreciated.That is also the reason I get a bit upset when I see him give advice to someone and they kind of blow it off or don't follow it.
Public service announcement from the plumber: The low urinals are not for kids (although they do work well for them) , they are actually ADA.
Pretty cool. It looks like fun. Can't help being a little jealous... :) Keep us updated on your progress. I really enjoy following my swing threads. It can be very encouraging, not to mention informative.
Wholeheartedly agree...
Never heard of it. Sounds strange. Anybody else?
A company in Wisconsin (I think Green Bay) sent me a free sample. All you have to do is ask them. It seems decent, and they had claims of some being in place for a long time.
Went to the range tonight and then played 5 holes. I had not planned on playing and that was all I had time for. Anyway, I finally was getting some decent results with my longer irons. I had a decent tailwind, but I was still hitting my 5 iron out to 180-190!! Some were bouncing past the 200 yard flag! I have never hit a 5 iron that far in my life. Looks like all the work is starting to pay off. Thanks again @mvmac, @billchao, @JetFan1983, and everybody else who has...
If you hit it that well, I think its worth it. How many times do people drop more than that on clubs they have not even tested?
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