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I chose camera. Although without the camera, some things I have worked on would have gone much slower.
Really??Not sure what this says about me (or where I come from), but I will take insults over getting decked any day of the week.BTW, I have been threatened to be decked (face punching he called it) by a really big guy. I was .....very scared. If I had not known it before, I was certainly reassured of it then, getting decked is very bad...insults...not so bad.
To answer the title .... YES... Take it from a short hitter. I would give up a lot to hit it farther. Keep in mind (some of you longer guys), I don't even have a chance to hit par 5's in two on my home course...
^^^^^^^^^^^   That looks like it would be extremely fun to play.
I voted to keep current policy.     Only way I would change that opinion is to charge for the student survey or to have them prove they are a student (not sure how to make them prove it).
EJ, what's your new job? I can't imagine you would be in my area (not much here), but if you are, let me know.
^^^^^^^ Rats. I was gonna do that. Oh well.. At least EJ owes you two bucks.
I will try it right now... Wait.... All the water near me is ice now.....
No doubt. I know we are not the lowest guys in town, but we are not the highest either.
So if you buy a dozen prov's you get an hour on the sim? Closest sim to me charges more than the price of prov's for an hour.
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