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A company in Wisconsin (I think Green Bay) sent me a free sample. All you have to do is ask them. It seems decent, and they had claims of some being in place for a long time.
Went to the range tonight and then played 5 holes. I had not planned on playing and that was all I had time for. Anyway, I finally was getting some decent results with my longer irons. I had a decent tailwind, but I was still hitting my 5 iron out to 180-190!! Some were bouncing past the 200 yard flag! I have never hit a 5 iron that far in my life. Looks like all the work is starting to pay off. Thanks again @mvmac, @billchao, @JetFan1983, and everybody else who has...
If you hit it that well, I think its worth it. How many times do people drop more than that on clubs they have not even tested?
I implemented the strategies in the book and shot lower scores immediately. Guarantee worked for me. That's not really what your post is about though, is it??.....
 Are you sure?  What if he smokes his woods, but struggles with iron???
That is pretty cool.
 Hmm.. Maybe he did...and maybe he didn't............????
 Ahh... I thought he wanted to go lower than 73.  I suppose what you propose would be a lot easier...
Welcome to TST.   Are all the 73's from the same course and same set of tees?   I know you said you did not want to move forward a set, but maybe try moving back?  Or playing a different course?   Something to break things up a bit might help.
 Fell asleep?!?!  Were you drinking de-caf???
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