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 Same here...  I think she needs to find something that she enjoys.  IME, if it is fun, I am much more apt to do it.
  These sorts of tips have helped me in the past, but only for short time periods. Maybe now you are turning a little to much??
 Remember she lives in the Pacific Northwest.  Lots of rain.... Maybe a few days without mowing... rough can now be quite long.  Even at my home course, they can not mow for awhile (typically in the fall when play is slower), and I have a hard time finding balls.
Still before midnight here... 5 minutes of mirror work with no club. Right elbow....
OK then, what if on the second tee (he teed off with a 3 wood on #1), he pulls out the "Hammer".....Don't have one of them, do you???... :)
I've thought about joining. Blades in the store are expensive.
5 minutes (more like 20) using video while I hit some balls in the backyard.
 This was a "worst" shot? Sounds pretty good to me....
How about "nutty person with a deadly weapon in relatively remote area"....The golf club could do some serious damage.
So it's the nutty person that bothers you, not necessarily the gun?
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