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 No doubt.  @trickyputt , please don't discard them.  Send them to me...  
No separate lines??  What about when they line the little "boys and girls" up to go down for a bathroom break?
 I applaud you for this line of thinking.  
Nice job!!
@David in FL ,  nice shooting!!  It looks like she would kick my butt.     I hunt and fish with my kids.  My oldest daughter does not seem to like either, but the boys, and the second oldest girl are interested.
Over 100 for sure.
The massage therapist said that even mental stress can cause back problems. She said reaching for the board (how the spasm occurred) was probably just the straw that broke the camels back.
Feeling like crap and pissed off right now. I had planned on going muskie fishing this afternoon. Perfect day for it to. This morning I was doing some work in my garage when my lower back spasmed. It hurt so bad, I was scared to move. Fortunately my wife is good friends with a massage therapist. She came over and gave me some relief. Said I have to take it easy for awhile. Not to happy about this. :(
 I agree with @GolfLug . BTW, you can make that 5 wise elders, and 2 others now....
I am just amazed that the "lucky" winner has not posted to claim his "prize".....
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