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I think I would trade my 225 yard drivers (with a much smaller zone) for the ability to hit it that far..
Welcome back..
 Thats the nice thing about video.  For me anyway.  I can see progress and that makes it enjoyable.  Even if I am only hitting into a net.
Not saying I am right and obviously you should listen to the experts, but I will relate what works for me. Not necessarily on the feel or drill but on checking. I like to video all the time. That way I can check different feels and see if they change anything. When I find one that looks like it is changing the picture, I will use it during the whole session. Seems to work for me anyway.
Congrats guys..
I didn't say anything about who actually uses them, and what they work well for... :)
Can't say nobody's asked me that one before.... :)
No doubt. I hope he realizes how much it is appreciated.That is also the reason I get a bit upset when I see him give advice to someone and they kind of blow it off or don't follow it.
Public service announcement from the plumber: The low urinals are not for kids (although they do work well for them) , they are actually ADA.
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