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 I live in Wisconsin, not that far south though. We can get snow at anytime in May if that helps you.  
The only thing changing par would do is make the final number on the card different.  The rest of the game would stay the same.
That is really amazing.     See the blue line as the actual path of the putt, but then take a short cut (different path/start line) to get there???   It actually looks really dumb in that picture.
@cipher, what didn't you like about how it handled the coyote?
 Warm drink wouldn't be to bad?? (coffee, hot chocolate), the cold body?  Not for me.....
 What about the 240 yard 5 wood?  Or the long hitter than can hit 240 off the tee with an iron?
 Yeah, but you used the term "distance cushion". I like that one. 
 I think its fine as long as you post video of you swinging with a suit jacket.....
 Actually with a draft, it is not a choice.
 So if the country is under attack some people should get free passes? Some of the things my tax money pays for goes against my principles, I still have to pay. (this line probably falls into one of the poor argument categories that Erik posted last week...)
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