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I would definitely use them if I were you.   Before you dropped money into clubs, you should find out if you even like golf.
How much hinge?   A little should not be to big of a problem.
Agree with ^^^^   If you only have a week, work on the short game.
Details??Trying to picture how you pulled that off??
5 minutes in the yard again. Mostly slow back swings rehearsing where I need to be with the right elbow.
5 minutes in the yard today with a club in hand. Still trying to lock down the right elbow piece.
Played 36 holes today. Just finished up.
Made it home this afternoon. First time all week I had a club in my hands. Took slow swings working on right elbow location.
Welcome to TST!!
Another day of mirror work in the hotel. I tried something a little different today. If I stood in the bathroom, I could use two mirrors at the same time. Very helpful.
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