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Sounds like a good deal to me. Obviously I have no basis for that statement though. Keep us posted on how they work after you get them back.
What would you be using it for?
What is it?
 Thats a good one.
 Hopefully.  I need all the help I can get.   I feel my ball striking has improved a lot with the shorter irons.  I am hitting them farther (9 iron 140) and with decent distance consistency.  Once I hit the 7 iron range (and longer) the wheels fall completely off.  I could pull my 7 iron and not be surprised when it only goes 140 due to some kind of mis-hit.  It is so bad, that when I am even around 165 out, I feel completely clueless.  Apparently I still have enough...
@Abu3baid ,  I follow you.  Basically you are saying the restricted hip turn is leaving the arms no where to go but to slide around.     That was actually the last thing @mvmac wanted me to work on.  Maybe that will help with the elbow.  I just did not want to move on to it because I felt I was back-sliding on the right elbow position.   Was thinking to nail that piece down before I moved on to the hip turn.  But, maybe the hip turn will help with the elbow.
 Ok.  I will try it.   I am getting really frustrated with this issue because no matter what feel I try, I can't seem to get it to "stick". If I make really slow backswings, I can find the right position.  The problem is, when I "real" swing, I think my backswing momentum is carrying the elbow around.
Nice post.  Interesting reading about your thought process and the hole images helped me visualize.
 I may have to try the squeezing elbows feel some more.  Maybe I should just duct tape them together.....
  Sorry about not mentioning the rating...................................not.........  Mike did link that vid in this thread before.  I am just struggling with a "feel" that works to keep the elbow from coming around.  In the latest vid I posted (posterior view), it does not appear as good as Eriks position in this vid.  It also does not appear as bad as the "bad" position in this vid either.  Just wondering if it should still be a priority for me right now, or have I...
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