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 You know, somehow I knew that was coming.  Although, I would have thought it would have been @Ernest Jones ..........   
 My par 3 GIR is actually probably better than the rest.  On my home course the par threes (from the tees I play from) are 131, 135, 160, 180.  I would guess that I hit close to 50% of them in a given round.  I don't hit the 160 or 180 to often, but I don't miss the shorter ones to often.  I have a fair bit of confidence with a PW or 9 in my hand, especially on a perfect lie (tee box).
 I won't add anymore OT here.  Check out this thread. http://thesandtrap.com/t/40909/anyone-else-here-hunt Hopefully a lot more posts get added soon.  Getting to be that time of year........  
 Nice avatar!!  Is that you??
 I realize this may sound "nit-picky", but you put back-spin on all of your shots.  If you did not, they would not travel very far at all.   *Maybe I am just irritated by the comment I heard Friday night when I stepped into the golf shop.  The tournament was playing, and I watched someone hit.  The announcer said something along the lines of "Well, that one certainly has some over-spin on it".  I would hate to think that the average listener would think that that is possible.
150 is right around the range where my confidence level starts to drop considerably.  I probably hit the green from that range 10% of the time?  I would also consider my self to be a bit better than the average golfer.
I can't believe you guys are making fun of @mvmac 's near death experience....     Looks/sounds like it was fun.   @cipher , did you put up a good showing for the home state?
I thought about you guys today. I knew you would be having fun. Looking forward to seeing more pics.
Welcome. Lots of good information here. You will break 80 yet..
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