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Interesting. I will have to try sonething like this. Thanks for posting.
True. I should have been clearer. After all, I have read enough on here about Nicklaus and Trevino hitting "push fades" to the target.
I agree with the fast twitch exercises. I read a baseball study once that players actually swung slower after swinging bats with the weighted donut.
Why couldn't you have a flat left wrist with a outside in path? Or am I confusing the meaning of key 4?
Now you are just showing off.Just took this pic out my front door.
 Pull draw starts left and curves more left.  Straight draw starts straight and draws left of target.  Push draw starts right and draws back to target. I agree with the 3 to 4 yards curvature, just think you had the terminology mixed up.  You know how most TST members feel about using the proper terminology. 
 Me too.   The whole post was very well stated.
 I realize we are kind of taking over Ernies thread here (I hope he doesn't mind), but what exactly do you mean by a "controlled draw"?  IMO a push draw is the only good one.  All other draws do not end up on target.
 I would like to try this.  It appears to be faster than walking, and probably would be cheaper than riding.
Can't you just rotate the club a little to the left at address?  Maybe it would start a little less right, and draw back a little more?
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