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 Nice.  The ole "baffle'em with BS..."
Badgers are getting there tails handed to them.... :(
I opened it.. Just a little showin off.. :)
Both???I usually get 2 slices and a piece of chicken.... How many times/plates depends on how hungry I am.
Speaking of restaraunts that are far from home, I really miss Pizza Ranch. Anybody in the Midwest eat there?
Maybe @Phil McGleno did??? Of how about that other guy that used to hang around.....Ben???
Go Badgers!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing..
 I think I know what you are getting at here.  There are certain guys who do not take "ribbing" well.  As such, we (me and my friends) left those guys alone. FWIW, I never got the idea the @MS256 was one of those guys.   I really hope everything is fine with him and/or his family.
 Not good enough... "Sir" Phan the Man....
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