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Welcome to TST!!
 I can't count the number of times this has happened to me.
 I think the "crazy" guy will find/get a gun regardless of the law.     Yup.
Spring.  Typically it is colder, windy, and the course is wet.  All this means that there is no one else out there.
 Yup... just does not have the same bite...  Pretty funny though.....
Day One – Friday 1 point for each correct answer 1) Which team will win the first hole on day 1 Team Europeans or team USA?  Europeans   2) With 4 morning matches being played ( 4 points total) how many points will the USA team have won? Win = 1 point, ties are ½ and loses are zero points. 1 3) With 4 Afternoon matches ( 4 points total) how many points do the euro win in the afternoon?  2.5 4) Which team is winning at the conclusion of play on Friday? USA or Euros or...
 This means something.  Not stupid at all. I can still remember the first time I hit a green from far enough to make a pitch mark.  It was on a par 3, and the entire green was visible from the tee box.  The greens were wet, and you could actually see the mark from the tee.  I would not have known anything about fixing them if the guy I was playing with did not show me.
 Aaaahh... but how do you know you would not like it better???
 Having children definitely puts a lot of things into perspective.  As a parent, you no longer have the luxury being selfish.
I actually prefer to play alone.  I can play quicker, and for me (95% of the time I play unlimited twilight) that means more golf.
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