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Lookin good EJ.   I wish there was something like that (dome) close to where I live....
I actually hunt geese every fall.   Gives me a little bit of revenge for all of their crap (literally) I put up with all year....
 Never for me.  I can sit in pretty cold weather while hunting.  Any outdoor activity in cold weather where I can move does not scare me at all.
Those are very nice bucks.   I told my son we would still try to find a spot to walk in on some public land.  I am hoping that all the snow will deter others, and we can still have a chance by walking in 1/4 to 1/2 mile.
@cipher , you up for a hunting trip trade for a fishing trip?    With this snow, I can't make it out on my 4 wheeler.  My boy is pretty bummed out.  He couldn't wait to finally get "way out" to hunt with dad where the "big bucks" are.
Welcome from another fellow "Sconny"...
Nice.     I may have to make one of those next year.
I actually voted that they know, but don't care.   Although I think it can be a combination.  They don't really think they are that slow, but if confronted, don't care anyway.
Cool!!I always thought it would be interesting to hunt over there.
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