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Nice looking clubs @Ernest Jones .  Let us know how they perform.
I think even less than the 10 - 15% that the guys mentioned above for the first scenario.  Putting does not really matter that much, so I would think that there could easily be better putters when you take into account the world population.     Second scenario, I would agree with @jamo on the 100.  I suppose there is probably a few guys on the lower tours that can strike the ball really well, but have putting yips.
September 26th at 3:30 pm. I still want to win (competitiveness).  I just won't give him my address..... 
Thats pretty cool.  One of these years I should do something like that.  Should help pass the long winters we have up north.
I don't really have one.  I guess it depends on the situation.  Or maybe because I hit all of my clubs bad equally...
Welcome @Monsta Golf !!   Good to see new sponsors.
  I agree with Erik on this.  Depending on the person, it could be worth quite a bit more.
I think I would put the $250 into gas to get to Erie........
I can definitely see the bright yellow better in low light conditions.
 Maybe I would and maybe I would not.  Not really my decision to make (and I don't have the expertise to say).   My initial point was solely based on the premise that he did in fact break the rule.  I do not have sympathy for rule breakers.  If he did in fact use marijuana (I don't want to argue that point), he had to know the potential consequences.  And still chose to jeopardize his career? 
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