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I am on my second set of wedges since starting golf.  No real plans to upgrade anytime soon.
I have two sets of iron right now.  An older Wilson set (fat shaft), and a Adams hybrid/mid-hybrid set.  Right now I am playing the Wilsons because I did not really like hitting the 6 and 7 mid-hybrids anymore.     I would actually very much like to get a newer set of GI irons.
No plans right now to replace my putter.
I think I have had 3 since 09.     Currently I am playing an older Callaway model.  I would like to replace it now, but probably won't for at least another year.
I don't have any plans on replacing my hybrids until they break.
My 3-wood (Nike dymo) broke at the end of last year.     I have not replaced it yet, but plan to.  If it had not broke, I would not have replaced it.
My thought is maybe feel like your dropping your head???
 I agree 100% with you here. I might even have a chance now and then on the greens.  From 220???  Not happening ever...
 @Grinde6, would you like your chances better at a putting contest with a pro?  Or closest to the hole from 220 yards?
I'd like to see it. Something different.
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