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 What good could possibly come from this?   IMO nothing, and many bad things could happen.  What if the guy is a nut job and has a weapon? Also IMO, it takes a bigger man to walk away from such things.  Many times I kick myself at work for getting angry and raising my voice when dealing with certain issues.  I hold myself to a higher standard than that.
I disagree that you have to address it immediately. Escalating a situation to physical violence is not the answer.If the man had made threats towards my wife and kids, then I do something. Otherwise, IMO, its best to just move along.
Prayers are with you @CarlSpackler. I hope all goes well.
And me....Also the great camaraderie...
I agree with @Golfingdad, you have officially taken the title from me of "swing looks much better than score"........ Oh yeah... I also agree about the need for a new hat.
I think all "lefties" should start a class action lawsuit against..................hmmm??? not sure who against, but they should anyway.   Lefties are discriminated against more than any minority group out there.   
That actually looks pretty fun.  Someday I would like to play a course like that.
I think the golf gods would frown on that.     He will find that the stolen clubs will not help his game.
I have been playing for about 6 years.  Like you, I have broken 40 on a 9 a few times.  I still have not hit 79 though.
I remember mine, but I also started playing when I was 27. 320 yard par 4. I hit my drive into the right rough. The lie was not to bad, but the ball was a good 6" or so above my feet. I hit a choked down PW from 100 yards. It stopped about 3' left and 8' long. The putt was downhill with a decent amount of break. I curled it right in.. :)
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