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Those are very nice bucks.   I told my son we would still try to find a spot to walk in on some public land.  I am hoping that all the snow will deter others, and we can still have a chance by walking in 1/4 to 1/2 mile.
@cipher , you up for a hunting trip trade for a fishing trip?    With this snow, I can't make it out on my 4 wheeler.  My boy is pretty bummed out.  He couldn't wait to finally get "way out" to hunt with dad where the "big bucks" are.
Welcome from another fellow "Sconny"...
Nice.     I may have to make one of those next year.
I actually voted that they know, but don't care.   Although I think it can be a combination.  They don't really think they are that slow, but if confronted, don't care anyway.
Cool!!I always thought it would be interesting to hunt over there.
 The workout would not be so bad, but if it takes 45 min on 4-wheeler, I would probably have to leave at 3 AM to get to my stand in time. I would also have to be carrying a full backpack with hunting supplies and enough clothes to withstand teen to twenty degree weather once I got there.  Not happening.
Well this snow and cold has wrecked my planned weekend bowhunt.  It takes about 45 min on the four-wheeler from my house to get to where I hunt, and 90% of that is on unplowed trails.  These trails are not the nicest to ride (mud holes) even without the snow.  Don't think we could even make it out this weekend.  
^^^^^^   So.....what is he doing???   Any ideas??
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