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 I think you can buy replacement sections and change it yourself.  I do not think you would have to change the whole window.  That would involve trim, siding, etc...
 Yeah, I did miss that.  I just know (from personal experience) that "practice" swings can look a lot different from "real" swings.
Nice.  Now do it while hitting a ball.....
 Because his opinion differs from yours, he is close minded and ignorant???  Seems a bit out of line to me.
Second.... Oh well. It was fun playing!! Congrats to the winner!!
Welcome to TST!!
 I can't count the number of times this has happened to me.
 I think the "crazy" guy will find/get a gun regardless of the law.     Yup.
Spring.  Typically it is colder, windy, and the course is wet.  All this means that there is no one else out there.
 Yup... just does not have the same bite...  Pretty funny though.....
New Posts  All Forums: