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Welcome to TST!!
Congrats and welcome!!
Welcome to TST!!
On my phone, so I will try to respond to each point in order.I would also be against hunting elk (or any animal) if there was only 200 left. Remember the hunter cares about population welfare.I also think animal populations would be fine (for the most part) without hunting. Hunters/trappers take what is known as the harvestable surplus. Without hunting a certain amount of animals would die anyway. The woods/land can only support just so many animals. Also the city of...
I agree. Just thought it was something you could do rather than end your season.
 I wonder how much of your feelings are due to the fact that these animals (and the lion that was killed), are exotic "big game" animals to us here in the states.  Hunting elk, whitetail, black bear, ducks/geese, etc..  seems different doesn't it? I only bring this side because I feel the vast majority of hunters partake in the sport for the "thrill".  I also feel hunting is necessary.   When I took a trapping class a few years back, the instructor put it very clear (to...
What if I am hunting for a large buck (for the antlers). I give away the meat because I don't want it, and will not waste it. Is that acceptable?
Really?Leaving the small peen out of it (maybe I do..irrelevant) , I don't believe I have a psychological problem because I hunt animals for sport.Like I said before, I do eat the deer I kill. I don't try to pretend it is only about the meat though. If it were, I could get meat other ways at a much lower cost.
Are you pull hooking?   Maybe you could open the face a little and play a bit of a pull fade for now??
 Or fish.. Some of the best trout fishing around the Apostle Islands is near the fish refuge.  With GPS units, the charter captains can run their boats right down the line.
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