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 Ahh... I thought he wanted to go lower than 73.  I suppose what you propose would be a lot easier...
Welcome to TST.   Are all the 73's from the same course and same set of tees?   I know you said you did not want to move forward a set, but maybe try moving back?  Or playing a different course?   Something to break things up a bit might help.
 Fell asleep?!?!  Were you drinking de-caf???
 Ah good one on him..  As far as Tiger....sigh....there goes my chance at the prediction contest.....again...
Welcome to TST @Mickwizz91.     Lots of good information around here.
 Interesting.  Thanks. I was not really concerned about the 1/3 being accurate, but I had hoped the distance loss would be consistent (% wise) throughout the bag.  It appears that is not the case. Edit:  I think I will try them anyway.  I will post a review after I have tested them out.
 I think it could help you a lot.  IMO if you can hit the ball the farther, which would lead to more possible decisions than someone who can't, it would help you a lot. I see you are already a good golfer, but this book can be an eye opener.  The "smart" play is not always what you may have thought.
 What if he tells you he suddenly started hitting 350 yard drives??!!!!!  
 I guess I meant that I hold a golf club and hit a golf ball (similar to the swing you posted in that regard).
  Interesting.  Thanks for the input.   Did you hit any other clubs during your experiment?
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