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I'm with @golfingdad on this as well. When I played (actually we called it ragball) a few years back, we all took turns calling balls and strikes. Some guys had different zones and tendencies. Part of the fun was learning it. I was always more apt to call third strikes. I told hitters that if they had two strikes against them, they should be protecting.
Wow!!!   Check out the OP.   It appears to be an actual serious post from @Gilberg .....???
 Thats about right....
They are right. Our summers are great. I can still complain about winter though, can't I?
Well I can always hope for at least 50, can't I? :)
Sorry, I don't feel bad for you guys.  Check the northern WI forecast.  
Congrats on the little guys 300!! I read more when its to cold for golf (also means its to cold to fish).
I have a candy addiction. Soda, not so much.
 One of the par 3's at my home course plays 138 from the tips.  I routinely play it at 131. Another one plays 160 from the tips, but it is elevated quite a bit. The shorter one has a big ravine in front of it, sand short and right, and sand on the whole left side.  The longer one has a pond short and right , and a large bunker on the left that is lower than the green.  Both are very fun to play.  Especially for me.  My iron game starts to get really shaky outside of 150...
 I would think you could get that. Video it...  
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