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No, no, no.Its obviously green... :)
5 minutes in the yard today (more like 15).  Fit in during some yard work.   From my video session, I can see progress with what I am doing (centered backswing-right elbow).  Just trying to solidify the feelings.
Pretty much a combo of fat/thin. If anything, (can't pinpoint for sure) the miss tends to be thin with the shorter and fat with the longer clubs. I can get in a rhythm at the range with a 9 iron where I am hitting solid. Good distance and ball flight. Move to the six though, and it's all down hill. I would say on average, I have been hitting my 8 longer than my 6, just due to the better contact.
Didn't take a DTL, but I will get one up as soon as I can.
First video I have posted this year.  I think I am making some progress with the right elbow in front of the seam, and making a centered backswing.  It still (to me) appears my hips are beating my arms on the downswing, and contact still feels really clanky most of the time.  I think something big is still missing.     Looking at impact, Keys 1-3 (to me), look ok, but still having serious (IMO) contact issues.     If anybody has anything, I would be much appreciative....
  Aaaahhhh!!!! Did you just say it???   
Some video work today.   Same things I have been working on.  I see I still need more work on the centered hip turn.   I will keep plugging away.
Welcome to TST!!
He must have got lucky. Real men don't do that... :)
Yup. Not a big deal.People kill, not guns. A golf club could be used as a deadly weapon as well.FWIW, I do not carry a gun unless I am hunting, but I don't begrudge someone there right to do so.
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