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Welcome to TST!!
 In defense of @Gunther , the thread title does not state "Who's the greatest golfer".....
 @Ernest Jones, are you and I the only ones who realize...... you can NEVER have the top level......???
"We recommend only requesting this level for a dish when you had it before"....????? :) :P
 Not the way I see it. Spieth has respect for his parents and values their input.
That's a short tournament...
 If you are getting angry, you are doing something wrong...........
 What's stopping you????
 Maybe I'm just dumb, but I don't even know what a "Sizzle Chest" is???
Depends on the amount you are willing to spend. I would (and have) buy some clubs from globalgolf.com if I were you. They have very good deals on name brand clubs. Oh yeah... Welcome to TST!!
New Posts  All Forums: