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36 for me.
Welcome to TST.   Post some better video, and count yourself fortunate if Mike and/or Erik responds.  They are excellent instructors that really know their stuff.
 Not bad.... On second thought.  I will accept whatever it is you had in mind.  If it is what I am thinking, it might cost you a few dollars (plane ticket cuz I'm not going to Cali).  While you are here, we could always play a round.  
 Hmmm...  for some reason, I am not interested.....
@David in FL ,  have you come up with a consolation prize for the second place guy?  It would just kill me to miss out on such a great prize by only a little bit.
Well... This was funny at least.
Good post Mike.  Very informative.   Who is that guy in the back?  He looks like he could use your setup advice.  In the top photo, he is looking exactly like your left photo.
 You could have at least told her "feel is not real"...... 
 She seriously told you that?  Or you seriously believed her?
 Agreed.  As long as the question is worded the way it is in the OP. If someone that has millions, misses a birth for $1,000, I think they need to get their priorities straight.
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