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An interesting test. While I can visualize all the things you mentioned, the flowers stand out to me.Anybody else?
For me a stiffer shaft lowered my dispersion a bit.  I did lose a little distance though.  I do not swing very fast though.  Probably 90-95.
To answer your question, absolutely. Why do you try to die your shorter putts in the hole? And do you routinely miss short?
Congrats!! And thanks.
I am thankful for my family. It never ceases to amaze me how forgiving children can be.
Not going to quote (long), but very good post Erik. A lot of helpful information as long as a person is willing to be open minded.
Very good @Golfing Dad....
I am posting while out at the hunting shack. It has been a very tough rifle season due to the weather. My son and I are still trying though. Haven't had a lot of time to post, and the service is poor, but I will be back next week.
Not fair... :)
I would putt and chip left handed.
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