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 Regardless of whether or not the rule needs to change, there is a rule in place.  He broke it.  Seems pretty clear cut to me.  I do not feel bad for him at all.  He took a risk, and got caught.
  Welcome back.  I notice it has been awhile since you have been posting.
7th Joost Luiten -9
Nice dogs.. Sounds like a fun trip you got coming. I really like Montana.
 I'll bite...  (thanks for the smiley BTW) I also have 3 fine sons and a beautiful wife.  Can't say I love the daughters more than them can I......   
I know I am/was guilty of this type of thinking.  I also have 3 beautiful daughters that I love more than just about anything.   When I worked in the field (plumbing and HVAC) I did not run across many women in the workplace.  Now that I work in the office (project managing and estimating) I am in contact with women on a daily basis.  I have found that (depending on the task) women can do a much better job than men.     For example, when we are bidding a commercial...
  This too...  
Sweet!!   I had included my question in a semi-joking manner.  I see it got included and answered!!!
Doesn't this belong with the logician talk??..... :)
How often in the past did she mark 1' putts? I'm not going to give her a pass if she typically does, but it would really be saying something if she does not.
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