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 "I know Duf doesn't care, but if we yell in the backswing, I bet DJ hooks it 2 fairways over"
 That is pretty neat.  I have to turn my club the other direction, and I still have trouble leaving the face open.  For the life of me, I can't seem to start the ball left of center.
 I agree with this.  I have tried to use them before, second guessed myself, and instead of backing off to realign, I would alter my stroke.  This typically gave me poor results.
  From the CBS website.
Actually had never heard of it.
I would wish for a remote control for time. I could fast forward, rewind, pause, slow motion. The possibilities are endless.
 I am not qualified to give much swing help, but there is something I do know.  You will get a lot more help if you actually hit a ball (practice ball is fine).  Practice swings are almost always different than a real swing.
What would you do for slope?
No doubt. What do pros do from 125?
Dime sized brown spot???
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