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I'd go for that.
 Did you read the first post on the first page? I am not certain, but I would guess all of your picks are invalid.
Awesome.   I really like the remote option.
Welcome to TST!!   Another vote for trying out a hybrid.
5 minutes slow practice swings. Still concentrating on right elbow.
 I did finish this series. I would recommend it.  It will definitely take awhile to finish. My only issue with it is, Jordan seems to have the tendency to ramble.  I think the series could have been just as good (possibly better), if he cut it down a little.  Oh yeah, and the non-stop bickering amongst the women......
Have you tried using a lower lofted club?  8 or 9 iron instead of using a wedge.  Should fly a little lower and roll a bit when it hits.
How do you Sergio is in there???
5 minutes in the office today.   Working on right elbow feels on both the backswing and downswing.
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