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 Same here. I also believe this is the only correct answer....... @Spitfisher , I see you are a 3.5 handicap (mine is probably in the 12-18 range).  I think I would be willing to challenge you to a contest (all in good fun of course ).  I will hit shots from 40-60 yards, and you hit from 112 (your stated go-to yardage).  I would think I would be able to get closer to the hole on a more consistent basis than you.
I have a question for the instructors.  Would also like to hear anybody's input as well.   What goes into your decision making on defining the priority piece for a particular golfer?   I have a few guesses.   1)  The piece that would lead to the quickest improvement?   2)  The piece that would lead to the best long-term improvement (would not necessarily be different from #1)?   3)  Based on the golfers own goals for improvement?   4)  The simpler items first?...
I would try to use canvas instead of plasticy tarp material. Canvas will hold heat better, and will be more durable. Probably not to cheap though.
Lookin good @cipher .   Nice practice area as well.
Welcome to TST!!
Welcome to TST!!
I wear my glove for any "full" swing shot.  Anything less, it comes off.   I am not sure why I do it that way.  Maybe I think I get more "feel" for the feel type shots???
No. Unless they wave you up. You could potentially kill someone with a golf ball.
I know how you feel @Abu3baid, I have kids with ear infections and some with strep throat. Not fun.
Have fun EJ. Don't forget to post some pics for those of is still stuck in the snow.
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