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 Definitely not what I meant, and you would be correct that I would not be happy with the gun banning.  I guess I am not sure where the line should be drawn with the searching.  I guess I do not really have a problem with what is in place now though.  Obviously others could feel differently.
Speech and the right to bear arms are sometimes limited.On the phone so it's not easy to elaborate.Basically I can't take my gun anywhere, and say whatever I want wherever I want either.Do you think the random searches before boarding planes should end?
 I guess the key word (to me) on the 4th is "unreasonable".  Who gets to decide what is unreasonable?   I would not hide something on my body (legal), and try to board a plane if I wanted to make sure no one would see it.  I am not saying I enjoy being searched, but I am willing to undergo the random search if it helps the "greater good".
 Doesn't bother me. If it is useful to catch criminals, I say go for it.
 Welcome to TST!! Consider yourself fortunate.  @iacas and @mvmac are two of the best instructors out there.
I voted McIlroy.   No good reason.
 I'm saying they should do what is necessary to keep the crime from happening. And, all they did was question you.  No harm there? If I have nothing to hide, why would I care if they asked what I was doing?
 Why not?  Maybe the vast majority of the time, when the cops see white people in that area, they are there to buy drugs.  If that was the case, what are they supposed to think?
 Just wanted to second @jusanothajoe ' s question. Why?   Lets say they are correct, and there is widespread abuse.  Why?
^^^^ LOL.   Didn't even see that one.  Good catch.
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