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I can't believe you guys are making fun of @mvmac 's near death experience....     Looks/sounds like it was fun.   @cipher , did you put up a good showing for the home state?
I thought about you guys today. I knew you would be having fun. Looking forward to seeing more pics.
Welcome. Lots of good information here. You will break 80 yet..
 Why would you want to do that?
 Thanks.  Next time I vid, I will take some video from the rear.
Another way to look at "strength of field" is to compare it to high school sports.  A somewhat decent team can totally dominate a lower division, but would still get beat by a mid-level upper division team.   Not to say a lower division team can't be good, just that it can appear they are better than they truly are because of the teams they play.
Still working on not letting the arms/right elbow slide around behind me on the backswing.    I had thought I was making progress, but then looked at a DTL view.  At the top, it still appears the right elbow is to far back.   One thing I did notice was that at A2, my hands are fairly close to inline with my right thigh.  Looking at vids of some better players, there appears to be a large space between where their hands are and their right thigh....
Looks better to me.  Might want to watch the head drifting a bit forward at the start of the downswing. (or not, remember I am not an expert).
Agreed. Hate to see you losing valuable time.
 LOL....  You can play with me (golf that is).  My distances are very similar.  GW is at 100, but I probably hit my PW, 9, and 8 a little farther.  After that, its anybodys guess.  Not longer than the distances you listed. I can pull my 185 club (3h or 4h) and come up 25 yards short due to a miss hit.  I can't call it my 155 club though because I would pull my 6 or 7 for that.
New Posts  All Forums: