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@Hardballs have you checked any of the older epic Eye 2 threads yet?
185 yard SW? Pfttt... child's play.
Those were my thoughts. Live by the sword.........
Wait a minute here. What about all the guys who picked Tiger?
Add another pusher to the group. I find it extremely difficult to start the ball left of my alignment regardless of anything else I am trying to do with it.I don't drink though, so I will bring my own cream soda.
True, but I hit it about 230 on a decent drive. I would like to crack a few out to 300 even if they were off target.
I wish I could average 300 yard drives.
Ten mile bike ride yesterday. Temps were in the upper 30's so I was a bit cold.
 I will be right there with you.  Still 2' of snow on the ground here.
 I agreee with this part, but I was thinking more along the lines of teeing up a 3 wood maybe and 1'' or so.  In that case would it be beneficial to hit up?  It would be interesting to hear some other opinions on this.
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