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Welcome to TST!!
I wear my glove for any "full" swing shot.  Anything less, it comes off.   I am not sure why I do it that way.  Maybe I think I get more "feel" for the feel type shots???
No. Unless they wave you up. You could potentially kill someone with a golf ball.
I know how you feel @Abu3baid, I have kids with ear infections and some with strep throat. Not fun.
Have fun EJ. Don't forget to post some pics for those of is still stuck in the snow.
 You bet.   Mike helped me a lot, so I know from experience.
 You have got to be kidding me. Did the ones who actually tried entering by force think they would get away with it?
Welcome @sumdude !!!!   Consider yourself fortunate that Mike responded.  He is an excellent instructor.
Does anybody play the smart phone game "trivia crack"? My bro in law got me started on it last night. Pretty fun.
Global golf is always a good choice.
New Posts  All Forums: