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Read some reviews.It's been awhile, but what I remember is they were typically a couple years behind with design. They would not put much into the design, and just copy some of the others. That might not be right, but that's what I seem to recall.Also, it seems like some would buy the bikes just for the components.Check them out on some road bike forums.
I've heard OK things about bikes direct. You probably want to have some mechanical skills because you would have to assemble the bike, and probably adjust brakes and gears. @TN94z, you might want to find a lower cost used bike to try. That way you don't drop a lot of money on something you may not enjoy.
So far I have not seen anyone argue that the "non-calendar year" grand slam is easier (other than @turtleback 's probability standpoint).  I don't think anyone that is arguing against calling it a grand slam is trying to belittle what happened.   What is wrong with just noting that the "grand slam" occurred in a calendar or it did not?
I really hope this gets v-logged. I would really enjoy watching it without knowing who won.
 Me too.  Nice work @turtleback .
How about "grand slam" = 4 consecutive majors. "Seasonal grand slam" = 4 majors in a calendar year.
 ???? Hasn't there been quite a few analogies made?  Why is this one deemed off-topic?
You had to sign up for a whole year to get that rate?
Hey now.....You better hope your plumber has good touch when he is soldering a pipe in your crawl space a couple of inches away from dry wood... :)
Welcome to TST!!
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