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I would say that portions of the game are intellectually solvable. The game management portion. I think it is spelled out fairly clearly in LSW.
 Agree with this. When I first posted my swing (it took me quite a few years) here, I was ready to "get at it".  First suggestions were on stance/posture.  I was thinking "man, thats kind of boring". I had enough confidence in the people who were helping that I stuck with it.  Those things were (relatively) easy to change, and then I was told to move on to other things. Gotta stay the course...
 Yeah... good to keep in mind.  I did feel that Barney would know I was joking. BTW, I can't even remember the original face punching post.  I don't even know where to find it.
I voted significantly better.  It has got to be harder for both sides.
Thats cool.  What are the chances he reads it?
@Golfingdad All is good. Just joking. I hope you know me better than that. Sorry to leave things hanging this long. Right after my last post I had a longggggg meeting.
  Definitely was!!   Quote:Originally Posted by Morocco Mako  But my guess is felt comfortable intimidating you, because thought if a fight broke out he would be the winner.     Probably right on both parts here.   Quote:Originally Posted by Morocco Mako  Rarely do these types of guys, classic bully types, get into it with someone who is likely to kick their butt, which is why I have little respect for them. Always wanting to prop up their ego by making someone smaller...
@FireDragon76 , if you have time, I suggest you take a look at a few of the other members swing threads.  Two in particular I can think of that (at times) had a lot of action are mine @14ledo81 and @Ernest Jones .   You can visually see the improvement made while listening to the "free" advice given by Mike and Erik.  The same type of advice being offered to you.
I am not a big chocolate guy, but when I do buy a candy bar it is a Snickers.
New Posts  All Forums: