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I bet your parents have one..... :)
 Yup...again, no sympathy from me.  I wish I had problems like to deal with.
 I don't think it is a bad problem to have.  I have a large gap past 240 yards.  Primarily because I don't have a club that will hit the ball any farther...
 See below for possible issues with how you are defining it.   
 Maybe try an adjustable 3-4 wood?  Then you could find the loft that works best.
 Obviously I am not the expert on this, but here is my opinion anyway. Depends on the hole and your shot zone for that club.
Not bad.  I have a few friend who have a guide service for bear hunters.  We have a LOT of bears up here.  I don't get in on the baiting, but I do like to go out to the camp when the hunters are there.  I also get in on a few track jobs.  Last year, I helped find a  500+ lb bear for one of the hunters.       Not the greatest pic, and does not really do this bear justice.
Good luck David.  I hope my prediction is wrong and you beat him.
1.  My total score     79   2.  # of birdies (or better)      1   3.  # bogies      6   4.  # doubles (or worse)         1    5.  Final match play results (win/lose and score) against my sandbagging 4 hcp buddy (I get 2 strokes)         You lose on 18.   1 Down.    
 No doubt.  Haven't we all?  You know scoring (to me) is only part of the game.  I actually get a lot of enjoyment out of hitting solid shots.  Those are definitely (especially with the shorter clubs) coming more frequently for me.  I also have not had a really bad score in a while either.
New Posts  All Forums: