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Pencil for me.   At the end of the round, I put my score and stats into a golf app.
   @Club Rat, so you think the decision that would yield a worse outcome is the right choice?
 I was told once, "The best thing a father can do for his children is love their mother".... I believe there is truth to those words.
@Huddo, Welcome to TST!!
Welcome to TST!!
 Why?  Because it appears to be obvious to my un-trained eyes, also because that is about as far as my knowledge goes.   How?  I would say he needs to get that s-curve out of his lower back.  Easiest to fix using a mirror.
 He actually is getting compensated for it. The larger (richer) corporate sponsor the tour can attract, the larger the individual purse.  Most caddies get paid a percentage of the purse from their player.   It is in the caddies best interest to do whatever it takes to attract good sponsors.  Their pay (IMO) directly reflects this.
Count me in the group that hopes he does not retire.   Professional golf is much more interesting (to me) when Tiger is playing well.
 I would think some probably do care about these changes.   To drop the range from 40 miles (30 to 50) down to 20 (or more like 15 according to the article) is a pretty significant drop in functional performance IMO.
Congrats on the round!!!   Sorry to hear about the loss though.
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