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Count me in as a member who appreciates the "on-topic" moderation.   For those who disagree, try reading some other forums sometime when you are actually looking for something specific.   Again, like has been said, there is a very simple solution.  Nothing wrong with starting a new thread.
Nice way to end the year EJ. I'm done as well. Snow yesterday.
 Exactly my line of thinking. Any tree experts around that could say how long it would take for the tree to grow around the ball like that? Edit: Not to mention, the chainsaw just happened to hit the ball at the exact equator??  Would be pretty hard to do that with a saw if you were trying.
Hmm..  How old is that ball?  Seems like it would take awhile for the tree to grow around it like that?
@Nosevi, looks awesome. Looking for any friends this winter? :)
 Hmm...??...  so thats why I hear that word all the time...
Mine is actually a fairly straight forward par four.  There are trees right, and a fairly decent drop off and then OB left.  The landing area (off the tee) is really not that tight, but after scoring poorly on this hole a few times, it has got into my head.  Again, the landing area is big enough, but I always seem to push it into the trees right, or hook it left into the drop off or OB.   After the tee shot, the hole is actually fairly easy.  I can't really hit a shorter...
That is very impressive.
The Crossroads of Twilight, by Robert Jordan
 If your long game is on, you won't need the short game.  Or at least you won't be putting much pressure on your short game.
New Posts  All Forums: