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My first and only thought is posture...
Welcome to TST!!
 Interesting. Subscribing for updates.
  Correct... (I think).. OTOH, the throttle on a motorcycle is on the right side??...  Blasted lefties, always confusing things..  
 Right wrist would be similar to revving...  Left wrist opposite.  For a righty.  I think???
I could play 5 in one day if I used a cart. Realistically, I would like to play one round a day starting at day break.
Welcome to TST!!
2-3 inches of ice!!!??!!   Its gonna take awhile for the salt to melt that.
 Actually, at worst, you throw an interception.
 So people that go in for a driver fitting, and buy the driver they hit the longest, don't know what they are doing?
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