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Welcome to TST!!
Welcome to TST!!
5 minutes in the office.  Working on right elbow.   I plan on taking some video with some full swings tonight.
That would be great.   I would much prefer that to walking.
5 minutes on the right elbow again.... On the plus side, I think if I can nail this down, it will make a big difference with contact and maybe some distance gains.
The offer is certainly open. If you are able, just give me a little advance notice.
Where do you rank yourself on the tight/loose assedness scale??
Happy Memorial Day to all. And a big thanks to all who have served.
Well if you decide to try it, and are looking for someone to fish with, let me know. I don't claim to be a muskie guide, but then I don't charge $400 a day either.
Hope all goes well. If you wind up not playing at all, maybe try something else this summer. Like that muskie fishing trip up north that you have always wanted to do..... :)
New Posts  All Forums: