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 Agreed.   My point was more directed at @turtleback .  Would it be selfish of a father to throw away $500 to watch the birth of their child?  Where do you draw the line? To me, it is something that does not have a monetary value, and as such, it is hard to compare it that way.  And I have cut the cord every time.  I also would not want to miss the birth of my child. Everybody is different, and I am fine with that.  
@hrpschrd, Mike knows his stuff.  You would do well to listen to him.   If you are still the skeptical sort, take a look at my swing thread (14ledo81).  With just a bit of advice (that I have tried to follow) from Mike, see how far my swing came since this spring.
 This raises and interesting point.  To me at least.   For those that would choose the payday (and most seem to), at which point is the money not enough?  2 times yearly salary?, 1/2 salary?, $500?
 Another vote for this "feel" working.
  From the latest issue of Golf Digest.
I asked my wife this one last night.  She said to take the payday.  It made me think about it some more.  If the wife says take the payday, and the child (obviously) does not know, my reason for being there would be for my self.  Maybe it would be selfish of me to throw away the opportunity to make that kind of money???
 Good point.
Interesting.  I am no pro, but I think I actually like your "before" backswing better.   
 This is the only way I take the money.  If I am making a living as is, and the money would just move my family into some finer things (that money buys) in life, I don't take it.
Awesome. Happy to hear about your success.
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