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Not bad....    
Just had a chance to watch.     Looks like a fun course.  We don't have trees like that up here.. 
 Yep.  I think that was it for me as well.
I just finished up my boat project this weekend.  I had been threatening to do it for a few years and finally decided to pull the trigger.  Some of the items I had laying around, and some I had to purchase.  Total count for the remodel job was less than $200.   First two pics are as close as I could find to a "before".  Some demo had already started though.       Next two pics are of rebuilt transom.       Next pic is of floor installed and painting...
Not necessarily. He struggles with the same things. As do we all.
@saevel25 wins again? There must be a rule about this somewhere.. :) Congrats guys. I'm still bitter about picking Tiger..
Thanks for the kind words. The visual is encouraging, but the ball flight is still not quite there. At least not consistently. Unfortunately I think it is still a case of the swing looking better than the results.I won't give up though. I have confidence that it will come around if I keep at it.
Worked on the driver tonight.  In the past, even when I was improving "lag" with the other clubs, the driver still looked bad.  Tonight though, it appears like I am starting to make progress.  I like how this is looking.  I can repeat it while hitting balls at the net.  I think I need to get more reps so it will come more naturally when I play.     Here are a couple of stills from the above video.   A5 - Best this has looked ever!       Just before impact - as...
 Yeah,  hes tired...
Hate to say it, but I think thats it for Tiger as well.   He just looks defeated as well.
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