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Welcome to TST!!
5 minutes of practice swings in the yard again. Need to take video again soon.
 Depends if you like numptys.......  BTW, what is a numpty??
 Same here.
5 minutes of slow back swing and downswing. Still working on keeping the right elbow in front of the seam. I did not hit a ball into the woods today... :)
My scores suffer terribly from longer tees.   When I play from the whites at my home course (6000 yards), I may hit a 4 hybrid and a 6 iron in on a few holes.  The majority of the holes it is 9 iron or less though.  My skill level drops off considerably around the 6/7 iron range.  If I play from longer tees, I will be hitting 6/7 iron or longer on most of the holes.  I don't feel my game translates to longer tees at all.
5 minutes practice swings when I got home from work. Then I hit a ball into the woods.
5 minutes of slow practice swings. Working on right elbow location.
I guess any good result is technically a good shot.   I just can't get much satisfaction out of "clanky" contact.    As such, some of my "best" shots were when I had really solid contact and flew the green.
5 minutes doing practice swings in the yard. Trying to keep the swing short.
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