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 This raises a question.  If you are teeing with a 3 wood or hybrid, would/could it be beneficial to hit up on the ball slightly?
 Didn't the bulging disc cause the pinched nerve?
 This is my prediction as well.  Tiger is good enough that he doesn't need to win the distance game to win tournaments.  Can he swallow his ego though and let the bombers hit it 25 yards past him all the time?
 I am similar.  Many times I prefer to golf by myself.  It is a huge stress reliever.  Many times I play twilight from 4:00 until dark.  5 hours go by, and I realize I did not think about much else.
Same here.....but I have fatted a putt before.
 I think it is a pile of snow.  I understand you do not see that stuff in California..
Lol.. good one. Must be catching in that area. I heard everyone does.
 This is basically how I played the best rounds of my life.  I played quite a bit a few springs back and was able to score low 80's a few times.  Seems a bit boring, but it worked.
 True.  Maybe I should have added that stipulation into my formula as well.  The point I was trying to make is, if you are a good enough ball striker to hit 10-12 greens (and par most of those holes), but never get up and down, you might want to work on some short game.
Maybe a good guideline would be as follows:      If you hit XX GIR and still shoot above XX, you need to work on your short game.   Just a thought.
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