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I think I would put the $250 into gas to get to Erie........
I can definitely see the bright yellow better in low light conditions.
 Maybe I would and maybe I would not.  Not really my decision to make (and I don't have the expertise to say).   My initial point was solely based on the premise that he did in fact break the rule.  I do not have sympathy for rule breakers.  If he did in fact use marijuana (I don't want to argue that point), he had to know the potential consequences.  And still chose to jeopardize his career? 
 Regardless of whether or not the rule needs to change, there is a rule in place.  He broke it.  Seems pretty clear cut to me.  I do not feel bad for him at all.  He took a risk, and got caught.
  Welcome back.  I notice it has been awhile since you have been posting.
7th Joost Luiten -9
Nice dogs.. Sounds like a fun trip you got coming. I really like Montana.
 I'll bite...  (thanks for the smiley BTW) I also have 3 fine sons and a beautiful wife.  Can't say I love the daughters more than them can I......   
I know I am/was guilty of this type of thinking.  I also have 3 beautiful daughters that I love more than just about anything.   When I worked in the field (plumbing and HVAC) I did not run across many women in the workplace.  Now that I work in the office (project managing and estimating) I am in contact with women on a daily basis.  I have found that (depending on the task) women can do a much better job than men.     For example, when we are bidding a commercial...
  This too...  
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