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  Definitely was!!   Quote:Originally Posted by Morocco Mako  But my guess is felt comfortable intimidating you, because thought if a fight broke out he would be the winner.     Probably right on both parts here.   Quote:Originally Posted by Morocco Mako  Rarely do these types of guys, classic bully types, get into it with someone who is likely to kick their butt, which is why I have little respect for them. Always wanting to prop up their ego by making someone smaller...
@FireDragon76 , if you have time, I suggest you take a look at a few of the other members swing threads.  Two in particular I can think of that (at times) had a lot of action are mine @14ledo81 and @Ernest Jones .   You can visually see the improvement made while listening to the "free" advice given by Mike and Erik.  The same type of advice being offered to you.
I am not a big chocolate guy, but when I do buy a candy bar it is a Snickers.
 I can assure you, this guy was/is not.   He was still very intimidating even while wearing a purple sweater.  Not someone I would ever mess with.
Ouch.   Kudos for just walking it off...
 Good post.  Very clear and (IMO) unarguable points.
I would do a LOT.. There is a lot I wouldn't do still (golf is not everything). I can hardly imagine how much more enjoyable the game would be.
  Cool... either way free sim....
I chose camera. Although without the camera, some things I have worked on would have gone much slower.
Really??Not sure what this says about me (or where I come from), but I will take insults over getting decked any day of the week.BTW, I have been threatened to be decked (face punching he called it) by a really big guy. I was .....very scared. If I had not known it before, I was certainly reassured of it then, getting decked is very bad...insults...not so bad.
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