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 Why not?  Maybe the vast majority of the time, when the cops see white people in that area, they are there to buy drugs.  If that was the case, what are they supposed to think?
 Just wanted to second @jusanothajoe ' s question. Why?   Lets say they are correct, and there is widespread abuse.  Why?
^^^^ LOL.   Didn't even see that one.  Good catch.
Got my 5 minutes in today while in a waiting room.  Trying to feel like the right hip is moving toward the target again on the backswing.   I was out of town for an appointment.     Got a few strange looks from my wife, but I think she is somewhat used to it by now.
^^^ Nice try.....
^^^^^ Is that something Canadian engines do???
With a straight slice (not a push slice), the face is already square.
Good to see you back!!
5 min in the office working on backswing again.  Centered hip turn and keeping the right elbow in front of the shirt seam.   Its easy to fit practice in like this, and I think its still my priority.  Probably gonna be a lot more posts like this one.
 Consider yourself lucky.  That sounds like fun.
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