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 Don't we have a decent thread on this somewhere?
 Absolutely.  I hope my comment did not come off that way.
That is pretty neat.  I am not sure of the cost, but it seems like a must have for somebody serious about playing.
Thats not a bad looking jacket.   I would wear it.
 I am guessing he will pay the fine/charges gladly......because he is still alive to do so....
 Definitely not worth it over a pair of shoes. The shooter did not know that it would stop with the shoes though did he?  I think that is the point @CarlSpackler was trying to make.
Merry Christmas to all!!!
 I'm jealous....  I'll just be stuck at home reading "The Dragon Reborn"..... Take some pics.
I am sure it does work to get you loose.That's not really the discussion though. It is proven that it slows swing speed.
Welcome to TST!!
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