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I got lost on the 2 to the ninth power.... Sorry @boogielicious.
Good stuff..   I am also envious that you were out golfing while I am sitting at work...
   @Abu3baid and @Gunther, even if most could agree that the divot (hole) is a divot (hole), at which point in the healing process is it no longer?
That is a lot of curve.   Looks kinda cool though.  I have always though big sweeping hooks look neat.
  Wow!!  I have walked 36 before, but not in 95 degree heat.  You must have lost 10 pounds.   I have to agree with @chasm here. Edit: Just read @Pretzel 's post.   Unless you are not eating and drinking properly.  If I ride my bike any decent length, I have to make sure to eat something.
Probably the right thing to do would be to bring it up to them or the committee.  I can't say I would have done either.  I am thinking like @jamo here.
 That is my whole point.  "Who gets to decide?" Define - "Divot Hole", so everyone who plays golf will make the same assessment when they hit into one.
   We already have disputes as is.  Why make the rules more discretionary so as to add more possible disputes?
 I agree with this.  Maybe I am not good enough to tell a difference though? I will say I hate the feel of rock hard balls with the putter though.
  What if I am playing by myself?  Who decides if it is a divot (hole) then?   Or maybe I am playing with a partner.  We are both unsure.  My home course may have one old lady working at the time, and she does not know the rules, care about the rules, and is certainly not going to come out to the 6th fairway to decide if my ball is in a divot (hole).   What if we (you and I) are playing match play.  It is the 18th hole and the match (we are playing for $10,000 ) is on the...
New Posts  All Forums: