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 Certainly did not mean to cause offense, and I am glad you did not take it. I only was throwing out a different point of view, and probably should have included the words "in general"...  After all, we are/were talking about statistics.  
  Certainly not saying this at all.  I hope it did not come out that way.   Quote:Originally Posted by k-troop  This point has already been addressed.   Must have missed this one.  This was basically the point I was trying to make.  Though I would like to think it would be more the willingness to "work it out" or "forgive" than "suffering through a bad marriage".   Marriages are not easy.  They take work on both sides.
 Another possibility is this: Those who do not take part in premarital cohabitation typically do so for religious reasons.  These people also typically see a marriage as more than a government sanctioned piece of paper.  Maybe those people have "more" reasons for staying together and are more likely to try to work out differences. Just a thought....
 Very true. Of course distance plays a rather large part in the "hitting fewer shots" bit.
I would love to try the driver. And the balls. I think I have said before that I have no illusions about my game. Hitting the ball farther is more enjoyable to me. It makes me feel like I am playing the game the way it is meant to be played. At my home course, I don't even have the option of trying to reach a risk/reward par 5 in 2.
I can't remember for certain. I think I was googling to find info on my current swing flaw. I was attracted by the all of the information that is based on facts not feels or opinions.
I like that.   Very good answer by Bubba.
Can we stop with the personal name calling/attacks????
With a cart and an open course, I can play 18 in 1:30.
I think it shows restraint and respect for the audience.
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