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EJ, what's your new job? I can't imagine you would be in my area (not much here), but if you are, let me know.
^^^^^^^ Rats. I was gonna do that. Oh well.. At least EJ owes you two bucks.
I will try it right now... Wait.... All the water near me is ice now.....
No doubt. I know we are not the lowest guys in town, but we are not the highest either.
So if you buy a dozen prov's you get an hour on the sim? Closest sim to me charges more than the price of prov's for an hour.
I'm with @Abu3baid. Ask your instructor to identify your priority piece. Working on contact is way to general in my book. Aren't we all working on contact?
Ha... Last week a customer called me a crook..I am a project manager/estimator for a mechanical company (plumbing and heating). He (customer),thought my estimate was to high.
I have one, and it was very lucky. It came on a downhill, downwind, par 5. After a solid (for me) drive and 3 wood, I was short and right in a greenside bunker. Somehow I holed the bunker shot. I have reached a par 5 in two only one time (wind assisted). Missed the long putt on that one though.
No doubt. I leave for work in the dark, and get home in the dark. :(
Interesting.   I had always thought that what separates the "best" from "really good", was there ability to do well when the pressure is on.  Neat to hear an explanation why though.
New Posts  All Forums: