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Nice round.  Those nGir really help the score out.
 I hear ya.  I am not to hot with a bow either.  I still enjoy it more than rifle season up here though.  Less people in the woods, and we see more nice bucks.
Keep us posted. Early goose season starts soon here. Hopefully I will have some pics to post in a few weeks.
Where at in Wyoming? I have a good friend that lives in Sheridan. I don't know much about antelope though. Sounds fun though. Enjoy..
 Fee shipping???  Is that where you pick whatever "fee" you want to ship it......
 Whattya got????
Nice shot.  Nothing better than a kick-in birdie.  
For only $10 it seems like it might be worth a try.
Congrats on the new job.  I have two brothers that live close to there (Vancouver WA).  Be prepared for A LOT of rain...   The nice thing about the rainy season though, is the rates go down.  I played Camas Meadows with my brother a few years back.  I think it was around $25 - $30 with a cart.
   You might have meant that, but the quote that I bolded lead me to believe otherwise.
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