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  What if I am playing by myself?  Who decides if it is a divot (hole) then?   Or maybe I am playing with a partner.  We are both unsure.  My home course may have one old lady working at the time, and she does not know the rules, care about the rules, and is certainly not going to come out to the 6th fairway to decide if my ball is in a divot (hole).   What if we (you and I) are playing match play.  It is the 18th hole and the match (we are playing for $10,000 ) is on the...
 And cheap (free)!!!!
 Hayward is about an hour away from me.  I wish it was closer.  I was just looking on their website, and they have a twilight membership for only $300!!  I could play a lot more golf for that.
Wherever you feel you are stopping now, "feel" like you are stopping sooner.   I was "feeling" like I was stopping at A3, but when I looked at video, that was clearly not the case.
I think anyone should feel free to comment.  It does not bother me if some discussion takes place in my swing thread.  If anybody learns (not necessarily me), I think that is a plus.   OTOH maybe if there is someone you do not want commenting it would be ok to PM a mod and have them restricted from your thread?
 Ok.  I finally remembered to take a picture of my "custom" smart phone stand. 
@cipher and @jakester , whenever you guys are ready to come up north and play Big Fish, let me know.  A Pete Dye design.   http://golfbigfish.com/     I have actually not played there, and it looks relatively inexpensive.  Should easily offset the cost of your gas to get up here.
 After reading your (self) assessment of you game, it reminds me of a buddy I play with sometime.  He hits his irons around 15 yards longer than mine, and his best shots are certainly better than my best.  At this point though, I could very easily beat him because he hits a lot of balls out of play. I still am envious when I see him hit his 6 iron solidly from 175 out.
 I dunno.  I wish I had short game problems and not long game problems.  Hitting the ball solid and far makes the game a lot more fun.
Nice.   You make nice vlogs @cipher .
New Posts  All Forums: