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Whaddya mean?? Those are some good tips.
No doubt. Smart man.
 That wasn't my point.  He has to be more accurate with his 8 iron than his 6.  Thus, if he used the pros drive (that puts him into 8 iron range vs 6), he would score better.
 I don't doubt the statement in bold above. The real questions is this, "Are you more accurate with an 8 iron than a 6?"   Assuming the obvious, the next questions is this,  "How come you did not score any better?"
 closer to the pub huh??? That would probably make you play worse... 
 Yeah...  I think I would need heated balls....
@Hardballs, if it was cold and rain, I would be out. Can't play when the course is under 2' of snow though.
 Hmmm... Maybe.. I don't hit it very far, so I would be able to tell with more "approximation" than some.
 Thats kind of what I thought. Might be getting a bit OT here, but I am going to go for it anyway. When I started, I was your typical pull slicer.  I was able to fix my path, but I actually did start hitting straight pushes and push fades.  They did not have a lot of curvature to them though.  This is why I assumed (for me) the problem was more in the face.  Again, for me, the "revving the motorcycle" feel has worked wonders.
 So they are free to "try"?  Meaning you could use them and then return?
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