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 I do believe somewhat in "what goes around, comes around", but I certainly do not think it applies here.  I more or less feel it works where you may do some favors or help someone out.  Typically word gets around and people are more apt to help you. Kind of like the my swing threads....   Who here would not help Mike if he needed it?????
LOL... at the smothering Tiger pic.
There goes my pick for TST contest.  
 Technically you are correct.  Tiger (or any other golfer) does not have to say anything.  It just seems it would be nice to his fans to fill them in.
 Not the same.  I (and probably many others) do not care about Phil's and Ryan's injuries. I would like a better insight to Tigers though.
Still plenty of snow on the ground here.  Last year due to the late snows we kept having, the courses did not open until mid May.  It looks like that this year as well.  These last 2 years have been killers because the year before (3 winters ago) we had a very early spring, and were playing in March.
 Agreed here as well. I really hope he plays.  Like I said before, I find it much more interesting if he is playing.  Not to mention, I have him picked to win for the TST contest.  I root for him to win, and I don't really care who would if he did not play.  Maybe Rory???
 In tmacs defense, I do not think it is clear he was taking personal pleasure in annoying people.   Rather, it is quite possible, with the evidence provided from one side, that he changed his opinion during the debate.  I know I did to some extent.
Good call. I had forgotten about this thread, and the other one was veering off topic.
FWIW I don't agree with any professional athlete (or anyone) swearing in front of impressionable children. JMHO I still find golf more interesting when Tiger is playing and even more so when he is playing well. Therefore I root for him to win.
New Posts  All Forums: