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With a cart and an open course, I can play 18 in 1:30.
I think it shows restraint and respect for the audience.
I go with Tiger.
 Nope..... Not the only one.
 I did this once as well.  Our ceiling fan/light in the living room has 3 glass things that surround the bulbs.  I broke one with a backswing.   I could not find an exact replacement, but the wife has not noticed yet. 
I'm in. I keep an old 7 iron and driver leaning up against the garage near where I park. I typically practice a bit every time I walk by.
 Count me as another one that would have an issue with my wife posting half-naked pics of herself..... Not trying to be disagreeable here, but I would think you are in the minority on this line of thinking @jbishop15 .
Same here.I don't trust my longer carry distances. I am going for a line that gives me room to hit the fairway and lesser carry over the water.I feel pretty good about hitting a wedge to the green from there.The main thing is I don't want to be in the water, second I don't want to be in the fairway bunker.
You might want to reassess your game. If you hit it closer with your irons, you would not have to lean on your short game so much.
I know what is missing from my game...........distance...  
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