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Welcome to the site.   There are a few Florida members who should be able to help you out.
 Could be... then again, it was only 9 more holes, he had already been playing like crap for awhile.
Didn't he forfeit a paycheck by quitting? Seems like (if he could), he would have played 9 more holes for the paycheck at least.
 Don't you have Google Earth??  I have been all over the world....  
 Really??? Because a few guys say they would like to read a book by you, and he would rather not....
 I actually thought you made a good point here.  At least a valid point/argument. But... then you kind of wrecked it with all the NOTs....  need some facts to back those statements up.
 I would not be surprised if you gain distance.  It appears you will be delofting the club a bit now.
Interesting stuff.  Cool that you were able to talk to his dad.
I think they should have just measured the drives and spoke out about the contest afterward....  How mad would Bubba have been then?   Or next year, they should say that one hole is the long drive hole, but we are not telling which one...
 But what about the first hole of the back nine???  That could make a difference as well.
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