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Welcome to TST!!
 To late.... I heard. Now that I know the secret, I am going to start implementing it this week. You guys will probably see me at the US Open....
Worked on backswing issues in the office for 5 min.   Trying to focus on centered backswing.  Feel of my right pocket moving toward the target on the backswing.  Something @mvmac had given me to work on in the past.
Did my 5 min (closer to 30) hitting partial wedges in the back yard.
Awesome!!! Have fun!!
5 minutes of mirror work this morning. Checking position at top of backswing. Making sure right elbow stays in front of seam. This is HARD!!! Can't seem to find a feel that works good.
Wouldn't bother me.
Worked on back swing..
I usually only care to follow horse racing when there is a chance at the triple crown.
Awesome.I highly doubt you will be disappointed.
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