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 Agreed.  I don't really like rain, but poor weather does not bother me.  I really like spring golf.  It is typically in the 50's here, and not many people to slow me down.
 I know..  I think it would be very enjoyable.  Just trying to follow along seeing as that is as close as I can get this time. Post lots of pics.
 Ooooh... Everybody would want me...  I could be the "short" guy.  
 Not trying to be "snarky", but these two statements seem to be contradicting...   
 I need all the help I can get.  I don't care who I fool.   When you get new ones, maybe we could swing a trade.
Make sure you don't forget about "weight forward" while doing that drill.     In my humble opinion anyway.  Take it for what it is worth.
 Oh yeah.. You didn't see mine?  I shot a 74 (par 72)...    
 I don't think it was August.  Some of those trees had no leaves.
Looks like he has a decent short game.
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