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Ahhh.. Much better. I've seen some strange "happenings" before as well. Definitely got to watch those untrustworthys...
You are losing it man... I've seen much better from you.
Welcome!!   And you are correct about it being a great site...
Can't say I have a lot of sympathy for the guy.  Seems like an odd thing to sue over in the first place.  Especially in light of the fact that it (his sandbagging) was not publicly announced.
That must have made your day to see the ball still in play when you came up.
I'll play (take the bet) as long as you turn your shoulders flat in the backswing...... :)
What's the question?
$100 for one five iron? Is there a typo somewhere?
Whaddya mean?? Those are some good tips.
No doubt. Smart man.
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