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It's a hole out from the tee, not a hole in one... Why is that so hard to understand?
I actually just switched from the R11 to the RBZ Tour and love it.  It's a good bit longer and for me has been a great alternative to driver on shorter par 4's because it's pretty long and still easy to hit straight. Hope this helps.
Luke Donald, -14 2nd: Phil Mickelson, -14 3rd: Tiger Woods, -14
That's pretty elitist isnt it? Is Furyk's swing wrong because he takes it back different? No because his impact position is still very good.  They are different ways to swing and putt and some work for some and others work for other people.    
Last summer I had a round with 5 birdies on the front 9 and shot -3, then shot 8 over on the back...
Thanks guys i'll check those out
I am currently using a TaylorMade Superlaunch 21 degree hybrid with the stock stiff shaft but I tend to hit it too high and hook it.  My question is, are there any hybrids with a heavier stock shaft or are there any shafts i could get and put my current hybrid to straighten and lower the ball flight? Thanks in advance
The callaway x forged mentioned above are only offered in extra stiff on rockbottomgolf.com.  I was also interested but that was a deal breaker. If youre swing is fast enough though, go for it 
I had 3 in a row on 7,8,9 at my home course when i shot my first 9 under par. -3 with 5 birdies
Went out to the course today and shot a 3-under 34 (par 37). My first time under par for nine. Went par-birdie-birdie-bogey-par-bogey-birdie-birdie-birdie! Unfortunately the back nine was an 8-over 43 (par 35) with 3 doubles for a 77.
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