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I recently moved and the closest driving range is 45 minutes away now.  I am debating buying a net and building a practice mat using outdoor carpet.  I know hitting off a mat isn't like hitting off grass.  Will I do more harm than good by practicing on a mat and not on grass?
A draw will roll further than a fade every time.
Weather was finally nice again. Been out a few times since Christmas but was cold and didn't play very well. Today I shot a 44 for a +8 which is the best score I have had since I started playing last may. I felt like I finally am starting to figure some stuff out.
I have a similar problem. I just started playing this past may. When I first started hitting my driver, my stance was really wide (feet were further than shoulder width) and I teed up the ball pretty high and pretty far away from my body. After doing some more research and reading articles I changed my stance. I put my feet a shoulder width apart, teed the ball a little lower (I got one of those brush tees), made sure my back was straight, and brought the ball closer...
Just started playing golf in may, but I have been getting out to the course 2 or 3 times a week pretty consistently. Usually play 9 holes during the week, 18 on the weekend and go to the driving range one day a week. Last 18 I played I shot a 94, which is better than usual (100 is my average). My driving is pretty consistent, 220+ yards on average. I don't hit my woods very well, and my putting is pretty bad. I usually 2 putt, with some 3 putts scattered in. Maybe...
I second that. I have been having problems putting as well. I have problems judging distance, and my touch is awful. Any tips on how far of a back swing I should have for specific distances or anything like that?
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