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you're set up sideways
Why not remove the head and find out?
I was actually very disappointed with Kevin in the finale, not because he played bad but because really he was less classy than usual. Him screaming at the ball got annoying. I really appreciated how Tony kept his composure. Also, nobody really pointed this out, but I think the Golf Channel really did a good job with this finale. Every other two-man one hour finale has really been weak but they showed the whole match here. ++
agreed. there was no possible way in hell mike could go birdie-birdie with that cold putter.
Did anybody notice that right when Mike made the putt to win the first thing you heard was "WOWWWW".
Hilarious Parts: Kevin: "I know my game – it's crappy." After Tony hit a 125 drive in the trees, Kevin: "I outdrove Tony, I just want everybody to notice that." And Mike chucking his club so it stuck in there like Excalibur was funny too.
Congratulations Mike! Everybody was rooting for you! The hug with Blake was adorable. ;)
I bet one for the Masters.
Didn't Sherwood have a 3-3-3 layout on the back nine? That was nice to watch.
you have my permission!
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