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All this ball flight law stuff is getting quite old and tiring...  back to the topic of Martin Hall, he was a European tour player and is rated as one of America's top instructors. I appreciate the fact that he is trying to simplify things- putting things in easily understood terms that one can transfer on to the course when actually playing a round, and issues are arising. If one is stuck thinking about so many mechanical factors during the swing, the body will become...
They will feel great when you flush one, they are a forged club. The down side, if you struggle with good contact, is that they are not as forgiving, obviously. Forged clubs will also bend/tweak easier, especially if you bang a lot of balls at the range on rock hard mats, in turn meaning you will have to have the lies and lofts checked more often than a cast club.
I believe your right hand squeezing too tight can begin to take over your swing, causing hooks.
I've been working on this method with very good results. Haven't lost a bit of distance, perhaps gained a few, coming off of stack and tilt. Laser straight balls when hit properly. I became interested in Moe's swing as I heard this swing was easier on my back. It is.   Graves Golf Academy is also teaching the swing:   http://www.moenormangolf.com/index.php   Also don't worry about regripping to try the swing out. If you like it, you can always work with your...
  Does anyone really give a hoot about what you haters aren't going to do in your spare time? Wow, thanks for your valuable insight! I'm think I'm not going to Taco Bell today because I hate their food.  
Could be a setup issue: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...962#post434962
Works great for me as well. I try to imagine feeling the sweet spot on the putterface and ball are one before I gaze at the hole, soften my focus, making my eyes real wide and try to see everything (which helps me relax), and pull the trigger. Helped me get rid of the yips, and made putting fun again. Check out "Instinct Putting" by Eric Apenfels.
These videos will explain why this only happens with your driver. Top 25 Golf Pro Lesson Great Driver Tip: Driving without slicing:
Me too, used to run offroad electric and gas, then got into electric sedans/pan cars. Next ran nitro 1/10 sedans and 1/8th scale. Managed to place in the top 40 at the Nats in sedan and top 20 at the Nats in 1/8th scale 6 or 7 years ago. Had sponsors, etc., but got married and had some children, so just didn't have the time to put into it any more. Golf is time consuming as well, but not nearly as bad as RC Racing was, especially when you have sponsors and need to keep up...
Could also be related to your tempo numbers. I have similar speeds but much slower tempo reading (3), so regulars were recommended for me exclusively.
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