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  If feel were real, I'd swing like Erik. But I don't. Even though I feel I do the same as he does.   Heck, my practice swing feels the same as my shot but it looks drastically different. We're talking less than 5 seconds between two swings. Perception is not a constant. Remembering feelings and associating them with results is the only way to really make changes.   Also, do something often enough and this will feel like the new "normal"; you might then need to feel the...
I can still hear James telling me to "wait for it" before swinging the heavy mop.
  Good god, stop talking, you're making a fool of yourself.
I'm playing with two 1018 Scratch wedges, a 53º and a 58º both in "DD" which are the ones with the most bounce. Erik is right, they don't have enough :-)   The grooves do wear awfully quick, and after 18 months they don't spin half as much as they used to. Compare that to a Vokey which will shred most balls even after the same amount of time.   The reason why I bought those wedges was that the top line looks great to me and the darkish finish helps in the...
Dude, where ARE your armpits?Handle forward, uhm of the freaking ball?
Patrick, if I say 2" is 5.08cm, does that help you picture it?
1) we all doubt it. 2) we never deviated from the topic, since it's all obviously a joke.
Ah! So Patrick, you admit your studies and statistics have no scientific value whatsoever. Good, that's a start. Now, as the genius you are, I expect you also admit you pulled (pun intended) your statistics out of thin air (trying to stay polite) and that you don't know the difference between units of length and degrees.
Aha! So that's where the razor blade comes into the picture! Of course! I'm going to shave 1mm "open" my custom fitted putter that goes straight because now Patrick57's posts make so much sense! Oh my! You've GOT to write a book, Patrick57! With pictures! And more scientific statistics!
Don't you just love when people say they conducted a scientific experiment? (referring to our genius Patrick57 here)
New Posts  All Forums: