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My ex-boss is a great athlete but a crappy golfer. Mostly devoid of etiquette, he was often talking on the phone walking down the fairway or on the tee. I wanted to tee his phone up (and am still sorry I didn't) just to make the point. Just responding to the previous post.
I was invited to play with a friend and his guests at a course 20 miles North of home. I had time for lunch first so made a sandwich and a crow got it when I went for a soda. I dispatched the crow, finished lunch and drove to the course. Walking down #5, a long straight par 5, I am alone on one side of the fairway when I spot some crows 100 yds ahead. I thought "I wonder if you guys know I shot one of your brothers". As if on que, they flew directly to me and started dive...
I'm with you. I never have a bad time on the course. I like to play well of course but there is often drama in some aspect of my game. I am a 13.One thing I've come to enjoy is meeting new folks on the course. I usually play with friends but also enjoy walking on with a group I've never met. Funny because I'm not really that social. But I rarely meet a jerk while golfing, and before long we're joking around like buddies.
Played with a walk-on a few years ago, a fairly decent stick. He mentioned playing with Travino in the past, and what an a**h*** he was. By around the 5th hole I realized just who the a**h*** was. I imagine Travino is adept at playing with amateurs and getting a decent personality read. He likely then pushed this guy to the limit just for fun. Another fellow said Chi Chi wasn't the nice guy you see on TV. Possible I suppose.
Good point. I'd almost bet lunch that this never happens again. He was playing not long after (if at all) players were driving old cars from tourney to tourney, living out of motels and campgrounds and playing for a 10K purse. It's big business now and the colleges are pumping out dozens of viable contenders every year.
I'm an older guy I guess. I remember watching Calvin compete. I liked him a lot. Always seemed like a class act.
The shot that I remember most often was a lob shot from behind the green maybe 30 yards, to a significant downhill green. At the time I had a Callaway S2H2 lob wedge with practically zero bounce. You could really dig a ditch with this club. Anyway, the only way to get this close was to sky the wedge, and it dropped just perfectly on the fringe which killed it just enough to trickle onto the green and down slope 15' or so to cozy next to the pin. A Mickleson moment for...
I've always kind of liked Monty and am aware at least of some of the bad press he's suffered in the past. He is a bit prickly and has had some tough crowd interaction. I notice now though that it seems like there is nearly a full court media press to rectify that somehow and build him up as this nice guy and sage golfer. Better than the former, but the PR effort seems a bit out of place.
I recently dropped membership at a private course 5 minutes from my house. On the plus side, I could be home and decide to golf, and tee it up in literally 15 minutes. Hardly ever a wait, and a fine course. On the down side (there were many actually) primarily I am not a "clubby guy", AND, you barely ever play anywhere else. Boring. So now my home course is my old muni about 15 minutes away. Yes, there is a wait, but it doesn't bother me. I love to chip and putt. Also,...
Gary's OK, but I prefer Holly Sonders. Probably just me.
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