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The biggest key for me has been where my sternum ends up - if in line with the ball or just forward, I almost always get a solid strike. The second key for me is to clear my hips on the back swing so that I can get more shoulder rotation. All in all S&T is very good.
Post what you're working on, why, what you hope to accomplish, how you're doing about it, etc. Working on the stack and tilt - bought the DVD series. Doing it so that I have consistent ball striking; hope to accomplish an index under 10; after watching the DVD's I went to the range and my first range session felt as though my body was disjointed and disconnected. I watched the DVD's a second time and went to the range the next day and my second session at the range was...
I would have to agree...
Definitely FootJoy Dryjoys - a lot depends though on the shape of your foot. Don't buy shoes you haven't tried on at the store...happy shopping.
I would try an Exotics CB or CB2 3 wood - you can't go wrong...
Totally agree - I go through the same cycle...
I think it's mostly personal - I would look at two things after look and feel: 1) how's your distance control, can you put it within 2 feet of the hole from 30+ feet consistently and 2) how confident does it make you feel from 3 to 5 feet? Finding all of those things, look, feel, 1 and 2 can take many moons but when you find it you won't remember how difficult it was to get there. Once you find a putter don't let it go or talk yourself into another one. Good luck!
I know it's been said before but I would get a laser rangefinder - I was on the fence for a year on whether to get a rangefinder or a GPS and read a lot of reviews on the Sand Trap and went with a rangefinder. I love it - it's awesome. Always available and exact distances to the pin.
Shot a 75 last Friday and that's with a triple on a par 4. It was a nice warm day up here in unpredictable Seattle and the course had a lot of cottonwood flying all over. Getting a Bushnell V2 has really helped me with yardages and scoring.
I'm working on my tempo - making sure I don't get too quick which is where I often go wrong. Getting a range finder Bushnell V2 has really helped me. Knowing the yardage to the flag helps me pick the right club and to trust it.
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