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My clubs are from last June. However old that is. lol
DOOD!!!!!!!!! TOSS YOUR G2 IN THE GARAGE MAN!!!!!!!! You're losing distance, control and accuracy just playing with that thing. It belongs in the Smithsonian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look, I'm not gonna speak my mind cause It may be too harsh, so I'll quote the May issue of Golf Digest on Obsolete Equipment in the Drivers insert. "Rapid advances in this category usually make the driver the most obsolete club in the average golfer's bag because no club in golf changes as quickly...
I used to play DG X200 Parallel shafts and the PX shafts I have now are more or less about the same. However, working at the golf course and having a golf pro and having many tools and technology at my disposal helps. Don't get discouraged about the PX shafts, maybe you just need something less stiff, you said you had S300's so try out some 5.5 PX's.
I play from the back championship tees all the time just because, as the OP said, i feel as if i'm cheating the game or something.
First things first, my home course is fairly easy, and pretty short, and from the back you can play driver/8 iron all day. Today we had practice in preparation for pre-district this Thursday. Well, our coaches went out with the girls because they need a playoff to decide who will go play and they left us boys alone. So, being bored, I figured we go play as well......using only 5 iron, 9 iron, and of course a putter. The 5 of us took off and played 9 holes using the before...
that's not bad! my first par round with the golf team was 2 years ago when i was a freshman. if it wasn't for my wicked baseball injury, i would've never played golf. damn i miss playing ball, golf is ight tho...
just think of it as the quickest 100 bucks they could ever make. don't be a sucker! it doesn't work!!! If it did, Ping, Titleist, Taylormade, Cleveland, and all manufacturers would have followed suit!!!!
Just depends. Like many have said, if you like shiny things, not too long. However, if you play on hard ground, have the lie and loft angle checked every so often. My S57's aren't forged, and some courses down here are pretty hard and I have no problems with them. However working at a golf course with access to the lie/loft machines is a personal plus.
Is it just me or is that dood creepy!? Every time I see those CDW commercials, the guy has the most blank stare and monotone voice ever! I mean, can they make it any more obvious he's reading off of something!? Lol, either way, anyone else find humor in these commercials?
Actually, at my home course where I work at, the golf pro is a certified Ping retailer/fitter and has taught me what he knows. We have just the same amount of left handed clubs as right handed. We don't make much with the left handed clubs but people come from all over south texas because they know we have a great selection of left handed clubs. so, i'm just putting in my 2 cents about your opinion on Ping. However, yes, more times than none lefties are "shafted"
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