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I have an opportunity to get some private lessons in San Jose. Does anyone have any recommendations for teaching pros around here?
Apparently, my issue can be described as a "laid-off" problem.   http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/sports/2013/01/159_66533.html
I'm having trouble keeping my backswing from going behind my body. Any drills to help me with this? or tips?
The lie is actually flat. The reason why it looks uphill is probably because I'm 5'5 and the guy filming me is taller. The clubs I have are standard off the shelf clubs which is why I choke down on them.   Why does the fit of the iron affect how upright my swing can be?
These are the 2 main things that that I see. Please let me know if you agree.   1) Head is generally steady until the overswing begins 2) Backswing is way too behind the plane that it should be on   It seems like my major issue stems from the fact that my backswing is not on plane. Because of this, I end up "correcting" or "finding" the swing plane by swinging further back leading to my overswing. I still have to get the top of the backswing in the right...
Sorry for the delay. Been hard to get out to the range. Here is a pair of videos showing my swing from the front and down the line.    
Ya, I found it difficult to practice today because I lost all semblance of consistency. What would you say is adjustment I should target first. The low hanging fruit per say.  
Would you suggest lessons? It is really hard for me to tell where my club head is in relation to my body without video taping every swing.
Click image to see full sized version on imagur   I was comparing my shoulder angle to Louis Ooosthuizen's in the image above and it does not seem too different. Here is what I am noticing:   1) Posture is slightly awkward 2) Pulling my arms to far back 3) Arms way behind my body and have not started to pronate my wrists 4) Just now pronating my wrists. Also this is where the "lifting of my shoulders" occur because I've pulled my arms way behind and need...
Doesn't having a steeper shoulder angle make your swing more of a 2 plane swing though?
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