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18 holes, 75 (3 over)   9 holes, 35 (1 under)
Much worse than that. I was me hitting the shots. 1968. 
Did anybody see the flap with J.B. Holmes and a kid picking up his ball? What went on?
 See this fascinating article on the subject. It's not as simple as it would seem to play the course backward, but it's done once a year. http://golfclubatlas.com/in-my-opinion/jeremy-glenn-the-reverse-old-course/
I don't see what's so hard about that hole. I'm one under par lifetime on it. No kidding.
Jordan Spieth is the next Jordan Speith. Woods wasn't the next Nicklaus, Nicklaus wasn't the next Hogan, and so on. We only get one of each. We only need one of each.
Get two alignment sticks. Put one down next to the ball and point it at your target. Put the other one down parallel to it and about three feet away. Step into your stance so the second rod lies against your heels. You might have to adjust the position of that rod to do this. Address the ball and turn your head to look downrange. That is what being squarely aimed looks like. Most people aim themselves too far to the right (or to the left if they play left-handed). If you...
I asked the pro about this during a playing lesson. He said to take the stronger club, grip down, and make a normal swing. Works like a charm.
I was going to reply with something this, but I read through the thread and here it is. You already have the game to be single-digit. You just have to start thinking through each shot, play shots you can hit well, and don't try to get things out of your game that aren't there. The next three rounds, write down after each one, every stroke you played. Go over how many strokes you lost because of mental errors. I'll bet it would be more than enough to get those two...
Pulling the club back with my right hand.
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