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No. Don't quit. This is going to happen to you when you're playing, and you have to learn how to get back on track again.   You're not hitting bad shots because of what you're doing wrong, but because you temporarily forgot how to do it right. This is the chance to learn how to get back, on the spot, to the principles that make your swing/short game/putting work.
Excessive pride. Lack of humility.
Assess the lie, that is the key to these shots. Also, dump the short, stiff swing.   If the ball is part way down, with grass underneath it, use a sand wedge and play the ball back in your stance. Open the clubface slightly. Hit slightly downward so the grass doesn't interfere with the clubhead too much, and so the club gets underneath the ball but not so much underneath that you fluff it three feet. Swing with gentle authority, and follow through. Practice to learn how...
Change if you keep walking away from the lesson not sure what is you were just taught and not knowing what it is you are supposed to do.
Will Dustin Johnson’s final green gaffe go down in U.S. Open history like Mickelson in 2006, Palmer in 1966, Mangrum in 1950, and Snead in 1939 and 1947, among others?
I agree. I would reverse the second point, though. Front pins give you more downhill putts, which I like to avoid.
I like his videos when he finally gets to the point. He spends way too much time talking at the start, but then so do most people who make videos (see Brian Manzella). Say it once, demonstrate it once, The End. We can always watch the video again if we missed something.
You play a course you haven't been to in years and shoot a better score than you ever did without working hard at all to do it.
Titleist Pro V1. It was like hitting a rock. That's not a knock on the ball, just that it's someone else's golf ball to use.
New Posts  All Forums: