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A better thread would be the worst dresser on the LPGA Tour. Too many of them wear sloppy, untucked shirts, and shorts from Target. Stacy Lewis being the prime example.
I got a better swing. I hit the ball straighter (a few more greens in regulation) and make better contact (no wasted shots hit super fat or cold topped). Also = no lost balls, no OB, no water.   The result is that I take about ten fewer short shots per round. About the same number of long shots, about same number of putts, but half the number of short shots, because I have a better swing. Some of the ten fewer short shots is from getting more GIR, some for getting the...
His left hand has a skin disorder that stains it that color. There are a number of such disorders -- hard to know which one this is.
Sometimes I make a shot-by-shot record of a round I just played. I dug into those sheets and found four complete rounds and a nine-holer from about ten years ago that averaged 90 (93, 87, 88, 91, 46). These are the average numbers of long shots, short shots and putts in those rounds (there were also four penalty strokes).   Long - 34.7; Short - 21.8; Putts - 32.7   Then I found notes on 45 holes where I averaged 79 (80, 76, 41), from seven years later.   Long - 36.0;...
Yes, but Hogan was not a country club golfer as were the men I caddied for.
I regard to Jack's time, I caddied at a local private club in the early 1960s. The ground fell away from the tee on the second hole to level out again at about 220 yards. Only the long hitters back then could reach the level fairway off the tee. I could caddy a lot of rounds without seeing it.
1. Wen I start hitting shots off-line in a particular pattern and I can't figure out how to stop it.   2. When I want to learn a new shot.
I used to have this problem a lot with short wedge shots and occasionally with a full swing. Impact tape showed I was hitting the ball next to the hosel all the time. The reason, I discovered, was that on takeaway I would move the club away from me a tad as I took it back. After futile attempts to correct that glitch, I decided to accept it as the way I swing the club, and started to address the ball on the toe of the club. No more shanks.
My irons have 9-yard gaps, but my hybrids have about 13-yard gaps.
Lack of interest in pursuing that goal. Scratch isn't so important to me that I would put in all the time and effort to get there, with no guarantee there would be a payoff.   My goal is to be able to break 80 half the times out. That's a much more realistic goal, and an achievable one.
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