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The USGA, R&A, and the PGA are all governing bodies of golf in some fashion. That obligates them to host championship tournaments for both men and women.   But the Masters is an invitational tournament put on, and controlled entirely, by one golf club. In that sense, it is a niche tournament, which, despite its outsized stature, owes nothing to anyone except the members of the club.   Live with it.
If you really want to get better, you can't try to get better at the things you're doing now. You'll run into a limit. What has to happen is that you learn how to do the same things in an entirely new way. You need a new conception of how to play golf. That takes lessons and work. If you don't want to go that far, then take one phase of the game, such as greenside chipping, and get REALLY GOOD at that. It will lower your score and give you a sense of pride that makes the...
Anything from a 6-iron to my lob wedge, and my 24* hybrid.
Actually, in the bag turned off.
I had the problem and finally figured out why I was doing it. This might not apply to you, though.   When I took the club back for a short shot, I noticed that the club moved out away from me, as it went back and to the right, by just an inch or so. The club stayed in that plane and on the downswing, and hello, shank.   I cured it by making very sure I took the club straight back, not letting it go out and back.   I really shouldn't say, cured. Sometimes I get sloppy...
Some of the courses I play don't have a practice area. Other times, when I go out by myself for a quick nine, I get loose at home before heading to the course. Other than that, I'll hit 25 balls or so before I play.
Well, here's my 2 cents after having had two surgeries, three months apart, four years ago.   Life is long. Golf is not going to go away. Spend as much time as you can healing, because you only get one chance to do that right.   Confine your golf to chipping and putting for a while. I went out on the course with my buddies and took just a sand wedge and a putter for a few months. I didn't play a shot from farther off the green than ten yards.   Don't swing a club...
The Masters started out as essentially the Bobby Jones Invitational. Then it turned into the Masters. Any discussion of the Masters has to keep the link to Jones strongly in mind.   If there were to be a women's tournament at Augusta, it wouldn't be a Masters. It would be a made-up, copycat tournament.   Let the LPGA make their own traditions.
I love this forum. I read the first page, skipped to this one and found out we're on dress codes. Not one word about Spieth, Woods, or Brennan. It's more fun speculating on how we got here than reading all the posts to find out.   I just love this forum.   As to the original point, everything Brennan said about Speith, and especially about Woods, is true, but the stuff about Tiger is such old news it's not even interesting anymore.
I would recommend following Lindsey Vonn.
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