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Come on, guys. It’s SATIRE. Now we don’t expect Tiger to get it, because his is so self-righteous, but most everything in this article is backed up by Tiger’s public actions which are stretched a bit (but not by much) because it‘s SATIRE.   But you guys sound like a bunch of Muslims and Jenkins said Tiger burns a Qur’an every day. (Hint: that was SATIRE.)   Tiger has a dark side to his personality and Jenkins nailed it. I found his piece to be a riot, and so did my...
None that I can find. I read it in the print edition.
In this month's Golf Digest magazine, there is an interview of Tiger Woods by legendary golf writer Dan Jenkins. As usual, Jenkins, the interviewer, made up all the questions. In an interesting twist, Jenkins made up all the answers, too. It is too funny for words, and spot bleeping on.
One of the reasons I don't carry a fairway wood.
Bucket of 30 balls. Get very loose first. Start with a 7-iron. Hit three shots, switch to a 5-iron, same, a 3-hybrid, same, a 9-iron, same, driver, five shots. Go back and hit each club one more time. Lots of practice swings between balls to make sure that hitting a ball means something. The rest of the bucket is for pitches with my sand wedge to various distances. That takes about a half hour.   Over to the practice green, chipping three balls with various clubs to...
In Five Lessons, Ben Hogan said there are eight, though Jackie Burke, Jr. said Hogan thought whatever he was working on at the time was a fundamental.
I do.
I had two back surgeries in early 2012. I didn't swing a club for about eight months after the second one. It took me a year after that to get back to just being able to play 18 holes again. Take it slow. Real slow. Golf is not so important that you should risk your long-term health by getting back into it before you're ready.
I had my first back surgery when I has 22.
Most officiated sports have a number of officials watching a small space. Basketball, for example, has three officials watching an area the size of my back yard. Golf has (who knows how many) officials covering a 150-acre arena. That's why the players have to officiate themselves, and honor regarding the rules is paramount. Odds are, no one will be watching you except the players in your group and their caddies, who are busy with their own game, and a handful of fans, who...
New Posts  All Forums: