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 Maybe, but is it so see him do well, or to watch him implode?
Oh, Fourputt. You never disappoint me. The guy who this year so far finished fifth from last in the Players, and didn't finish two other tournaments (OK, I'll give you 17th in the Masters) is the gold standard of golf? Really?
Here's how I did it. Once.   I was in a 3-clubs+putter tournament with my men's club. I was 170 yards from the green with a 7-iron that I hit 142 yards and a 19* hybrid that I hit 200. I figured it would be easier to crank on the 7-iron than to pull back on the hybrid, so I just geared up for the effort and hit the s**t out of the 7. Made it to the green, and vowed never to do that again.   (My third club was a 54* wedge.)
Rory shot 61 yesterday. I'll watch this afternoon, because when he's playing this well, I have to watch. This kind of command doesn't show up too often.   Rickie is good, a nice guy, but his style of play doesn't captivate me.   Tiger, a universally captivating player? Only if you want to watch him make five birdies and still turn in a 71.
Guy new to golf (obviously). Ball in waist-high weeds. Wedging out 20 feet to the fairway would have been a challenge. But he's about 200 yards from the green, so out comes his 3-wood. Ball goes six feet. I was surprised he even made contact with it.
1. Being able to assess the situation clearly. 2. Given 1., being able to pick the right shot (for you). 3. Executing that shot with confidence. The subtext to all this is being able to stay wholly in the moment, not being affected emotionally by what happened earlier or what might happen next.
Re: C. There are a lot of things that are true that not enough people agree with.
I like to think of the four real majors, the Players is one of them, but that always gets me into trouble, so I won't say it.
Single people get together all the time and break up all the time.   Keep movin', folks. Nothing to see here, nothing to see . . .
Thanks. I'll look into this.
New Posts  All Forums: