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I bought Trevino's book about four years ago and spent a few months learning his swing. It's not too hard to do, really. The results were fantastic once I got it down. The ball went straight, straight, straight. The only problem was, your back wants to go one way through impact while you force it to keep it going another. After every practice session, my lower back hurt. That wasn't a good sign, so I stopped the experiment.
Take a vacation from golf. Use the time you normally devote to practicing and playing to do something else you've always wanted to try.
My skin is very sun-sensitive, so I cover up with long sleeves, long pants, and big-brimmed hats. I don't want to rely on sunscreen.   The Solumbra company out of Seattle sells very good sun protection clothing. I wore one of their long-sleeved cover-ups when hiking across the Grand Canyon, twice, in full, high-altitude sun, and was completely protected.
I put my full bag on a Riksha pull cart, but I carry when I play with my half-set.   Many courses in my area have a fleet of Rikshas for their rental carts. Try one. I think you'll really like it. The large wheels make it very easy to pull. The only drawback is that it tips over easily when parked on a hill.
 What's she doin' playing from the red tees ????
Let me tell you about a few disadvantages of being tall. First, my shafts are +1, but that is still a relatively shorter shaft than an average-sized golfer would use, so I have to bend over more when I'm swinging the club (see Kuchar, Bradley). I would prefer to stand up straighter. For this reason, lies with the ball below my feet are very difficult because I'm bent over even more just to get to the ball. You can fold yourself only so much and still put a good swing on...
Swing thoughts, as instructions from the mind to the body while you're swinging = death.   Swing feelings, as in, swing so it feels like this = gold
On Learning Golf - Percy Boomer  (an early [1946] book on how to be a feel player, respected by everyone who reads it) A Golfer's Education - Darren Kilfara (a Yale golfer fanagles his way to doing his senior research project at St. Andrews so he can play there and on many other outstanding Scottish courses. Fabulous descriptions of them and what it is like to play them) The Golf Swing - Cary Middlecoff  (probably the most articulate instruction book ever written, the...
Absolutely.   The course I play on most often, OGA (Oregon Golf Association) Golf Course, has five sets of tees, all but the Blacks rated for men and women. Black: 6,565  Blue: 6,307 White: 5,917 Commander: 5,672   (an amalgamation of white and red tees) Red: 5,398   Take your pick. I used to play the Whites, but after my back surgeries I lost about ten yards, so the Commanders are just right.   Don't get fooled by the short yardage for the Black tees, either....
I'm 6'6" tall.   The answer to the OP's question is: no.
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