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Driver. I get more pars from the fairway than I do from the rough. And, if I'm getting the driver into the fairway, then my swing is working and my irons will be very good, too.   Hogan said driver, too, but I'm not him.
I'm working on a swing conception in which the climax of the swing is the finish, rather than impact.
This is 100% true from my experience. Short game and putting save you shots, but they can only save so many. If you want to become a better golfer, move your game to a new level, you need a better swing.
I've had three back surgeries, too. The last two came three years ago.   Before my latest surgeries, I played a 400-yard par-4 hole on my course with a driver and a 4 or 5-iron. Now I've moved up a set of tees, because I've had to ease off with my swing, and I play the hole at 360 yards with the same clubs.   You just gotta learn to live with it.   I play without pain because I spent over a year building a golf swing that puts as little stress on my back that a golf...
Yes, I do.   When I get home I write them down in detail so I can see what shots worked and what shots I need to practice.   I remember distances, clubs, lie, terrain, wind, everything.
My irons are Ben Hogan Apex Redlines, built in 1988.
How do I get in the 70s?   Hit the driver and irons straight. Chip close. Leave approach putts real close. Don't miss from four feet in.
My 2¢. I've played with male scratch golfers. I've seen LPGA tournaments. The man would lose his card after a year.
Does the file these cameras create lend itself to being broken down into a series of swing sequence stills? Or is that a function of the software used to create movies?
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