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Laura Davies in the Safeway Classic in Portland, OR about ten years ago. Dogleg left, par 4. Her drive went into the right-side rough, short of the dogleg. The green was a long iron away, bunkered on the right, with a vertical drop to a marshy creek area hard on the left.    She hit a low hook that landed about twenty yards short of the green and ran and ran right between the two hazards on to the center of the green. Just amazing.
Oregon's defense gives up a lot of yards, but not many points.   The game might be close at halftime, as Oregon is not a first-half team. But they are a second-half team with a vengeance. The FSU defense was gassed. The same thing could happen to Ohio State.
I can see a line of neurosurgeons forming just outside the practice ground.
As for deep fields or not, Ken Venturi once said that winning wasn't that hard to do in his day, compared to later, because there were only 8-10 guys you had to beat.
Never play with a club that has less loft than your average score over par.
Hitting accurate iron shots more often.
Come on, guys. It’s SATIRE. Now we don’t expect Tiger to get it, because his is so self-righteous, but most everything in this article is backed up by Tiger’s public actions which are stretched a bit (but not by much) because it‘s SATIRE.   But you guys sound like a bunch of Muslims and Jenkins said Tiger burns a Qur’an every day. (Hint: that was SATIRE.)   Tiger has a dark side to his personality and Jenkins nailed it. I found his piece to be a riot, and so did my...
None that I can find. I read it in the print edition.
In this month's Golf Digest magazine, there is an interview of Tiger Woods by legendary golf writer Dan Jenkins. As usual, Jenkins, the interviewer, made up all the questions. In an interesting twist, Jenkins made up all the answers, too. It is too funny for words, and spot bleeping on.
One of the reasons I don't carry a fairway wood.
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