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Re: Feherty looking for Day's ball. Well, that's just it, isn't it? As long as the media's ball-finding services are available to every group, I guess it would be all right. Side note: I wish I had as many people looking for my ball when it goes into the weeds as look for a pro's ball. How much lower would our handicaps be if we could play like the professionals do, whose ball always gets found, and who have ten guys come from nowhere and move a boulder for you, etc.?
Not that it amounted to much, but I was a bit conflicted by David Feherty looking for Jason Day's ball when he yanked it into the weeds on the second hole. On the one hand, if F saw it where it went, there's no reason for him not to help look, unless he's a reporter, and one of the primary rules of reporting is to report the event, not be a part of it.
Ask this doctor if he's ever herd of cauda equina syndrome.
Majors aren't everything in this discussion, but they count for something. Woods has now played in 72 major championships (through 2014 PGA). Here is his record compared to Nicklaus’s first 72:   Jack: 1st - 14 2nd - 15 3rd - 9 4-10 - 14   Tiger: 1st - 14 2nd - 6 3rd - 4 4-10 - 14
It used to until I realized by looking over my good scores that sometimes I played well at the start and sometimes I didn't. Besides, if you pillage the first hole, there are seventeen left to make up for it.
Probably a few stokes better, because I hit lots of fairways. Now if he would take over the second shots into the green, that would make a huge difference -- more pars and lots more birdies, because I can putt some.
That's eleven modern majors. Let's not forget the five Western Opens that Hagen won in the time when that tournament had  status co-equal to the U.S. Open and Open Championship.
Actually, he did. All credit to Jones, but remember the the 72-hole challenge match the two played in 1926 that Hagen won 12&11, and the Open Championships Hagen won in 1928 and 1929.
McCord a smart guy who says insightful things other people want to say but are afraid to, apart from the stream-of-consciousness comedy.   I'll take him over Jim Nantz in a second. I finally had to hit the mute button today. That's the guy who drives me batty.
1-iron off a tee. 4-iron off the ground.
New Posts  All Forums: