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Thanks Neco.
Yeah, I see what you mean. BTW, another Kenny Perry thing I do is keep the right foot down pretty long through impact. Not intentional, must be a fat-guy thing . Thanks for taking the time to find and upload that video.
Thank you for the reply uttexas. Everything you mentioned makes sense. A couple of the better players at my club have mentioned that my hip turn looks restricted (when I asked for their advice). The ball-position and lack of extension in the follow-through I can definitely see now that you pointed it out (my arms look like they are collapsing against my body). Out of curiosity, is the lack of extension why my finish looks so funny? It almost looks like I'm posing...
This is my first time videoing and uploading swings, so I will try to get better camera angles in the future. I started golfing 4 years ago, and currently play off a 10 handicap. I have been hooking the driver a bit lately, and my iron play is inconsistent (contact and direction issues). Any suggestions appreciated. PW FO 7i DTL (thin) Driver FO Driver DTL
OK, back to the topic. Please explain the correct grip and takeaway Chillmoon91.
I have a Titleist 983K driver. Cost $25 plus $9 shipping from ebay. Great club.
Thanks for the update.
Kilbyman, have you ever tried swinging a weighted club? I know it doesn't help with swing speed, but I think it helps with sequence and keeps you from strong-arming the swing. There is also a training aid called The Orange Whip (I haven't tried it, but many recommend it) which is supposed to help with pivot and sequence.
Hopefully both. By using your body to move the club, instead of just your arms, you can generate more speed and consistency. Just my .02 as a fellow amateur... I'm sure others will have suggestions for you.
JJLinn, just my opinion, but it looks like you could benefit from working on your takeaway to get a nice backswing going. Right now you are lifting the club up very steeply with your arms, instead of turning the hips and shoulders to make your backswing. This video might help.
New Posts  All Forums: