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Hey Muzz. I'm (sort of) in your neck of the woods, over in Norwood. I used to work in Foxboro and have played many a quick 9 after work at Willowdale. Actually, the picture I use for my avatar was taken at the tee of Willowdale #4 .
It must have been the weather, because it was not nearly as busy as I expected it to be. I know I was thinking about trying to play a round instead of going in to the Expo, and if I hadn't already bought the tickets online I might have. I guess thats the bonus of going on the last day. I'll have to remember that for next year. Still, it was well worth the $10 just to know that my swing in on the right track and doesnt need a major overhaul. After all, it's not practice...
I went this afternoon and I really enjoyed all the various displays and booths that were set-up. I just bought a new driver and bag a couple weeks ago, so I wasn't really in a shopping frame of mind, but I got a lot of information for some golfing trips a couple buddies and I plan to take this fall. Best thing there was the 10 minute swing tune-up for $10. Paul, a club professional down in Fall River, took a quick look at my swing, gave me a couple pointers and gave me...
I wouldn't consider myself a John Daly fan, but I would like to see him get his life in order and get back to playing good golf. That being said, I will not watch another episode of this series. They lost me in the first 30 seconds where Daly looks into the camera and his voiceover says, "It's hard being John Daly." Then he went on to mention how he had to sell BOTH his hummer and his Maybach. Yes, clearly very tough. I'll root for him to get his life in order, but don't...
I'm with you. I feel like he would stick with me during those cold winter golf rounds. "I'd keep playing. I don't think the heavy stuff will come down for a while."
Here's some more info on it. Looks to have a lot of vendors. http://www.paragonexpo.com/213.html?flash=1
There is a golf expo this weekend at the Seaport World Trade Center. I was planning to check it out on Saturday, but before I do I was wondering if any of the New England members have gone in the past and whether or not it's worth the time? Thanks.
This is exactly the way he needs to start the comeback: controlled environment and limited media access (thereby controlling some of the questions). Also, smart to do it on a Friday mid-morning on a day when there are two other golf tournaments and the Olympics going on. It'll still be a big story, but not as big as it would have been if he did this on a day when there was nothing else on the sports landscape. I would assume he'll reveal his plans to return, which is good....
He's already backing off the comments, now saying that he never said the word "retirement." This now feels like much ado about nothing. http://www.pgatour.com/2010/r/01/29/...ing/index.html
I feel like we've heard this too many times from Daly to take it too seriously. He probably thought when he lost all that weight his game would magically re-appear and he's just annoyed at how he played. But, if nothing else his scores should slow down those who think using the old Ping wedges is an unfair advantage.
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