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yea, but Tiger, excluding 7, is throwing darts; he needs to score today.
uh oh, in trouble on the 7th
tiger hitting the ball much better today, but not putting as well.
Going to be in Chicago 9/3. Any locals interested in a round at Cog Hill #4? I can tee off around 1:30-2pm.
this thread is helpful. It seems like 32 putts is an average putter? I'm at 32.4 over the last 5 and 34.2 over last 20, so it does confirm I'm a below avg putter, but maybe not as bad as I thought. Even getting to avg wouldn't do that much for my cap.    How much does difficulty of the greens play a role in the stats? I think the greens I play are fairly simple;most putts are pretty straight and not a ton of undulation.    PGA players spend half an hour (more?) before...
this is the crux of it. The players care more, their actions/words reflect how much they care, so the majors are a bigger deal.  PGA is actually becoming my favorite. PGA's claim going forward should be: we're going to play the absolute best courses and make them tough, but fair. That's what they seem to be doing and I think it's working. When I watch the PGA , I say, more than any other, that's a course I'd LOVE to play. US Open doesn't do that for me b/c the course looks...
I would never sponsor jeff overton; he's so sloppy looking, he makes the brands he is wearing look sloppy. 
looks like Tiger Woods has arrived at Quicken Loans
I don't see Tiger out there; I just see some guy named Eldrick Woods. 
much better; once I started averaging 8-10 GIRs, I realized how poor of a putter I was/am. Broke 80 for the first time yesterday (78 on course rated 70) and really could've shot around +1 had I not missed 5 putts totaling 25 feet. My 3 wood off of the tee is a real weapon since I'm no longer afraid of shots 185 yards and in. I'm confident I'll be on or around the green from those distances now.   Also, I learned the desert rule isn't a real rule and that's improved by...
New Posts  All Forums: