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I think another reason is that the question "how far DO you hit your driver" is translated in our minds to "how far CAN you hit your driver." Very different questions.   Given absolutely perfect circumstances (land it and keep it on the cart path), I CAN hit my driver just shy of 400 :). I actually blocked my 3w over a wall bordering the hole, bounced on the street and then bounced back over the wall on to the course. 380 yard hole and I was 60 out. So, 320 3w for me,...
Not a lot of activity recently, so I figured I'd use it as an opportunity to toot my own horn. Shot 81 today. My best score ever. 5 more of those and I'm at 6, so pretty pleased. Left a lot of shots on the course too. Hit 6 FWs and 9 greens. Only once was I truly out of position and had to get up and down for bogey (failed). Also, no birdies despite 3 good chances.So much fun hitting the ball how you expect and for misses to go where they're supposed to.
One problem with college and college debt is that a large portion of the cost of college is living expenses. I graduated from UT-Austin in 2008 and my basic living expenses were about 40-50% of the cost of attendance (tuition at UT has increased more rapidly than CoL since then). Fact is, I could've graduated in 3yrs rather than 5 had cost been a motivating factor (had full ride). Point being: college shouldn't take 4 yrs and/or peeps should work while in school. College...
where do hitting up and the Taylormade SLDR Loft Up campaign intersect? Separate conversations?
Thanks for this. Just to clarify, if a hole says it's 360 yds, it's 360 if a golfer follows the set up of the hole? Like you said, hits to center of dogleg and then straight to the pin? For example, I've played holes that say they're 350yds, so I play a hybrid to the dogleg, but always seem to be 20-30yds further out than I expected to be. I know there could be other reasons I'm further out, but wanted to clarify for future reference. Thanks! Sorry it's slightly off-topic.
Played the North Course as the South had tournament this morning. Teed off right away. Too soon actually as I didn't have a chance to even putt. Enjoyed the round and the course. Will be back to SD, so I'll take on the South next time.
Bubba Watson   -9 Jimmy Walker   -9 Gary Woodland  -10
a course I play regularly has gps and the gps system tells you what your pace of play is. Despite this, the course is still slow (I've resorted to playing the morning back 9 and super-twilight in the afternoon). One reason, the pace is set at 4h30m, so as long as the group is on that pace, the cart says they're doing fine. Why would the cart not have a faster pace as the default? Why can't the cart then instruct the group to skip a hole? Most will ignore it for sure, but I...
left front = phone and lip balm right front = tees, provisional ball, ball cleaner thing (if I remember), and divot tool with magnet and metal ball marker - less if i'm walking with push cart back right = wallet back left = glove when i'm w/in ~30yds
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