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You guys wear this model with no socks?
I heard/read somewhere Butch told Tiger "you're swing is perfect; just maintain this forever." Tiger didn't like that; he wanted/needed to believe he could always get better. I don't know how true that is, but just adding to the discussion.
Except MJ building his own golf course has ZERO impact on anyone else at that club. They should be happy; now they don't have MJ running up their butts every round. 
actually they do. My greens fee is higher b/c the course has to maintain that extra grass and pay taxes on the extra land. 
not to mention the $500m or so he has stashed in munis and other govt bonds. As I said, $5mil is nothing. If I was in his position, I'd get my own course too. For those who say "just be the first one off" lol. One, he's most likely trying to play multiple rounds per day. 2, why worry about getting to the course first, when the change in your cupholder gets you your own course? Stop thinking about this in your terms; you've got unlimited money, what would you do? I'm...
$5million per is nothing to Jordan. Absolutely pocket change. Like Chris Rock said, if poor people actually knew how rich rich people are, there would be a massive revolution. $5million is interest on his interest. One thing money can't buy: More time in the day.
I assume the course in San Antonio has an established local rule. I don't know, just reporting what I was told. "Local rule to treat 'desert' as lateral hazard." No course I've been to in AZ has desert marked as OB. They don't allow/want you to drive cart through the desert areas, but no rule against playing out of them and I've done so quite often. Our club is a part of the Arizona Golf Association, which I assume is an overseeing authority. Not sure if they've gotten...
my club has a local rule for tournaments called "desert rule." We classify all desert areas as lateral hazards and the grass as the position of the stakes, so have the option to drop +1 stroke in the area where the ball last crossed the grass.   I also played in San Antonio and the starter informed me of their local rule treating their "desert" area as lateral hazards as well.    Safe to say, I don't have an official handicap?
another question: when replacing my ball, must I ensure it no longer moves after setting it down before picking up the mark? sometimes there's an indentation or something that prevents the ball from staying precisely where I set it down and it'll roll over slightly. 
I REALLY like the classic. Gotta wait until 2016 tho as $199 is too rich for my blood.
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