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Not surprised the course you work at is struggling. $20 to ride along? Is your 2nd paragraph suggesting you think people are lying and just trying to get a free greens fee? My takeaways from your comments in this thread: no one ever does this (just rides along), but when it does occur, it is exorbitantly expensive for the course.
if it's immaterial to the course's bottom line, then why charge for it in the first place? As mentioned, this is very shortsighted on the part of the course. Fortunately, I live in PHX, so courses/choices are abundant. Course could make their money back with additional golfers and the snack cart person + 19th hole + a golfer has the option of playing more golf by being able to have their sig other accompany them. I suppose the course could feel like they have you by the...
B-ball is "cheaper" but you need to have at least 5 others for a decent game. Golf doesn't require that. Just shooting hoops is more comparable to pitching/chipping/putting, which is mostly free.   Golf is the one sport where one can materially emulate the game played by the pros. Pads and refs and # of people are not cheap for American football. Soccer requires a lot of people, but may be the cheapest of all sports. B-ball needs indoor gym and people.   Most people...
when you're annoyed the course doesn't have yardage books
I've already started to adjust my game to avoid the penalty shots as a priority. Primarily b/c a shot in to the desert is worse than a water hazard as the water is just a stroke rather than stroke and distance. I'm just curious if there were any statistics on desert vs parkland vs links etc. 
How does the particular golf course being played impact some of the conventional wisdom I've read on this site. For example, hitting driver 250 but off target is better than hitting hybrid 200 in the fairway. I ask because in PHX, we play desert golf primarily. The desert, especially at the nicer courses, is often very penal. If you're off of the fairway, even if you find your ball, it is likely an unplayable lie. In addition, your drop from said unplayable lie is unlikely...
I agree with those who don't like instructional advice on the course. I am in that camp as well.   However, a buddy I play with every now and then seems to request feedback on his swing/line/etc during the round. I try to avoid giving him my thoughts b/c I wouldn't want someone giving me advice. Again, he seems to want the feedback, so occasionally give him my thoughts. I guess I'll just ask him, but anyone want advice from people you know on your swing mid-round?
Same policy as at Pebble Beach. I played their big 3 last week and didn't stay at the resort. I actually scheduled Pebble the day of; not as many people eager to pay $495/round as I thought.
You were able to play 3 rounds of golf in one day? Serious question.
Sun Mountain Golf X-Strap Sunday Bag - just saw it for $40 at one of the online golf retailers. It has held up pretty well thus far. I've put probably 10 rounds on it since I got it in December. One pocket is big enough for a rain jacket and small umbrella. The other pocket fits my gloves, tees, balls with room to spare. Has a caribiner for my towel and rangefinder. 
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