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but we need to "grow" the game. whether it's normal or not, it's an attempt at robbery. Good for you to go somewhere else. I've played with my dad, who doesn't golf, twice and wasn't charged. Good for The Republic Golf Course in San Antonio, TX. You should go there.    Going to Pebble Beach this spring, they don't charge for a guest to ride either. Sounds like a bunch of two bit golf courses if you ask me. 
thanks picture is very helpful.
Is there a noticeable difference in ball flight between "hitting up" and "hitting down"? Or is the delta noticed primarily once one measures how far the ball traveled?
I'm not seeing the issue. The problem is the PGA Tour can't go to some of the "classic" courses? I don't care. More weeks of the year I can play them. In case you missed the commercials "[Those] guys are good."   Changing "par" would have a limited, if any, effect, but I have no issue with a tour stop using it as a gimmick and/or a course designer designing based upon them. I don't think it would matter though. We all try to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as...
Tiger Woods; I didn't know what golf was prior to '97 Masters.
Lol, the typo police are always fun.    I do apologize for that comment though. I was trying to make a point about people's expectations of "government" as if it's some 3rd party entity and not just a bunch of people doing their best. Many in this country mythologize the private sector as some bastion of efficiency and best practices, when it really isn't. For every private company that "succeeds" there are 10x that fail, and those that "succeed" often fail down the line....
 really? in other words, you were allocated company resources, resources which could have gone elsewhere to fund worthwhile projects, and were rewarded for requesting more money than your group needed?  Being "under budget" is not necessarily a good thing, and being consistently under budget is a bad thing. Consistently beating your numbers isn't a good thing either; in fact, it just means you're a sandbagger (see golf  ).  I know it feels fun to think running large...
Happens every quarter in the private sector too. 
Ok, so "American Leadership" has to do with America being the best in important categories. Thanks for the clarification. Do you think your definition of "American Leadership" is consistent with those who use the phrase? Is this something new or has it been a decline over time? What would you say is the one constant(s) that led to this decline?I appreciate you listing areas that are actually quantifiable.Yea, you really want to look at debt as a percent of GDP. $500k in...
I don't get this "failure to lead" comment. I hear it a lot as criticism. How can someone tell if "America is leading"? I see a lot of business people on the thread, so I assume there are metrics out there to grade the lack of leadership from America from those who agree with Norman's comments.
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