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much better; once I started averaging 8-10 GIRs, I realized how poor of a putter I was/am. Broke 80 for the first time yesterday (78 on course rated 70) and really could've shot around +1 had I not missed 5 putts totaling 25 feet. My 3 wood off of the tee is a real weapon since I'm no longer afraid of shots 185 yards and in. I'm confident I'll be on or around the green from those distances now.   Also, I learned the desert rule isn't a real rule and that's improved by...
Finally, Finally, Finally I broke 80. My wife and daughter have been in a couple of hours up the road for most of the summer, which has given me extensive time to practice during the week. They're back for good this weekend, so I really needed to, finally, break 80. And, it happened!!!!  
Wow, career grand slam is a bigger story than the grand slam; wow; that's, that's, that's.....sigh. I'm with turtleback "We have now reached the point where reasonability has gone out the window and there is no point in continuing." 
except TST was in alignment with the rest of the media in not claiming Rory was going for 3rd leg of the "grand slam." Your staff members did not cover Rory's attempt at the Masters as going for the 3rd leg of the slam, which should have gotten significantly more coverage than "career grand slam." I think we all agree a career grand slam should not be in the same discussion with a Grand Slam or a Tiger Slam. There is media (TST included) consensus: Rory was not going for...
Game. Set. Match. Turtleback (and jgreen85).
I don't see why that's a problem. A guy can have 50, 100, 200 double eagles, but can never claim a "hole in one." It is what it is. I also doubt anyone would dispute that achievement is miles better than the Grand Slam.
and some in this thread have argued the Tiger Slam is even harder than the Grand Slam.
hmm, I feel like I put forth the same arguments as tutleback, but he got all of the credit. meh, w/e. Glad to see some are seeing the light. The Mcilroy example is perfect and I'm annoyed I didn't see it. I do follow golf now as opposed to during Tiger's attempts and the other historical examples turtleback provided, which certainly added significant heft to OUR argument :). I don't recall anyone claiming Rory was going for the "Grand Slam;" only that he had the...
problem with golf HOF is that there standards were too low for a long time. I think 3-4 majors 10+ victories and 30 top 5s or something. Guys can play golf for so long. Extra value for top 5s in majors.    Bottom line, there are a lot of people in golf HoF that shouldn't be.
I used to disagree with this, but have found it to be true. Also, the provisional is "free practice."
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