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Same policy as at Pebble Beach. I played their big 3 last week and didn't stay at the resort. I actually scheduled Pebble the day of; not as many people eager to pay $495/round as I thought.
You were able to play 3 rounds of golf in one day? Serious question.
Sun Mountain Golf X-Strap Sunday Bag - just saw it for $40 at one of the online golf retailers. It has held up pretty well thus far. I've put probably 10 rounds on it since I got it in December. One pocket is big enough for a rain jacket and small umbrella. The other pocket fits my gloves, tees, balls with room to spare. Has a caribiner for my towel and rangefinder. 
I walk as much as possible. I got a <2 lbs bag for Christmas. The bag is no frills, but fits all of my clubs and is easy on my back. Did experience some irritation on my right shoulder (like the straps are scratching them putting my bag on/off).
any of you walk and carry guys feel like your shoulders, right shoulder in particular, are irritated by the putting on and taking off of your bag?
I'm headed to Pebble in a few weeks. I rented a house nearby as opposed to staying at a Pebble property. So far, I've been successful booking rounds at Spanish Bay and Spyglass. Big test is getting a tee time on Pebble. I figure worst case I save $495.
You guys wear this model with no socks?
I heard/read somewhere Butch told Tiger "you're swing is perfect; just maintain this forever." Tiger didn't like that; he wanted/needed to believe he could always get better. I don't know how true that is, but just adding to the discussion.
Except MJ building his own golf course has ZERO impact on anyone else at that club. They should be happy; now they don't have MJ running up their butts every round. 
actually they do. My greens fee is higher b/c the course has to maintain that extra grass and pay taxes on the extra land. 
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