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Good luck - hope all goes well. I've been SnT for about 3 years and not looking back. Haven't taken evolr lessons yet but want to in the future. keep us posted on your progress.
Welcome to the great game of golf, Jeff! And welcome to thesandtrap too.   I'd look at buying a good used set of irons and building from there. Lots of great deals on ebay, etc.. but there is no substitute for actually hitting the clubs. The best advice I can give you is to look for a small golf shop in your area and see what they have for you. Most shops will have a wide selection of used clubs that they've taken in on trade for you to hit. By dealing with a local...
Great thread guys... Let's keep up the civil discussion   My 2 cents   Started playing golf in my early 30's. Played for 13 years and the best I ever did was usually mid 90's. My career best was an 89. Took up SnT in July 2009 after spending an entire winter working religiously in a dome, taking weekly lessons, etc.. and still playing like crap with zero power. Fast forward 3 years, I'm an 8 handicap, regularly shoot low 80's with a career best 76.     As...
Take a look at the Lamkin REL 3gen grips. Very tacky and shock absorbing. I've only had them a few weeks but the Lamkin crosslines are one of the most durable grips I've ever used so I'm betting these will be just as durable. http://thesandtrap.com/products/lamkin-r-e-l-3gen-grips
I think I learned the most from Bobby Knight's Golf Your Way  (Not Safe For Work)
An interesting tip for keeping the jaw relaxed during the swing: Put the tip of your tongue on the back of your top/front teeth, where the teeth meet the gums. Just keeping your tongue there will help keep your jaw relaxed throughout the swing. This technique is used in meditation to keep the jaw relaxed and helps you breathe through your nose. It also helps keep your mouth from producing saliva which is beneficial in long meditation but probably of no value in the golf...
Course Name: The Links at Carillon Course Website: http://carillongolf.com/ Course Style: Links /open    Regular Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope: Blue tees 6409, Red/White course 70.6/124  Regular Tee Average Score: 81   Forward Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope: green tees 5491,  66.4/112 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Aggressive Round):  74 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Conservative Round): 77
Bunch of old crap. toss it
Duo is a great ball for the money.  They opened a PGA Superstore near me and were selling 24 ball packs of Wilson Zips(Duo replaces the Zip) for $15. Bought 6 dozen and when I got to the counter they gave me six 2-packs of Duos to try out. Very long off the tee yet soft. Decent spin, not pro-v spin but checks up and runs out a few feet. Wilson Staff makes some great balls that nobody seems to know about.
When are you guys coming to Chicago???
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