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    Wishon stuff is awesome. Currently gaming MC949 4wood and two 785HF hybrids. Unfortunately they only sell to select club builders and not the general public.  
 Didn't realize you were 15 - Freshman in High School?. How about a photocopy of your high school ID?
According to this http://www.scribd.com/doc/48443909/TaylorMade-shaft-specs the standard Firesole irons (graphite bubble shafts)took a .395 tip size. The firesole Tour (steel shafts) are .355.  Your best bet is to find bubble shafts on ebay OR you could try to use .370 parallel tip shaft and use a brass shim to make a tight fit.
+1   I probably hit my driver less than half the time on par 5's. I was listening to Annika Sorenstam once and she said "on a par 5, if you can't get there in two shots, why would you hit driver?".  Makes complete sense.    On my home course we have a hole called "The Gauntlet". Seems like everyone has to hit driver on this hole and "go for it" with the majority of balls going into one lake or the other. Played with some low handicaps one day and not one of them hit...
I've dealt with these guys a few times. Good equipment and top notch workmanship.  
I'd sell the Nike's since you don't hit them well. With luck you might get most of your money back. You hit the Air Bears well so why not just regrip and play them for the rest of the year? Let your game and swing settle in for a bit before you run out and get new equipment. There is a ton of variability in shafts so hitting one set of clubs with one type of graphite shafts tells you nothing about a different set of clubs with a different brand of shafts. The lesson here...
Just scrub it with a wire brush and you'll be fne
        We want to believe you but under the circumstances it's pretty difficult. BUT, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Tell you what, send me the NVG driver head and I will reshaft it for you for free. I have a couple of R flex shafts laying around, a professional hydraulic shaft puller, etc. and have been building clubs for 10 years. You pay shipping both ways. Throw a photocopy of your driver's license in the box as well - I'd like to believe your avatar is you...
I like the Snake Eyes forged offerings but I really can't stand dealing with Golfsmith anymore. Every internet order is an adventure in delays and ineptitude. Golfworks makes some great stuff and I've never had an issue with an online order with them. The Maltby M Series Pro Milled forged wedges are nice heads with a lot of heel relief so they can be opened up  to play different shots. You might also want to look at Hireko golf as they have a lot of wedge offerings
Played 9 holes today. It was 97F with a heat index of 108. I think we set a record for Chicago today. 
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