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  me too -  I've got a couple of drivers laying around and was actually thinking of donating one. 
It really varies. Some are "tall" and some are "short".  My 4 wood is "short" but I have no trouble hitting it from the tee - the key is to tee it very low like you would for an iron. 
I like to listen to a lot of blues.  The absolute best internet radio station for blues is in Poland believe it or not. 99% english tunes with an occasional home grown one thrown in.    If you like blues check this out http://www.polskastacja.pl/webplayer/index.php?channel=36
The absolute best, without a doubt, training aide for a new golfer is...   lessons   Do yourself a huge favor and take a few lessons from a pro. I wish I had done this when I first started. Instead I spent years struggling with my homemade swing. Even taking some group lessons at a park district will make a big difference. Just getting the basics like grip and posture will go a long way to making you successful. 
How about a range finder or GPS unit? 
I wood really suggest a 4 wood with about 17* of loft. The loft will make it forgiving off the tee and easy to hit off the fairway.  I personally play a Wishon MC949 4 wood with 16.5* of loft. Super easy to hit off the tee and has a really hot face.    Not sure what your club preferences are but you can get a Taylormade R11 4 Wood for about $130 Canadian on ebay.ca  
I keep track of my score, fairways, GIR, putts, Up & Downs, Sandies, and length of first putt using two lines on the scorecard. Score on first line with a superscript for number of putts. The arrow is for fairway hit or left/right of fairway. Second line is for Up & down, Sand Saves, and GIR. If you don't make your U & Down or Sand Save you draw a line through it. The number on the second line is for the length of first putt. If I have any penalty stroke(s) I put them in...
I've been using neck coolers for the last couple of years and they really help. You soak them in ice water for 30 minutes and then tie around your neck. I bring a small cooler on the course filled 50/50 with ice and water. I have two neck coolers and rotate them out every 3-4 holes. Here's one place that sells them online http://www.natureshomeandgarden.com/shop/productslist.aspx?CategoryID=5
I'd like to see a "tournament ball" that goes maybe 10% less.  That would roll the pro drives back to 275-285 for the big hitters. Still plenty of distance but makes  a lot of shorter courses viable options for tournaments.
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