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Yeah, no problem. Some carts come back looking like somebody threw a frat party in it. LOL. The cigarette butts are a pain as people shove'em in the cup holders and the only way to get them out is digging them out with your fingers.
+1 Completely agree.
Adams F11. You can get new for around $100 on ebay. Adams offers a variety of shafts so you should be able to find something to your liking. Their "velocity slot" technology is one of the reasons Taylormade bought Adams this year (very similar tech to rocketballz and Taylormade wanted the patent that allows a slot on both the top and bottom of the club which Adamd owns).  You get a lot of technology bang for your buck.
I've played Wishon for several years and am currently bagging  a 949MC 4 wood and two 785HF hybrids. Tom Wishon makes great stuff and is truly one of the most respected designers in the industry. I am a hobbyist club builder and Wishon stuff is the highest quality available and is as good or better than any OEM.   As others have said, it really is all about the fitting.  Here's a video from Dana Upshaw who is one of the best in the business talking about what to...
  Speaking as the guy who has to clean the cart after your round, please don't use the cart as your ashtray. Throw them in the trash. Nobody wants to pick your cigarette butts out of the cup and ball holders.
I've got a couple of spare drivers. Maybe we can get together and you can give them a try.
The Titleist 735 CM are "Players Clubs" - forged irons with minimal offset, minimal cavity and 9 & PW are muscle backs. Those clubs are aimed at single digit handicaps. The Burner 2.0 are "game improvement" irons and have more offset, big cavity, lots of perimeter weighting, lower center of gravity, etc.. to make them easier to hit.   The shaft also has a lot to do with it. Check your shaft bands - if they say R300 they are regular flex, S300 are stiff flex. If you...
Welcome to the forum! We're practically neighbors as I'm in Plainfield.
Shot an 82 today which is pretty good for me. Can't help be a bit frustrated though as I had not one, not two, but FOUR 3-putts today. Ouch! Add in a stupid penalty and I could have easily shot a 77. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.   On the plus side the new 20* hybrid I put into play worked out great. Hit 8 GIR which has been my main focus. Off to work on my putting.
You may have just discovered that you have the wrong driver.  What kind of driver do you have( loft, shaft flex, etc)? Since you hit your 7wood with an R flex shaft well I'd make sure you have a similar R flex shaft in your driver. You also probably need more loft - somewhere around 11*.    If you can really hit your 21* 7wood 200 yards then you probably have the ability to hit it 240ish off the tee with your current swing.  Do you have a 3wood? Maybe pickup a...
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