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Good ideal. I added my favorite practice game - Up & Downs - in the comments section.
Where is this course? Link? I really like this idea.
The misunderstanding of the ball flight laws really amazes me. I understand that people might have been taught differently 10, 20, 30 years ago but over the years we gain new information and need to update our models with current information.   People used to think the world was flat. That model worked pretty well - for practical purposes when you navigate around town that model works fine. But when you try to explain things like sun rising/setting it doesn't work...
I'd say every 2-3 weeks.  A lot of it depends on how much time you have to practice. You want to have enough time between lessons to really work on what you've been taught but not so much time that you waste a lot of effort if you've strayed down the wrong path.   HUGE +1000 on this. My son as a junior took lessons every week. He'd work on one issue one week, next week a different issue and by the third or fourth week we'd be back to the first issue. This cycle went on...
One thing I forgot to mention is you will need some kind of base to stand on to bring you up to the height of the Optishot. Most use plywood and carpet or a matt. You can buy a special matt from optishot but it is pricey
Short answer: NO.  The clubs have very short hosel and the fat shafts make finding a bending bar that will fit problematic. Even if you had the right equipment they would be very hard to bend. 
Michelle Wie is T36 at -2. Shot 70-70. Very consistent. Putting looks good.
Looks like Michelle made the cut this week at the Manulife Financial Classic. She shot 70-70 (par 71) and is in 36th place at -2. Putting looks much improved - playing "left hand low" with her hands split on the grip. Maybe she is on the right path. Time will tell.
    I wouldn't worry about getting fitted until you have a fairly repeatable swing. I'd wait until I was shooting in the mid-90's before getting a fitting. You may want to have your irons lie angle checked as this can throw things off a bit. You can do it yourself - take some electrical tape and place on the sole of an iron. Hit 5 balls of a matt. The scuff marks should be in the center. If they are all towards the toe or the heel (a 1/4" from center or more) you should...
I have one and like it. Hook it up to a projector and you have a fun simulator that *may* have some instructional/practice benefits.  Good to do drills and get some feedback. I use it mostly to keep my swing loose during the winter months.    PRO's Cheap! $400 is as cheap as it gets Decent set of courses that are fun to play Gives you swing speed, club path, and face hit data You can tweak club settings to get close to real world...
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