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Why is pace of play the #1 issue in golf?  It really shouldn't be an issue if everyone would just play ready golf, which is why it is so infuriating to be stuck on a Saturday 6 hour death march around the course waiting to hit on every shot and paying dearly for the privilege. Yesterday I saw a group playing from the tips - one guy was hitting it 300+ off the tee, the other 3 guys in his group combined couldn't hit is 300. Dink..50 yards off the tee. Dink.. 100 yard...
The hardest thing about golf, IMHO, is that the smallest change can have a dramatic effect on your swing. Stand a 1/2" closer to the ball than normal and you may not be able to get the ball airborne. Strengthen your grip 1/8" and you may suddenly be pulling the ball. And so it goes... We have all been there - one day you're shooting the best golf of your life and the next you can't hit it out of your own shadow. That's golf!   First thing to do is RELAX. The game...
Not too harsh. Had he just owned up to it on the first hole his player would have received a 2 shot penalty and that would be the end of it. Instead he tried to cover it up and got his player DQ'd. Let's face it, he banned himself by his actions. No tour pro would hire him after this incident.
  Really? I'm watching the LPGA right now and saying Johnny Miller during their swings starting the moment I see the club move. I'm just finishing John when they reach the top of their backswing.
Try golfballs.com  - very good customer service.   Love your avatar! Haven't had spotted cow in a while. I'm going to be in Wisconsin in July so I'll have to stock up.
Your front knee should remain flexed all the way through impact. Your weight should be on the center/balls of your feet. A couple of swing thoughts - you can try to 1) feel like you are crushing a can with your front foot to begin the downswing or 2) feel like you are driving your right knee towards the left ala Gary Player.
At Whistling Straits in Wisconsin they have a herd of black-faced sheep to help keep the course manicured  
Not sure where I picked this tip up (could have been here or another forum) but wanted to pass it along.    I've been having some problems with my tempo and with starting my downswing sequence correctly. In S&T they talk about feeling like you're "crushing a can" with your left foot at the beginning of the downswing but that feeling has never clicked with me. Today I tried thinking "Johnny Miller" during my swing where:   John = takeaway to top of backswing ny...
Define "inexpensive". I play the Acer XC wedge and have been very happy with it. You can buy one for $22. I also hear very good things about the Acer XB. Take a look at Value golf  http://www.valuegolf.com/custom-golf-clubs/wedges/
I'd go with the Top-Flite setup only because it is the cheaper of the two options. You're not going to get a great set at this price point but that's ok - they should be more than fine to get you started.  Use the rest of your credits to buy some balls and you'll be all set.   Have fun and welcome to the game!
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