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Watched a few hours of it today. Didn't think the standard of play was that great.. but perhaps they just weren't performing their best when I was watching. It may seem obvious, but some of those girls are really short. I think I saw a drive or two land around 205/210 yards out. I assumed they'd all be knocking it out there around 240 at least. Maybe conditions had a lot to do with it, I don't know. Short game and putting were amazing though.   Oh yeah, Christina Kim...
For some reason I read his post as 'Francesco and Eduardo'. Should have known Eddie isn't even playing in the Vivendi!
They weren't overly impressive together at the Ryder Cup last year. He's probably thinking they're a little too used to each other and it might help to spice things up. Francesco and Hansen just won their match so it looks like it's working.  
Are they.?  I find Tennis incredibly boring to watch, no matter who's playing. For the casual golf fan though I suppose a tournament can be tedious enough at times. Just down to the pace of the game, there's not much that can be done about that.
Yep. Less muscle building and more flexibility/speed exercises will increase your swing speed, along with learning to hinge the wrists correctly and maintaining the shaft angle on the way down etc..
It's Jack Hamm!         By the way, the average carry for a 9 iron on the PGA Tour is 148 yards. So we've got at least 5 or 6 guys on this thread alone who obviously missed their calling!   My 9 iron is my 140 yard club.  
I'd agree with the above post, but I feel like starting the swing with your core of arms + upper torso is equally important, in my experience at least. Staying connected = vital.
According to official Trackman data, the average PGA Tour club speed for a 7 iron is 90 mph, or just under 145kph, meaning an average pro would generally swing their 7 iron as fast as you swing your hybrid. I *think* a SS of 125kph(78mph) with a 7 iron would give you a rough distance of 130 - 135 yards? Of course there are other factors to how far the ball goes, such as spin rate, smash factor etc, but in general that should be the case. Maybe your fitter meant you had a...
Yes, it's very easy to be misled about your distances, especially as a beginner. I used to play on a nice little 9 hole course when I was starting out. Most of the holes were around '300' yards. One day out there I hit a driver that landed over the back of a green that was marked as 295 yards away. I thought I was awesome, hitting 300+ yard drives haha. I've since discovered using google maps distance measurements that the hole is in fact 255 yards long. Many of the...
Working on developing more power in the swing. Flexibility exercises for a fuller turn, concentrating on fully cocking the wrists and maintaining the shaft angle for longer on the way down. I carry around 255-260 at the moment but I'm confident I can gain another 10 or 20 yards.
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