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I have a TaylorMade stand bag and I just strap it to the cart with no problem. I use it on my push cart and works well on electric carts! There's a handle on the top that I put the strap through and it fits nice and snug :)
Hee hee, I think the monthly payment will be your best bet :)
For me, I guess it all depends. When its teed down low, for irons and such, the tee stays put. For my driver or FW, I use Tomahawk tees and they just fall forward.
We try to play at least on the weekends, since its harder during the week since we're at work. I can't wait for summer, at least then I can still go to the driving range after work and it'll still be sunshine out :) During the winter months, its practice on the weekends, range on the weekends, try to get a round in both days, and my lesson on the weekends :(
I use iron headcovers when I play, and when I don't :) But they're easy to slip in your pocket when you are using your club then after I hit, I'll clean the club and put the cover back on in time for another!!
I won't wear jewelry when I play golf at all. Its too much trouble and they just get in the way!
A short iron does the job for me, anywhere from a 7, 8,or 9, but usually I'll use a 7 iron.
Maybe just once in your lifetime :)
Its a very humbling sport!!
My BF had a B5 S4 in Imola yellow...great car!! I drive a 2009 BMW 335i coupe :)
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