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Do your own thing. The last set of forged irons I had (Mizunos), I kept them clean and covered. Got an extra $100 on trade in because they were in such good shape.   And who gives a damn what other people think? I guess some of the more insecure worry about it, but I don't. YMMV...
+5 on these over seeded shag carpets they call greens. Kinda weird watching your putt weave back and forth as it rolls towards the cup. Oh well, they'll be really great in a couple more weeks.
Well, I've decided to modify my goals slightly: Establish a handicap, again, and play a sanctioned event as a senior. That's if my back holds out...
I bought these VIP wedges at golfsmith a few months ago when they had a sale going on them.
My Vokeys have been sitting in the garage since I discovered the Macgregor VIP forged wedges. Soft, heavy-feeling head that puts plenty of bite on the ball. Add in the price, and it's a pretty good deal IMO.
1. Become more consistent with my scoring. Guess this means I'll have to start practicing again. To accomplish this I'll try to find someone (teacher/coach) who can modify my swing to reduce some of the stress on my back. No more reverse-c finishes...  ;)   2. Better my putting from 15-20'. I would be able to post many more sub-par rounds if I could start making 20-30% of these. Not sure if that's a reasonable expectation though.   3. Establish and maintain a...
To keep it under 80 on a bad day, 75 on a good one. :)   Seriously? I'm past the point of tinkering with my swing. I just want to be able to walk the course every Sunday and have a good time, enjoying my round with whomever I play with. Last week it was that perfect 3 iron second into a par 5 green. Kick-in birdies are cool...  :)   yea, ok, so I missed the eagle putt. still felt good.
Very nice! It's already dinged, so you don't have to worry every time you put it back in the bag.  :)   I'm kidding of course.   I'd take the above suggestion and inquire about getting it refinished by someone other than Scotty. I don't dislike him or his putters (I have two), but he does get a bit pricey on some things.
I agree, these are not for everyone. I was trying to say that in my own way I guess.   One thing I forgot to mention was that these are very tip stiff, yet have a mid flex point (I think). They feel very stiff when you are wagging it around, but feel really good when striking a ball. Sounds  weird, but you'd have to try them.   I play with a couple of young bucks who would really benefit from these (one hits a 7 iron about 210...), but I think I'll take a little...
Two under yesterday, three over today. Home course. Am playing the new KBS C-Tapers and love 'em! But I think walking two days back-to-back in 90+ heat is getting too much for me. A little sore this afternoon...  :)
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