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Well, after two complete rounds with these in my Ping S57s I have to say I am very satisfied.   A little about me: I'm 6'3" and hover around 250 or there abouts. I have a long torso, and long arms, and am what Scratch Golf calls a digger/driver. My 5 iron head speed is a little over 90 when I'm fresh, a little below that when I get tired. Driver carry is 275-280 with a 8* i15 and standard length Diamana WhiteBoard 83g S flex.   These shafts DO flight lower than...
It would be a cool experiment.   Of course you want the same lie. Varying lie angles are only a necessity when you have different overall club lengths.   Without the different lengths, clubhead speed is going to be very similar across the set, varying only because of different headweights in modern club heads. This may necessitate a larger gap between club lofts in order to cover a sufficient range of distances.   Or you could just carry more clubs... :D
So, back on subject: Did you spine/FLO those shafts, or just stick em in?
Well, it started as a gripping station, then kinda got out of control. The only thing I can't do is bend irons. I figure it's going to cost 1k for that, so I'm saving my pennies.   And the wife's approval of course!
Sure. The girls can keep each other company while we play.  My wife knows all the best shopping in the area...  :(  
Tell your wife it could be worse. This is my playroom. Fortunately, my wife approves. Sort of....  :)      
Well, I for one wouldn't use the services of a caddy without giving them something for their time.   Not everyone would stiff them, I'm sure. But there's always that 1%...  
When I said "pull clubs", I meant the actual physical act, not determining what to hit. That would be my job. :)
At first blush I would say no. It would be like paying someone to push my three-wheeler for me, which unto itself might not be a bad thing I guess. Someone to pull clubs, pins, rake sand, etc., might be worth a charitable donation. I guess I talked myself into it/changed my mind as I typed.  
I've only slipped in my Trues once: hard pan with a small amount of sand on top. Not sure my old spikes would have held on that surface.
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