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Biggest problem with the Corsair is putting it down on a flattop :O I use Saitek x52pro stick/throttle quadrant and pedals. I have a iMac 24" with a upgraded video card and a 200Gb Win partition. Replace two computers with one. :) Bill
Odd, but not all that unusual. I've bought many things on Ebay, and sometimes you just get lucky. Got my 909 D3 for 140 used, and I was the only bidder. Friend of mine (a local pro) verified it's real. Bill
In FSX I mostly fly either a P51 or a Mooney, in IL2 it's a Corsair, and in Falcon 4.0 it's a F16. My favs are the military props though. Bill
Living here in SE AZ, we don't see much snow except on the mountains. I do have to sometimes put on long pants in the winter though. ;) Bill
Did something to my G10 driver as it started making a weird noise and lost considerable distance. Ping couldn't find anything wrong, so I started looking. Found a slightly used Titleist 909 D3 on Ebay (I basically stole it) and stuffed my white board from the G10 into it. Best driver I can remember owning. Bill
I'm Bill, and I've been playing seriously (again) for about 3 years now. Injury forced me to lay off for almost 7 years. Been playing on and off for over 20 years. I play mostly munis here in Tucson, AZ but do venture out on the resort courses in the summer when the snowbirds are gone and prices are more reasonable. I play every Sunday, year round, and even manage to get in some extra rounds during holidays and such. I walk, pushing a Sun Mountain 3-wheeler, even in the...
I recently started playing the Precept Lady IQ Plus. Softest ball I've ever hit, much more durable than a ProV or Gamer, and plays to about the same yardage in cool weather or hot. I really like the look on the guy's faces when I out drive them with a lady's ball.
I swing between 108 and 113, depending upon the shot I am attempting. Best shaft I've ever owned is my current Diamana white board 73g stiff, cut to 44.5" in a Titleist 909D3 9.5
Convinced a buddy of mine to buy a set of 57s almost two years ago and he still loves them. Got my first set of Mizunos last night and hit about 300 balls today at the range. Still smiling. We'll see how they play in the morning.
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